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Breaking the news.

Pink Bear her, and yes I am very glad to be able to get back to you on the last issues of my previous post. If you re-call my mother had told me about Blue’s special situation (which still has me caught in a whirlwind all it’s own), the case where he maybe the final Seal Holder we’re searching for or the one we’re trying to avoid. Blue has not gotten a reply to what my mother had to tell me about him and he has been waiting, in fact he went home because I had not surfaced since I got the news about his double trouble (and no I’m not talking about Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz). His being very patient which isn’t like him and is making me feel more and more guilty (especially as I have not broken the news to him in over a week). So today I’m going to tell him, I’m right by the garage where he has band practices and all, just waiting to over him say ‘take five guys’. Wait…the music has stopped and I can hear a bit of murmuring. Maybe it’s a good time to interrupt them for a few seconds.*Goes into garage, there is a bit of rapid talking and three band members, all except Tommy and Blue exit the room. A few more seconds and…*

Tommy: WHAT?!  It’s a lie, tell me it’s a LIE!

*Pink runs out the room followed closely by Tommy and Blue, she is pleading for them not to freak out and cause a scene.  Blue however seems calm, all thought it could be told that he’s very disturbed by the news, Tommy is more upset than anything and can’t control his facial expressions.*

Pink: Look it’s not like I had hoped for Blue to be a 50% chance of the enemy!  If there is anything wrong, that is the only choice we have.  But until than, his required to start training with the rest of us.*Gives Tommy a stern look*.

Tommy:*Finally calming down*I don’t like it, if he is the enemy than we’ll be getting to close to him, if he isn’t we have to baby sit him.  either way it’s drama!

Pink: Well there’s nothing we can do about it until we find out what he can do.  No more, no less.

Blue: Okay you two have been going at it since Pink said something, don’t I have a say since I’m the one who will live or die?

That was a good question, but I couldn’t stay there.  Tommy was taking it way over board and I already was to scared to say anything at the least, so I left.  It all depends on if they’ll show up together at the house or not today or tomorrow because if Blue is that much of an issue we need to handle it right away.  Pink Bear is upset, OVER AND OUT!

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