• September 2009
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It’s been some time since Mimmy and Pink left the city, they were looking forward to getting to the doorway that would lead them back to home. All there friends were waiting for their return, both were missing their families terribly and the encounters they’ve had would leave them telling stories for months!

Mimmy: I can’t wait to get home!

Pink: Yeah, I miss Mommy Bear’s cooking so much.*Imagines smoked fish with freshly baked bread, mixed veggies covered in her mother’s special sauce*.

Mimmy: I miss my mama’s cooking too.*Imagining dumplings with smashed potatoes, gravy and crab soup*.

Both friends sigh at the thought of home cooking, it had been awhile since they ate anything home made. Luckily they were already at the field of blue sunflowers they had crossed when they first came to the realm of magic so just on the other side of the field would be the doorway back home.  They began to cross the field, smiling with relief that the journey was about to soon end.  After awhile they simply began to run through the field, the sweet smells of the field they breathe in deeply as they ran, as if trying to make a mental memory of the fields in case they don’t come back anytime soon.  Just then Pink heard a loud yelp just behind her where Mimmy was suppose to be and turned around to see that some hooded being had blown her away with a huge gust of wind, Pink froze in her shoes.

Pink: Mi-MMMYYY!

Hooded: I wonder why you carry along such a useless thing when your much more power than any simple protection such as a fuzzy dinggy cat.

Pink: How dare you!  Who are you and what do you want?!

Hooded: Isn’t that obvious young seal holder, I want you…

Pink: Wha-why, I’m not going anywhere with you?!

Hooded:*Removes it’s hood to reveal a pale face that if it weren’t so pale with creepy red eyes it would be thought to be a handsome young man* Your quite a beauty, just like your mother.  Now *brings out a wand*come peacefully with me and you just might not get hurt.

Pink:*Gets her wand ready, she recognized the voice as the same hooded being who attacked Mimmy and her in Market City*I will not go with you!

Hooded:*Sigh*I also guessed that you would be as stuborn as your mother. Oh!  Before I forget my name is Leetan, I figured you’d be more comfortable knowing who will over power you since your still so weak in your magic use.

Pink: How about we find out if I’m as weak as you say I am.

Leetan: I do enjoy crushing the hopes of the weak.*Evil grin*. DARK CLOUD COVER!

There is an enormous mass of thick smoke that blinds Pink to all her surroundings, her eyes dart about in this plum of confusion searching for even the slightest movement.

Pink:*Darn it! I can’t see through all this smoke…I know*ILLUMINATION!

A light appears from her wand blowing the smoke away, to Leetan’s surprise her illumination spell is ten times more powerful than the one he encountered from Pink’s mother, the light almost burns like fire on his skin and he quickly puts on his hood to shield himself from the intensity.

Leetan: Little witch!  I’ll show you not to burn me, *whispers to wand then shouts* NIGHT RAINS OF ILLUSION!

Everywhere becomes so dark all of sudden, there is a strange creepy moon that blocks out the sky giving off this strange green glow.  Pink stands in awe, she had never seen something like this or even heard of such.

Leetan: Your impressed?  Well it’s not nearly as impressive as the one the Dark lord does, it actually is suppose to slow down the ability you have to draw from the three elements you use specifically, water, light and earth.  So you might not be able to beat me as long as this spell is in place.*Evil laugh*.

Pink:*Thinking and worried*Oh no, what do I do?  What do I do!

Leetan: Now *points wand* fall under my power so that I can release the Dark lord! MOTHS COCOON!

From Leetan’s wand a ghostly image of a giants ugly moth appears then begins to shot out a threat that heads right for Pink.   Pink tried to deflect it by casting a reverse spell but her spell light beam was shattered utterly weaken by the night rains illusion spell that was casted earlier.

Pink: No!*Shields self with her arm as she does not know another spell to use*.

Leetan: Yes! HAHAHAHAHA!*suddenly stops laughing*…wha-whats this?

Pink who had closed her eyes looked to see what Leetan was surprised at, there was a force field surrounding pink that was composed of …fire?

Another hooded being: I wouldn’t get so cocky if I were you.

Pink:*That voice, it’s that hooded person that explained what happened to Market Town…wait…I know who this is…*

Hooded:*Removes hood to reveal who he is*So you finally showed up, my family has been wondering when you’d show your ugly face round these parts.

Pink: Tommy?!!!!@@  But how did you-when did you-are you…

Tommy: Pink I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I am the seal holder of fire.

Pink: But when we first met, why didn’t you…

Tommy: I wasn’t sure if you were even a magic user, so i couldn’t tell you my secrete.  I noticed something unique about you when I noticed that you had a very strong aura around you, but some humans happen to have very strong auras too, so I didn’t put much thought into it but one thing was sure…I knew I liked you, and even if it meant revealing my secrete to you I would protect you if the need would arise.  But now…now that I know who you truely are, I ‘must’ protect you with even my life.

Pink: Tom-Tommy.

Tommy:*Gives Pink a smile then faces Leetan*Now you mistake of a wizard, lets see how you fend against an element that’s not under your controlling dark moon!

Leetan:  All you goody goody magic users keep on interrupting my plains, first that dumb cat who has keep me at bay for the whole trip that I followed this girl, then that stupid Elf girl, and now you fired hair fungi!  I must be rid of you pest!

The two sorcerers ready themselves for a battle of magic, Tommy’s firery red hair flowed gently in the slight breezes, his eyes focused on his opponent like a cat about to pounce on it’s prey, the wand in his had softly glowing a fire red as he grounded his footing into the soil of the flower field.  Leetan once again removed his hood, the black hair on his head blew across his face hiding half of it like a desert veil, the dark smoke leaking from his wand gave an eerie plum of smoke at his feet, like he was standing on a dark cloud.  This would be a test of skill and strength no doubt but the question is who would be able to over power the other.