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In the belly of the Blue…

Um…Pink Bear here…I’m at Blue’s house right now but he went into the bathroom to take a shower so I’m making a quick entry on my mini laptop. I’m a little scared right now. Blue has been really quiet since I came in and is not at all trying to start a conversation, of course he looks like he is trying to keep himself from making any suddent movements as well. I’m worried that if I should open up my mouth what happened last time will happen again, so I’m simply being extra cautious. He’s coming back right this minute so I’ll be getting off now. Over and Out!

What a party!

Pink bear here and I am still pretty shaken from Saturday’s ice-cream party. I know, I know, I should have written earlier about how it went. It’s just I got so busy after it was over, cleaning took three days because four times the number of invited showed up to join the celebration! @@ :) However it was still so much fun, there were people from all over town, and lots of friends brought something to add to the party table list of ice cream dishes. People came up with a lot of creative (DELICIOUS) treats. I was really excited, and could hardly contain myself when it was time for games and songs. Blue’s band Basement really rocked the scene, and had girls screaming and fainting on the grass, I didn’t approve too much of the dark colors he wore though. They looked good on him but I knew for a fact that he wasn’t the dark colors type. Lilywas really excited as well, Vito had come over to celebrate with the rest of us, Kitty and Daniel had a heated argument, something about ‘two timing her for some puppy’ or something, but they settled down and got all lovey dovey again. Spottie looked great in her princess costume, she looked a little gray however but it might of just been the lighting or something, and Badtz with his little sister Tusunko were busting up the dance floor like a bad habit; I didn’t realize they were such great dancers. Of course I was a little worried about Keroleen, she was waiting for Keroppi and the gang to show for such a long while, I asked her if she was alright and she keep saying she was fine. I knew she wasn’t but I didn’t want to push her into saying anything she doesn’t want to, if she wants a friendly hand I don’t mind if she asks in her own time, I’d be happy to help her. I was wondering what was taking them so long anyway, maybe Keroppi got lost in the crowds of trick-or-treaters that had filled up Sanrio. I had hopped they would show up all day but they never did, I pray their alright. I also have to complement Fenn on her wonderful night show display. Everyone was so intrigued by it that they seemed almost disappointed that it had to end. I saw a lot of others had shown up from everywhere. There was this pretty purple hedgehog girl named Searie, and all these neat Kirby creatures!  It was really different for me to have seen so many different beings show at the celebration but it made it even more fun to get to know these wonderful visitors. Well I’m glad it was a success.

On to other news, I have something wonderful to anounce…My Melody has been found and returned to her original world!  I’m so happy…*sigh* I wish she had shown up before we started planing the party, then it would have been a celebration of Mimmy, mine AND her safe return back to this world. All the same I am so happy she is back.  She is great, you have to visit her, and she one of the many great cooks in Sanriotown, ranking up there with Mimmy, Keroleen and Spottie. 

Well I have to go now, I want to go and find Blue later on today, figure out if he is feeling okay. I think it might have been kind of mean for me to have run out on him instead of trying to figure out why he was behaving so funny the other day. Pink Bear is still rocking, Over and Out!

Party time! A bit on the scary side though. @@

Pink Bear here!  So happy to say that the party is today, yes TODAY, on a Saturday (which for reasons best known to fate ended up on Halloween @@, That kind of creeps me out a bit).  Mimmy is hard at work with Lily, Keroleen (who’s boyfriend has gone with friends to check out some creepy hospital, she says they’ll show after they’ve had their fun), Tsunko (who has a really awesome vampire costume  ;) ) and others with the decorations, I’m trying to keep the ice cream from melting and setting up the table for the guest, some of Blue’s band members have come in early to get a stage platform they have ready for the concert they’ll perform, andFennhas chosen a nonflammable places nearby so that when it’s dark enough she can do her whole fire performance.  It’s so cool to know that so many are taking part in this whole celebration.  Apparently people are going to be coming in their costumes, since the celebration fell on a Hallow’s eve.  But that’s just fine, I don’t mind it at all.*Sigh*There is one thing bugging me though, it’s about Blue…he isn’t his normal self and I could tell right away when I visited him a couple of days ago. Here is how it went:

I had stopped by the flower shop, bought some of his favorite colored flowers, bluebells, they are very rare to find in the flower shops but I was lucky to come across them, I also made him some soup that he rather enjoyed the last time he had Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and a card that I thought he would think was hilarious so to cheer him up a bit.  I went right to his house and his mother answered the door, she was so happy to see me because according to her, I’m the only one who makes Blue speak proper English @@ (I don’t know how that’s a relief to her, she understands him fine when he is slang talking).  So she directed me to his room and I went in, I saw him there laying down under his covers, in an undershirt, his arms under his head with his hands supporting it.  He looked fine…of course he didn’t look at me, or smile, or say anything at first, so I tried talking to him.

Me: Hey Blue, how are you feeling?


Me:*Blink blink*I-um-brought you some flowers, there bluebells, very rare to find in a flower shop.


Me:*Getting a bit worried and sits on the edge of his bed*Would you like some soup?  I can get some ready for you while you read the card I brought for you.


I guess he wasn’t in the mood for a conversation, so I decided maybe I should stay quiet for a while, he could be in really deep thought and was trying to ignore me so he could finish up.  A few minutes passed and he finally said something, but it wasn’t something I expected.

Blue:  So how far along are you in your magic training, your a seal holder of life right?

I was a bit shocked that he remembered, I told him that sever months ago and he never remembered anything about it, so I pretended it never happened.

Pink:  What are you talking about?  Your probably having a fever and hallucinating or something.  So how are you?

Blue:*Wrinkles nose like he just caught the scent of some really strong perfume*Pink you didn’t answer my question?  How far along are you and what about your trip to the realms of magic?

How did he remember, he hasn’t gotten any magical abilities, has he?

Pink:  I’m sorry but don’t ask me such silly questions, I couldn’t possibly answer them.

Blue:  Once agian your not telling me what I asked for, tell me about your training, about the travels, what exactly has your training revealed about your powers.  I want to know or you don’t trust me?

Pink:*Fighting hard to not reveal anything because this was not a good sign*Blue, even if I wanted to tell you anything I wouldn’t be able too.  Now let’s talk about something else, like how’s your band couping without you, and has Vito been over since you were sick.

He sat up from his bed, eyes ablaze and went off on me!

Blue: What’s wrong with you?!  Why won’t you answer my questions in the first place?

Me:*Starring bluntly at Blue*  How is it you remember everything all of a sudden?  Is there something that you yourself have to hid?

I needed to know, what has suddenly jogged his memory.  Has he been hiding secretes from me that I didn’t know about like he has magical powers, were these secretes dangerous?  I caught myself starring into his eyes, there was a darkness in them trying to grow with each passing minute.  He looked away from me and sat quiet for a second than he said.

Blue:  I don’t know how to explain it, but…I feel I already know what answers you’ll give to all my question. It’s like your presence fuels a strange energy in me,  a dark dip energy that just wants to swallow everything up around me so there is nothing else but you and me.  It tells me things I never knew, spells, elemental connections, all kinds of century old things.  And it says your the key, my ticket to unleashing a true power dormant inside of me.

I was afraid now, this didn’t sound like Blue, he was a very social person, although he never liked having too much attention, he wasn’t gloomy, or easily ticked off, or even admits his confused about something even when he clearly is.  What was going on here?  I sensed something very very dark leaking out of him, it came out in the form of some black smoke, like the one that keep rolling around Leetan the day Tommy battled him in the realms of magic.  Whatever it was, I had to do something fast because it was starting to getting more and more profound.  I began to chant a purity spell that my mother taught me just this week, I haven’t perfected it yet but I could purify something about Blue’s size, as I was doing this Blue started acting even more strange, he was jerking around in small quick movements that if you weren’t paying attention you’d never notice.  It was like he was fighting with something within, I continued my chant but then he got up so fast I couldn’t even think what he might be doing, he grabbed me by the throat, swung me around, pinned me to the wall and says ‘don’t try that spell every again on me, your to weak to hold me!’

That was the last straw, I was officially scared out of my wits!  He suddenly relaxed his grip, and I slipped away and ran out the door!  I had no idea what was going on with him, because if that is a sickness, I don’t want to catch it @@…  So when he comes to the party to perform, I can only hope that whatever was bothering him before is gone now.  Wish us luck.

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