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Pink Bear here, and yes I have start with operation ‘CHEER UP LILY’, I called a meeting with all the other Seal Holders (without Lily of course) and told them the situation, all of them decided they’d like to help me out so we started making plains.  Of course through out the meeting Blue keep asking me questions he already knew the answer to, like ‘What are we celebrating again?’, and ‘Who’s birthday is this?’, and even ‘How about we invite Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz to the party?  They’re jolly good fun!’  HE WAS JUST ASKING FOR TROUBLE!!! >:( After all that (excuse my french)idiotic monkeying around he finally settled down long enough to tell me that the only reason he keep doing that is because I’ve been ignoring him lately. Who’s ignoring him? I’m just super busy all the time, there is no time for roma…I er mean…playing around when something as important as a birthday party is involved (plus I have my mom’s salon to help run, for some reason the off holidays are very booked up, mom has decided to hire Yu-ri and one other magic user who just moved to Sanrio two weeks ago and is trying to make ends meet), then there’s practice, errands, keeping Brownieout of trouble ( I have to tell you sometime what he did this week…it wasn’t pretty), Sparkle and Speckle have just come back from their Summer in Paris and I have to pull all the strings to keep them from finding out about Lily’s party, so who has the time to pay any attention to who? Tell me Blue doesn’t deserve a punch for that stunt now. Anyway I have to get back to what I was doing, making a list of the guest to invite with the group. Pink Bear is done for the day, OVER AND OUT!

9 Responses to “I so want to punch Blue right now…’_’”

  1. Hey. Sorry. I went away for awhile. I finally got home sick and visited my old home here. Don’t worry about Blue. He’s just…Different. (But in a good way, I think.) (Try putting a muzzle on him. They do make it for humans…)

    @Pink: Man you seem busy. You should try kicking back. :)

  3. Hi :) I haven’t posted in a while. I just wanted to say hi :)

  4. Cute blog ^_^! I love it how you do your blog :3

  5. Spottie: I wish I could butthen he wouldn’t be able to defend himself in a magic battle. :(…
    Pink-Peng: I kno, nut it’s not easy when ur trying to figure out how to complete a multi-mission. X/
    Bright: Where have you been! U missed a lot, hope u started bloging again. :)
    Mu: It’s not that hard, u jus open up a blog by agree to the terms (of which I think may have already figured out) and u put down either stories, or events that have happened to u or what every else intrest u. :)

  6. hey im baaack it’s cuz i play an online fighting MMORPG Grand Chase.haha!

  7. Hey update soon D:

  8. Hey Pink .I haven’t been able to blog because somehow it froze my account and it would send me to the SanrioTown blog. When I try to get it figured out. I’ll try to go back to blogging again >_

  9. Cutepichu: Sounds fun :)…wish I had time to play on-line fighting games. #n#
    Bright: I know, I know…
    Daniel: I hope that problem gets fixed soon, or open a new account and do a transfer of ur blogs. It might work.

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