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Pink Bear here! New update on what madness is shooting off concerning the magic world in Sanriotown since my last post.  Well ealier last week or so, Tommy and Lily were getting rather chatty.  I at first thought it was nothing because Tommy knows that Lily has a boyfriend, and Tommy has a lot on his mind especially since my mom find out who he is and is now his mentor with the rest of the Seal Holders found so far.  But for some reason they were talking really low as if to hid something then I over heard this when I came close enough to them.

Tommy:*Sigh* I knew it…you already forgot.*trying not to get upset*.

Lily: Well how could I remember with all this training?  You have not been working as hard as the rest of us because you know a lot already.  You are already a Junior sorcerer, the rest of us have to get pass three more levels just to catch up to you. *sniffles*  

Tommy: Awe-gesh!  Sorry, I just really wanted someone besides me to keep that secrete in mind.

Now wait just a minute here!  Why would they be keeping secretes between each other?  They barely know one another, so whats with all the sudden bounding?  I continued to listen.Lily:*Feeling sorry too*Well-I should have remembered something as important as-um-what was it I was suppose to remember?

Tommy:*Face palm*You have got to be kidding me…

Me:*Over hearing the word SECRETE a little while ago and pops up out of nowhere*Whats this about a secrete?

*Tommy and Lily jump.  This is the last person they want to be hiding things from but the first person that shouldn’t be told*

Tommy:  Nothing, there’s no secretes or any hiding going on here.*Sweating like a Christmas goat in the Summer*.

Me:*Squinting eyes at Tommy then looks at Lily*Come on, you’re my best friend, you can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

Lily: But I can not remember what the secrete is so even if I wanted to say something I could not.

Me:*Disappointed a bit, then perks up, she turns to Tommy*Please tell me Tommy, I’m usually not this nosey but I want to know.  Is it a surprise party for someone?  Did you finally find a really cute girlfriend?  Did something funny happen?  Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Tommy:*Gloating*You’re so cute when your curious…wait did I say that out loud?

*The two girls stare at him in a bit of a shock and nod ‘yes’*

MB:  Pink!  Come here, I need to talk to you about something.

Pink;*Groans*Oh no fair, I wanted to know what the big secrete is.  You guys have to tell me when I get back.*Runs off to answer mother*

So they had more time to do more whispering.  Mommy Bear had called me inside to tell me something that she seemed a bit reluctant to say at first.  She asked me to sit down, then closed all the drapes, the back door where all the training was going on and did a spell to make the room secured.  What ever she wanted to tell me must of really been important.  When she finally settled down she told me that there is a lot of danger afoot, there’s a hunt for the many followers of the Seal Holder of Darkness, the new generation of Sky Wizards are dealing with oneat this very moment so that they can be removed and prevented from reawakening the holder of the dark seal.  These followers are looking for the Halo of Crystals, most likely Leetan has already found the person who carries the dark lord holding the seal of darkness, but can’t fully awaken him until all three elements are present.  She tells me to be extra conscious of my surroundings and always use my revolution spells and purity spells as the enemy can take any shape, even my closest friend.  This had me worried, I was about to ask her why I had to be very conscious of even my friends but then she answered before I could say anything, I’ve been confirmed to be the re-incarnation of the Great Katherine Connela Bear, the only wizard to have sealed off the Seal Holder of Darkness (to be honest that scared the granola out of me!  I’m now considered a key. :(  ).  But what she asked me next surprised me, she asked if I was already falling for anyone particular.  She made it sound like Tommy was not a candidate, since we use to be together.  Maybe she was thinking of someone else, but who else would I have fallen for since Tommy?  When I didn’t answer and it was clear that I wasn’t sure what to say she dismissed me and told me to go ahead and continue my training along with the others. 

Well Tommy and Lily had gone their separate ways to continue their individual magic practices, they looked like they had quarrelled and just made up, it was weird for me, but hey, Lily will tell me whats going on at her own time.  Until then we’re just going to keep practicing. 

I’ve noticed something, almost all holders of seals have been found, wind which is Lily, earth is Usabunnbunn, fire is Tommy, and life is me.  We only have water and light left to search for, darkness not included.  I wonder which one we’ll find next…anyway Pink Bear is over and out!

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  1. …AHH…

  2. AGH. no more adventure im sick i mean.. IMMA SICKO!!!!!! ugh,i thought the adventures are over why not modern life and latest happenings D-:

  3. um,pink, what i said earlier to watch your grammar that you misspelled “secret” it has no “e” on the end so your not so good in english,seriously and your blogroll you misspelled “blogger” i’m VERY good in english and another category that you misspelled “story” yeah, i still need help for the facesets on my game comming soon mind of you help? :-) :-D

  4. cutepichu: Well at least you didn’t curse, highly appreciate that, and thanks for the corrections. I often have a limited time to type up an update so if there r any incorrect words it isn’t intentionally.

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