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It isn’t possible is it?

Pink Bear here, and with good and confusing news (more like shocking and unexpected but hey, what hasn’t been shocking and unexpected since I found out I was a sorceress?). Today Blue Grrya came over to my house, well actually I had invited him earlier in the week to come over because I could no longer deny the fact that he might just be a magic user. It still boggles me however that he can’t recall being a bear before, nor did he seem to know that he was transformed to a human being (how I missed my fur during the winter :( ) and the fact that he just recently recalled the magic stories I’ve told him without thinking he’d remember after a full moon.  Well I told my mother about this strange case and she suspected that there was a little more to him than  just being an ordinary magic user, in fact she has been trying to track down during her spear time a very overwhelming magic power source that just seems to disappear when she gets to his part of the neighborhood, like the magic source is trying to hid itself or something.  Anyway he came over today and mother had performed a revealing spell on him, she got a result that was similar to the one I got some days ago when I checked him myself.  A golden yellow alternating with this ugly shade of green.  It was the oddest thing ever!  Well mother bear left him in the living room and called me aside.  She seemed so calm and it was like nothing special had happened.

Mom: Dear, are you sure that there is NO ONE you have strong feelings for even if it is intense irritation that is unexplainable?

Pink:*Thinking than answers*No, no one.

Mom:*Clears throat*Well you must be trying to hid it but we have found someone we must protect as much as you dear.

Pink: Do you me Blue is… no it can’t be possible.*Laughs at the thought*

Mom:*Beaming*You really couldn’t tell could you?

Pink: Mom stop pulling at my leg.  Blue, of all people?  It has to be a joke.

Mom: I can reassure you this is no joke.  In fact I always suspected that there would be something between you two but I know my daughter.  She wouldn’t be able to admit that she could-well- you know.  Like someone as proud and self praising as a boy like that.

Pink: I do not like Blue in that way.*Turns nose in air and closes eyes as she pouts*.

Mom: Look right into my eyes and tell me that isn’t true.

Pink:*Looks at mother for a while then takes eyes away*It isn’t true.

Mom: I knew you couldn’t look at me and fib like that.*Giggles* How adorable, now I’m confident you’ll marry.

Pink:*Shocked and turns red*MOM!

Mom: Oh come now, it is possible.  He happens to be a seal holder.

Pink: I don’t want to believe that, maybe his just a very sensitive to magic human.

Mom: Oh no Pink.  This time you have to accept the facts, that boy right there he is a seal holder, but here is the thing.  He has two sides of him.

Pink: Two sides?  I could of guessed that, he has the crazy side and the hot air head side.

Mom: No Pink, he has a good side and a hidden dark side.  I suspect both his parents are magic users but from different lines, and even opposing sides.  Of course some how, the dark one of his parents must of converted to light but because of the type of magic line the darkness is still passed on.  I’m hoping that I can identify what side of him is tied to a seal holder, hopefully it’s the good side of him that is a seal holder then he just might be the seal holder of water, the keeper of the Halo of Crystals but if his dark side is tied to his seal holder’s magic well…

Pink: Well what?

Mom: We might have to destroy the poor boy.

What?  This can’t be happening, Blue is a seal holder?  He has two sides?  There’s a 50/50 percent chance that we’d have to destroy him?!  This is crazy!!!  Why couldn’t he still be naive old Blue Grrya the guy that got on my nerves and made me want to deck him every three minutes?  When did he become this quickly maturing young magic user, a possible candidate for the Halo of Cyrstals that could have any girl he wanted (actually that girl thing has been an issue since we were babies in the sand box) that only has eyes for…for me…who am I kidding?  I guess I sorta-kinda like him-I MEAN SCRATCH THAT!  Okay I have to get off the computer, I’m saying things that make no sense now.  Pink Bear in a state of shock and 50% chance of good news, OVER AND OUT!

PS:  Spottie requested I post a picture of Yu-ri in human form, I actually got her permission to take the photo so here it is  yuri-human-form-holder-of-light.png 

Compare to her original picture that she brought along with her and still couldn’t believe how different she looked from her animal spirityu-ri.jpg.  BYE FOR NOW!

The Seal Holder of Light…not who I thought it would be.

Pink Bear hear with another report on the latest events for the search and find of Seal Holders. It’s been a while since I last updated, and it seems a lot of people have gone on to face the cheer of the festive month of December regardless of the madness at hand. Well I’m here to tell you that even though we had taken a break from training for the holiday of lovely Christmas and the first two weeks of the New Year (by the way Happy New Year everyone and Happy belated Christmas) it appears that training has not taken a break from us. Let me further elaborate:

It was the day OF Christmas and all through the house, my brother Brownie was sugar hyped and acting like a mouse. The stockings hung with love and care were emptied fast by the youngest bear (Brownie ate all the chocolate and candy canes in the stockings :( ). Than at the door came a rapid petter pat, like someone was running from someone with a wand wearing creepy underpants. So young Pink Bear went to answer the door, only to find a brunet panting like a boar. 

“Hide me! HIDE ME!” shouted the girl with fear, as she rushed behind the girl formally known as Pink Bear. 

“From what?” Asked I, as this girl’s face was red with terror, like she was being chased by a mummified dead Pharaoh. 

“From the wizard’s magic gremlins!”  She says pointing outside, while Pink Bear began to pounder on hearing noises near her abide.  Pink knew that even though this girl was strange her knowledge of magic was enough to come to her aide.  So she ready her wand and waited for the approach, although her throat felt dry like it had been torched.  Then in came the first gremlin snarling and mean, his skin was scaly and ugly and green.  It said

“Give me the girl for she bares light, that’s all we want and we will take flight!”  Pink was astonished and went onto ask

 ”The girl bares light? Is that what you said?”  The gremlin snarled again than chuckled with surprise

“How could you not tell when in you a sorceress lies?”  Than it became clear that Pink must protect not because this strange girl knows magic but she is meant to be called friend.  So a battle broke loose and guess who won, Pink had turned each of the gremlins into a sponge.

(Yeah i know I didn’t rhyme everything but hey I tried my best)  So now there’s this brunet girl who is sitting in the living-room talking to herself about “How she could have done better since her father trained her”.  I asked her what her name was and this is where the shock comes along…does anyone re-call a brown pengiun that moved into Sanrio a while back?  Her name is Yu-ri, and this girl happened to have the same name.  Now maybe it was co-incident is what I thought at first but when I started asking more questions it became more and more clear that this was that same bird.  She remembered everything about once being a penguin, she had a mystery dinner with a secrete admire that she says I helped her with, and she keep requesting for fish sticks because she was hungry (I’m glad my mom keeps lots of packs of those in the freezer, however it was a bit creepy that she ate them raw @@ ).  Finally I asked her about why she was referred to as ‘the girl who bares light’?  She tells me that she is a Seal Holder of Light and was told by her father to search for the Seal Holder of Life so she can aide whoever it was, she was sad that she couldn’t even help herself so she told me that she felt she would fail on her first task given to her by her father.  I wanted to tell her who I was, that she had found the person that she was searching for but she needed to recover so I told her to go rest up and everything.  So now it’s been three weeks, and I don’t know if I should let her know that her search is over or not, especially as she has the ability to probably sence other seal holders and maybe that’s why she has stayed so long.  She’s seen that other Seal Holders come here for training as well, Tommy, Lily, Usabunnbunn and she has even seen me training as well, but to my surprise nobody has told her what seal I bare.  What do I do?  Pink Bear is pondering, OVER and OUT!

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