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Spring Break

Pink Bear here and first things first, I apologize for not updating in like…forever. But I have a good reason, my mother decided it best for me to have my spring break away from Sanriotown and DEFIANTLY not in Dasiyville. You know why? Because the stress of this quest is getting rather overwhelming for me and I needed a break but keep refusing to go on one. (talk about being a workaholic :( ). It was always between the battle to prevent the rise of the dark lord and handling shifts at Mommy Bear’s hare shop, and to top it all off the constant training was like lemon and pepper on an open wound! Lily was sent along with me, and it was suppose to be just me and her but than her boyfriend called and found out then decided to tag along, so I was like “Sure he can come along. What’s one more person?’”, of course I should have know what was bound to happen next, Vito invited Blue, Blue invited his band, Tommy from the band invited the other Seal Holders, the other Seal Holders invited a few cousins and other friends and now I’m sent on this relaxation vacation with piratically half the towns’ children. It was like an exodus of a whole nation when I was leaving @@! And all I was going to was the beach to camp out for a while. So my spring break was full of people boogie boarding, surfing, bonfires every night, partying, pranks, getting woken up at odd hours, people knocking over my tent when I’m inside-by now you should get the picture, my spring vacation wasn’t so relaxing. Blue being the rock-star that he is keep everyone too lively with his constant guitar playing, Tommy was getting really huffy about not having a chance to talk to me because there was always some random guy already in his way, even when I tell them go away, Lily was nervous because she thought I was going to blame her for this mess, but it wasn’t her fault, it’s just that everyone thought it was suppose to be a time to go wild vacation I was having, so it went a little over board (NO IT WENT PASS OVER BOARD I’M JUST TRYING TO SOFTEN IT!) So I’m back, more exhausted then even before I went on this break. Mommy Bear knew what happened, she had sent a messenger butterfly over everyday, and I was literally sending her back SOS messages because it was just way to much. Of course she has said let me spend a week just relaxing in the house. At least that way, if someone wants to invite themselves over they have her to get permission from first. Pink Bear is pooped! Over and Out!

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