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I’M SO HAPPY! a little miffed but HAPPY!

Pink Bear here! And I’m super excited. Do you know why? If you said it’s because I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch you are absolutely…not reading my blog. But still, I must say it, it is something that makes me so happy and relieved to say (a little irritated but relived)-BLUE GRRYA IS NOT THE DARK SEAL HOLDER! He is the last member of the group and happens to be the Seal Holder of Water, Keeper of the Halo of Crystals! I’m so glad, I’m so happy, I’m so joyful, I’m so…not looking forward to continuing my practices with him watching because now he has to be trained by my mother too! @@ Why didn’t I realize that earlier?! I’m mean he has already started training, but I was so busy worrying about him that I completely forgot how dominant he can be. If we ever end up on the same level of training he’ll be competing with me, and trying to show off and doing silly little rhymes and dances when ever he ends up besting me! On the other hand it would be nice to have the good old over-confident Blue back, can’t say I didn’t miss him for awhile. *I wonder if he still will have that little hint of maturity I noticed earlier?  Hmmm…* 

On to other news, Spottie-Dottie’s birthday just rolled by and for some reason everyone happened to be simultaneously busy, and forgot all about it!  That wasn’t fair at all, to forget such a great friend’s birthday, so please everyone keep this down, I’m going over to Lily’s for a ‘little chat’, your welcome to join in so we can do something really nice.

More topics for your updating pleasures, it seems that Tuxedo Sam is having quiet a few problems with his mystery guest @@, I’ve advised him to be patient with her that she’s only trying to reacquaint herself with him, hopefully he doesn’t loss it anytime soon. (Especially since she has posted on his personal blog while he was not paying attention *worry worry worry*)  :(  

I’d also like to announce that a great fairy who has returned from her land has completed her new store tittled ‘Fairytropolis Exported’ It’s going to be opening soon in Sanrio so all fairies  and even some of us big folks will have a cool new shop to visit pretty soon.  The owner Mariah-Kun, has really worked hard on this, so please give her surport  when you visit Sanrio, the day it opens. :)

Well that’s all for this blog, hopefully I’ll be able to update soon agian.  Pink Bear off to Lily’s!  over and OUT!

What happened to Blue a few days ago.

Pink Bear here *clears throat and tries to smile*, how is everyone?  I just got out of a ceremonial revolution gathering.  To be honest I’m a little surprise it took three days to complete, it didn’t feel like up to an hour.  Well the ceremony was held in the Realm of Awakening which my mother is the only one I’ve seen been able to open up without getting weakened by it, she told me one of her teachers was a Great Wizard of Heart.  It was held to reveal Blue’s true power, since for some reason it is refusing to reveal itself to us.  The experience was a bit…intense.  All the other holders including Shinelly were there and it was like a very emotional moment, Lily looked so worried, and Tommy was fidgeting, as for the rest of the ones present even thought they didn’t know Blue as well as Tommy, Lily and I do they wanted everything to be alright when it was all over.  Well Mommy Bear asked Tommy and me to follow her and Blue into the portal leading to this scary realm, as we were deemed two of the most advance (did you know Tommy has started learning Latin spells? @@ Those are very dangerous and it takes a lot of practice!!!!!)  Well I was told to do something that seemed simple at first, focus the light portion of my abilities to engulf Blue as a protective barrier, Tommy had to read a detailed revolution spell in Latin repeatedly.  So Blue was asked to stand in the center of us on some sacred platform thingy and we started.  After a while I could feel a lot energy going about and out of me, everything was getting really funny feeling now and I could hear Blue screaming even thought I couldn’t see him through all the light I was projecting, I wanted to stop because I was worried that i was hurting him, but Mommy Bear gave me a stern warning not to stop if I wanted to help him so we continued on, finally Mommy Bear said stop….the light faded all around Blue, Tommy dropped to one knee breathing heavily and we all took a look at Blue, someone was frozen in time standing where Blue had once been and a tear came to my eye…

Pink: Mom…tell it’s not true *fighting not to cry* tell me it’s not true that Blue was evil.

Mom: Sweety, I …*Pink runs out of the realm back into the world were everyone is waiting*

I didn’t wait for Mommy Bear to tell me, all that I was thinking was I want him back…I want Blue to come back to us, I don’t want him in that world alone…Blue please, come back.  I was torn inside, only an evil being would be frozen in time after being revealed in that realm and for a 100 years, only a kiss from a true love could bring life back into them before the time.  I ran upstairs into my room and buried my face into the pillow so that my crying can be muffled.  After a while I felt someones warm hand on my shoulder, it felt so familiar and I wanted to turn around and see who it was but for some reason I was scared to.

Person: Hey, you can stop crying now *turns to fimilar voice*

Pink: It’s…it’s you…

Olympics! I’m rooting for the world.^^.

This is a really old survey but it works well with the current events of this year, as few people know (especially since it doesn’t snow all across the globe thank goodness) the winter olympics is on and so many people are getting metals from different parts of the world, Canada, USA and a few other places are getting gold silver and bronze for their countries. Now I’m just happy to know that the world is still active even in this cold weather. I say GO WORLD!  LET EVERY COUNTRY  SHINE!!! :D  As for my best olympic sport (which I have never actually done in real life), here it is!

You Are Archery

You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions.You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you.

If practice makes perfect, that’s fine by you. You like to practice a skill.

What Olympic Sport Are You?

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