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A sleeping occassion. ^^

Pink Bear here with a nice little story to tell. But first let me tell you about one of the celebrations that just occurred last week on Saturday.  If you remember I’ve been constantly talking about three celebrations that have been pending and one has already occurred last week, no it isn’t the ice cream party and no it isn’t the carnival that I am super excited about.  Have you guessed which it is?  If you guessed Spottie-Dottie’s sleep over party you guessed right!  Lily had invited me since Spottie was doing it for her but wanted everyone to show up so that it will be a big celebration.  We cooked (which doesn’t sound fun at first unless your doing it with good friends), played games, did a little show and tell ( I showed them my sticker collection :D ) and we exchanged all kinds of gifts!  (Well Spottie gave everyone a gift, she is so generous ^^).  So even if it’s called a sleepover there wasn’t much sleeping being done.  Maybe because everyone was having so much fun.  I had read Lily’s blog on the occasion and she did have a good idea about sharing some of the stories we told at the sleepover.  So her is my own:

The princess and the goat

(yes I know it’s a funny title, go ahead and laugh)

Once upon a time there was a very powerful king who ruled a vast kingdom of people.  There was peace in the land and every evening the King held a party in his courtroom to celebrate the peace and joy of his people.  But than one day there came a terrible drought and the farmers of the land could not plant any crops since there hadn’t been rain for such a long time.  The king became very worried, and was afraid that the people would not survive the hard times since they’ve had so much to eat for years.  So the king called all his advisers and asked them what he should do to save the people.  They advised him to attack other villages and conquer them, but the king was kind and did not believe in picking on the helpless for his own selfish needs, they advised him to beg other kingdoms for food supplies, but he was also a very proud king and did not see from the views of other rulers, they even advised him to denounce his throne as the people would soon perish and he would have no kingdom, of course the ones who advised him to do that were thrown in prison for such negative thoughts.  So he had no one else to advice him.

Now the king had one child, a daughter, and she was as fair as fair could be.  She was like her father in many ways and had a very kind heart.  She too was worried for her people.   So she decided to see exactly what was going on in her father’s kingdom.  She put on a costume and snicked out of the castle into the surrounding land.  She walked the streets and in every corner were families struggling to get a meal,  the beggars did not want to beg because no one had anything to give, most people had become skin and bones and the princess after seeing just a little bit of this began to cry.  While she was crying a stray goat came passing her way.  The goat didn’t look like it was starving as it was fat and happy looking.  The princess noticed this and began to wonder, how is it that this goat is well feed?  The goat had a bell, so it belonged to someone for certain, she then decided to follow the goat.  The goat took her through strange streets, and vast dry and barren fields, it went through the dieing forest that lined the boards of the kingdom and straight to a house with lush green gardens of fruit, grain and vegetables.  The princess was surprised that such a place could be full of greenery when the rest of the kingdom is slowly turning into a desert.  The goat went into the back yard and she followed it as it went into the barn.  She watched the goat lay down on a pile of hay and to her surprise it spoke to her.

“Hello young maiden, is there a reason why you have followed me all the way home?”

The princess was frightened but she was determined to know the secrete of the farmer that may own the gardens.

“Yes little goat, there is a reason.” She replied.

“Then let me know, so that master does not get mad at me for allowing you to follow me.”

“I followed you to know how it is that you are so fat, and now that I see your master’s garden it has told me why.  Now I would like to know how is it that your master has such a lush garden in this drought?”

“Hmmm…my master is a very quiet man, he does not speak often to us about his secretes.  Of course he is also a very lonely man.  He lives here by himself as his mother and father passed away when he was still a child.”

“That’s terrible!”

“Yes it is, but maybe if you become his friend, he will tell you his secrete.”

The princess did not have many friends and liked the idea of becoming friends with a simple farmer, he would be someone she could learn from, so she left the barn and went to the house.  When she knocked, a young man opened the door.  He was shocked that anyone had found his home as hidden as it is.  The princess explained that she was a passer-by and that she would like to talk with him, so he let her in.  When she came in she noticed his house was very filthy, cold and dark.  So when the man said he wishes to be excused so that he may milk his cows, the princess quickly made tea in his kitchen, and cleaned up his little house, she opened all his windows and polished the few shoes he had.  She cooked a simple meal and once she had finished setting the table in came the farmer.  He could not believe that this stranger could have done all that for him in a few hours, and he was so over joyed that her asked her.

“What can I do for this kind act of yours?”

Finally the princess removed her costume and revealed who she was.  She explained that she was the princess of the land and wanted desperately to know his secrete so that her people will not starve to death.  The man was so moved that a whole princess would put herself so low to save her kingdom that he told her, and promised to always be her friend.

So the people were saved and the princess and farmer were true friends, as for the goat, the princess asked that the goat be allowed to stay in the castle as a prized pet, because if she had not followed it, she would have never found such a friend that could help her save her people.  

The end.

So what do you think, everyone at the sleep over thought it was a great story.  Well i have to go now, very busy with mommy bear in the kitchen.  Over and out!

A bunp on the head does not help matters. @@

Pink Bear here with just a random post before continuing with the preparations of the ice cream party.  I was wondering if you could stop a fight by getting hit in the head by something?  I know that is a strange question but eventually that is what happened to me today while I was on my way to the store.  This is what happened:

I was walking along minding my own business, trying not to get sighted by the twin witches so I won’t be forced into inviting them over to the ice cream party when I saw Tommy.  I was still a bit on the uneasy side with him since my latest discover (which reminds me, I have to tell Lily about Tommy).  I was trying to take another direction so I don’t have to stop and talk to him when I found my only substitute street had another person I didn’t want to meet today, Blue…(talk about being between the devil and the deep blue see  :(  ).  So I’m frozen in one place in a panic, and then making things worst they both noticed me and started even fast my way! (AAAAAAAAA!).  Well, them noticing should have been the least of my worries, because when they both came up to me and coursed ‘Hey Pink!’ they noticed each other…

Blue: Hi Tommy*gives a stern look*haven’t seen you at band practices lately.

Tommy: Haven’t had any reason to show up, I know I’m pretty good at what I do already.*Has a teasing smile on his face*.

Blue: Oh well then you probably don’t mind that you missed out on a gig.

Tommy: What are you talking about?  I haven’t missed out on any of the gigs our band has had.

Blue: Oh really?  I guess that also means your not going to Pink and Mimmy’s ice cream party, we’re going to be the music there for the most of the party.

Tommy: Pink your having a party?*Looking hurt*Why didn’t you invite me?

Pink:*Sweat drop and starts babbling*Um-I was going to invite you but-but then it must of slipped my mind and er I was worried that you guys were still mad at each other and there is way to much drama and I don’t want any fighting and I didn’t think I would crash into you guys at the same time and-and-and…

Tommy:*Looks relieved but then gets really cocky*I understand Pink, Blue here is quiet the drama king, so I can understand you not wanting me to cross paths with him at the party.

Pink: Actually I wasn’t…*gets cut off*

Blue: What is that suppose to mean you redhead bubble head!

Tommy:  How dare you, you blue haired troll doll!

Blue: What!*Grabs Tommy and pushes his head into a head lock* I’ll teach you!

Tommy:*Grabs Blue’s waist and gives him a bear huge*You started this mess!

Pink: Please stop! THUD!*Some object comes flying out of no where and hits Pink in the head knocking her off her feet*.

Tommy&Blue: PINK!  ARE YOU OKAY?*The two boys surround her and try to wake her up*.

Pink:*She sits up then holding her head she says*What in the world hit me?

Brownie:  Sistars, are yous okays?*Runs over to Pink, followed by Tommy’s little sister Diamond*.

Diamond: I’m sorry Ms. Bear, we were playing ball, and I missed it and it flew away.  Please don’t be angry.*wants to cry*.

Pink: Oh no, no!  I’m not angry, honest.*Takes ball and gives it to Diamond*Here you go, just be careful.

diamond: Thank you, come on Brownie.

Brownie:*Looks from Tommy to Blue and back to Tommy*I don’t knows whats yous twos are doing.  But yous better not be trying to takes my sistars aways from mes!*Runs off to play*.

Blue:*Sigh*I’m sorry Pink, if I weren’t so distracted I probably would of seen that coming.  You know what, don’t worry about me coming to the party.  I might ruin it anyway.

Tommy: No Blue, it was all me.  I was the one stepping on your toes man, I guess I’m the drama king and I’m sure Pink wouldn’t forgive me if I let you miss her party because of me.  You go, I won’t get in your way.

Pink: How about you both go.  Blue is head band singer and I would like to hear a song or two, and Tommy your the class of the band so it wouldn’t be complete without you.  The only way I will never forgive either one of you is if neither of you show up.

Blue:*Smiles charmingly*Pink is right, we’re a team dude.  And even though we don’t agree most of the time, we need each other to rock out a crowd.

Tommy: Exactly, so arch rival our fight we have to wait until after this party, I’ll see you at practice.*Gives a slight grin*.

Blue: Your on red boy wonder.  See you at the party Pink. ;)

Tommy: Yeah see ya Pink.*The two boys part ways*.

So yeah…that’s what happened to me today. @@  Now all I have to do is tell Mimmy about Blue’s band coming to play a few songs at the party and pray they don’t eat each other after then.  Pink Bear is tired, over and out!

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