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Little Preps for the up coming ice cream party. :)

Pink Bear here with just a little update. I’m glad to say that the plans for the up coming ice cream party are coming up nicely. Mimmy has taken charge of decorations which I’m looking forward too. Usa hasn’t decided yet on what she wants to do as part of the planing committee, but I’m glad that so many want to help to make this party a success. Keroleen has offered to make one of her goodies which brings a smile to my face, Tsunko who I last saw on Halloween is going to make some homemade icecream of her own and  Lily is thinking of helping me with a few things, like cross checking everyones allergies that might come to the party, of course she says that she is having a little problem of some sort, something about chasing down a copy of herself or something. I’m thinking of taking charge of the food, I don’t want anyone who is lactose intolerant to fall sick, nor do I want anyone who are complete vegetarians to have to make a choose between frozen yogurt and plain old grass. @@ So I have a shopping list ready for the kinds of frozen desserts that will be served along with the utensils:

1. Popsicles (for non-dairy eaters)

2. Frozen yogurt (for weight watchers)

3. Frozen fruit cups (for complete veggie eaters)

4. Milk shack mixers (for anyone who wants something more liquid)

5. Bananas

6. Cherries

7. Sprinkles

8. Chocolate, strawberry and blueberry syrup.

9. Peanut sprinkles

10. Ice cream cones and cups

11. Spoons and napkins

So that is what I’ve come up with so far.  If there’s anything missing let me know (I have heard some people eat fish with their ice cream but I’m not taking such a risk @@).  Well let me know.  Pink Bear is busy, over and out!

PS: I’m think of inviting Blueand his band over to the party which mean Tommy as well.  I don’t want elbows to rub, and Blue doesn’t seem to be getting on a certain someone’s good side,well according to that someone, I would like your advise, do I invite these three or not?  I don’t want any fighting to take place at all. @@


Pink Bear here, finally back home, finally able to get back to blogging, finally ready to have all the fun I missed during this whole long summer! :) I’m so happy to be home, Mimmy is back too, I really hope her family will be happy to see her. I know her mother will. @^^@. Mommy Bear was so happy to see me come home. She keep asking me if anyone followed me home that wasn’t suppose to, but I’m sure no one has…I hope…anyway I have a whole flood load of e-mails (AAAAAAAAAA) that will probably take weeks to open and read and delete the unnecessary ones, but all will be worth it coming home anyway. I’m looking forward to going to the carnival with Usabunnbunn, Mark her boyfriend, Lily, Vito and yes even Blue Grrya. Also I’ve started making my plains for the joint ice cream party with Usa. Mimmy I’m sure has started making her plains, I’m going to call them both so we can meet up and share our ideas as soon as possible. I got to call Tommy…after that little shocker and what he did, he at least deserves a phone call.*sigh*. I wonder how much Blue has changed since the few weeks I’ve been gone, and if there is anything new, also has anyone mod in or out of Sanrio while Mimmy and I were gone? So many things to find out about, and so little time. Well I’ll catch you all later. Pink Bear is joyful, OVER and OUT!

The Realms of Magic: The battle…

The two sorcerers stood on their guard like stone statues of accent warriors frozen in time.  The air was cold and full of tension.  Pink looked from one sorcerer to the other, Tommy looked so much more mature with his face as serious as it was, Leetan on the other hand took on a cocky smirk on his face as if he was sure he could not be beat.  Pink looked away from the two on remembering her friend was lost in the fields, she was so taken by surprise to see Tommy and finding out he was the seal holder fire that she had completely zoned out from all space about her for awhile.

Pink:*Thinking*Mimmy…Mimmy where are you?*Looking across the fields in hope of seeing something white and cuddly rushing in her direction*.

Tommy: Make your move already!

Tommy had broken the silence with his voice trailing on the wind in a war-like cry, what was this evil being stalling for?  Finally Leetan whirled his wand over his head and shouted!

Leetan: Shut your trap you insolent worm and bow before my power! *Points wand*HALLOWED SCREAM!

A large amount of dark smoke gathered to form what looked like the face of a banshee woman screaming , untitled-2.jpgthere was a screeching sound that came from the woman’s mouth that was sucking everything in sight in, the few innocent blue sunflowers in it’s way got uprooted and disappeared into her black-hole like mouth.  Tommy tried his best not be sweep up by the evil winds.

Leetan: Not so confident now aye?  Hahahaha!

Tommy: I’m-just -getting warmed up!*Stretches wand forward* FLAMING QUEEN!

Like the spell of hallow scream, the flaming queen appears as a woman’s face only with a crown and flaming glow all about her, untitled-3.jpgshe releases from her mouth an explosive boom of fire that gets sucked up and burns to ashes the spell of Hallow scream, Leetan took a step back in horror, but he wasn’t about to give up.

Leetan:  You were lucky that one time but not after this. *Wand heaven wards* A THOUSAND THORNS!untitled-4.jpg

The sky fills with thousands of sharp needle objects raining down in the direction of Tommy, Tommy barely had time to think.

Tommy: CLOAK OF DAWN!*A fire dome covers about four feet around him and Pink, melting every one of the objects that keep raining down from the sky*.

Pink:*Looking at Tommy and thinking* I can see Tommy’s face, this spell that Leetan has casted is requiring a lot of fire power from him to hold up such a barrier, I can’t let him fight this alone.*Stands to her feet within the barrier that Tommy had place on her.  Then says *RELEASE* to break the barrier*.

Tommy:*In middle of struggle*Pink what are you doing?! 

Pink: I’m going to help, I haven’t been trained to depend on others alone, I must do something.

Tommy: There is nothing you can do especially with that NIGHT RAINS OF ILLUSION blocking your elemental strengths.  Let me handle this.

Pink: I can’t just stand on the side.*Readys wand, then concentrates to find the weakest point of the spell that blocks her abilities* *Thinking* I can sense the source of this spell…it’s…THE MOON!*She points her wand towards the moon.

Leetan: What are you doing you little witch?!  Stop trying to be a hero and just agree to come peacefully!!!

Pink: ARROWS-OF-ETERNAL-LIGHT!!!*Her wand turns into a bow and arrow she is not speaking as herself at the moment and Tommy can tell*.

Tommy: Pi-Pink?

Pink: I AM NOT PINK…*Releases arrow into the heart of the moon*.


The arrow hits the moon and the moon along with all it’s darkness fades away like a hologram that got interfered with. the other spells casted along with the moon also lost all effect blowing Leetan off his feet. Leetan got up a stared at Pink for awhile.

Leetan:*Thinking* But how…only The Great Katherine Connela could have been able to even cast the spell ARROWS OF ETERNAL LIGHT…but of course she is the reincarnation but, nobody could have thought her that spell…

Tommy:*In awe*Wooooooow…

Pink:*Collapses to the ground*.

Tommy: Pink?  Pink!*Rushes over to Pink who is breathing and still conscious*.  Are you alright?

Pink:*Get’s up and holds head*Yeah… I didn’t know I could cast such a strong illumination spell.

Tommy: Illumination spell?  What you did wasn’t even near the boards of an illumination spell!*Quickly remembers Leetan is battling him then turns around to face him again*. Alright you lets get this over with.

Leetan: I don’t think so little worm, I wasted enough time targeting this girl, and now that your here I have to reschedule my date with her, as for you we will duel again.*Disappears*.

Tommy: Come back here you coward!

But Leetan had once again escaped near doom, his next target was fairly unknown.  Pink looked around then heard a familiar voice.

Mimmy: Pink!  Pink!!!

Pink:*Get’s completely off the ground*Mimmy?!  MIMMY WHERE ARE YOU!!!*Looks towards where she heard the voice and sees something cute and fluffy scurrying her way*.

Mimmy: I finally found you!*Jumps on Pink and gives her a big huge* I thought I was lost in Splendiworld!

Pink: Splendiworld?

Mimmy: I didn’t tell you?  I call here Splendiworld.

Pink:*Laughing with joy*I don’t know if this land is so splendid to be called that but I sure am glad your alright.

Tommy:*Clears throat*I’m Tommy nice to meet you little cat.

Mimmy:*Thinking*What is this red haired guy doing around Pink?  He better not be trying to hurt her now that Mimmy the protective kitty is here!*Speaking* What’s your business with Pink?

Tommy: I was just saving her thats all..wait a minute…what’s your bussiness with Pink?

Mimmy and Tommy give each other a stare down, Pink starts to get worried and quickly tries to explain her relationship with the two.

Pink: You two calm down now.  Tommy this is my good friend Mimmy White, she came along with me as companion and also because of her protective abilities as a cat*Mimmy turns her nose up at Tommy as if to say ‘beat that red head wonder!’*  And Mimmy this is Tommy we use to um-date-so he is kind of my um-ex-boyfriend and a seal holder of fire.

Mimmy: EX-BOYFRIEND?!  So this is the guy that had you so sad for almost a month?!

Pink: He’s also a seal holder.

Mimmy:*Doesn’t listen to Pink* Look you red head wand whirling meany, if your trying to get back with Pink it won’t work because I won’t let you break her heart again!!!

Pink:MIMMY!*Face turns red and sweat drop*.

Tommy: *Gets very defensive* For your information I didn’t break up with her, she broke up with me and without any reason!  The only idea I could come up with was that she has a thing for Blue Grrya!

Pink:*Wants to die*Could you two stop it already, you’re killing me here!*Both ignore her pleads*.

Mimmy: Well I don’t care how it happened she was heart broken and nobody deserves that!

Pink: I’m going home.*Starts on her way*.

Tommy: I’m coming with you.

Mimmy: What!  I’m not leaving you alone with her for the rest of the walk home!

So the three take off and head for the doorway…home…


The realms of Magic: Dark encounter…another seal holder revealed!

It’s been some time since Mimmy and Pink left the city, they were looking forward to getting to the doorway that would lead them back to home. All there friends were waiting for their return, both were missing their families terribly and the encounters they’ve had would leave them telling stories for months!

Mimmy: I can’t wait to get home!

Pink: Yeah, I miss Mommy Bear’s cooking so much.*Imagines smoked fish with freshly baked bread, mixed veggies covered in her mother’s special sauce*.

Mimmy: I miss my mama’s cooking too.*Imagining dumplings with smashed potatoes, gravy and crab soup*.

Both friends sigh at the thought of home cooking, it had been awhile since they ate anything home made. Luckily they were already at the field of blue sunflowers they had crossed when they first came to the realm of magic so just on the other side of the field would be the doorway back home.  They began to cross the field, smiling with relief that the journey was about to soon end.  After awhile they simply began to run through the field, the sweet smells of the field they breathe in deeply as they ran, as if trying to make a mental memory of the fields in case they don’t come back anytime soon.  Just then Pink heard a loud yelp just behind her where Mimmy was suppose to be and turned around to see that some hooded being had blown her away with a huge gust of wind, Pink froze in her shoes.

Pink: Mi-MMMYYY!

Hooded: I wonder why you carry along such a useless thing when your much more power than any simple protection such as a fuzzy dinggy cat.

Pink: How dare you!  Who are you and what do you want?!

Hooded: Isn’t that obvious young seal holder, I want you…

Pink: Wha-why, I’m not going anywhere with you?!

Hooded:*Removes it’s hood to reveal a pale face that if it weren’t so pale with creepy red eyes it would be thought to be a handsome young man* Your quite a beauty, just like your mother.  Now *brings out a wand*come peacefully with me and you just might not get hurt.

Pink:*Gets her wand ready, she recognized the voice as the same hooded being who attacked Mimmy and her in Market City*I will not go with you!

Hooded:*Sigh*I also guessed that you would be as stuborn as your mother. Oh!  Before I forget my name is Leetan, I figured you’d be more comfortable knowing who will over power you since your still so weak in your magic use.

Pink: How about we find out if I’m as weak as you say I am.

Leetan: I do enjoy crushing the hopes of the weak.*Evil grin*. DARK CLOUD COVER!

There is an enormous mass of thick smoke that blinds Pink to all her surroundings, her eyes dart about in this plum of confusion searching for even the slightest movement.

Pink:*Darn it! I can’t see through all this smoke…I know*ILLUMINATION!

A light appears from her wand blowing the smoke away, to Leetan’s surprise her illumination spell is ten times more powerful than the one he encountered from Pink’s mother, the light almost burns like fire on his skin and he quickly puts on his hood to shield himself from the intensity.

Leetan: Little witch!  I’ll show you not to burn me, *whispers to wand then shouts* NIGHT RAINS OF ILLUSION!

Everywhere becomes so dark all of sudden, there is a strange creepy moon that blocks out the sky giving off this strange green glow.  Pink stands in awe, she had never seen something like this or even heard of such.

Leetan: Your impressed?  Well it’s not nearly as impressive as the one the Dark lord does, it actually is suppose to slow down the ability you have to draw from the three elements you use specifically, water, light and earth.  So you might not be able to beat me as long as this spell is in place.*Evil laugh*.

Pink:*Thinking and worried*Oh no, what do I do?  What do I do!

Leetan: Now *points wand* fall under my power so that I can release the Dark lord! MOTHS COCOON!

From Leetan’s wand a ghostly image of a giants ugly moth appears then begins to shot out a threat that heads right for Pink.   Pink tried to deflect it by casting a reverse spell but her spell light beam was shattered utterly weaken by the night rains illusion spell that was casted earlier.

Pink: No!*Shields self with her arm as she does not know another spell to use*.

Leetan: Yes! HAHAHAHAHA!*suddenly stops laughing*…wha-whats this?

Pink who had closed her eyes looked to see what Leetan was surprised at, there was a force field surrounding pink that was composed of …fire?

Another hooded being: I wouldn’t get so cocky if I were you.

Pink:*That voice, it’s that hooded person that explained what happened to Market Town…wait…I know who this is…*

Hooded:*Removes hood to reveal who he is*So you finally showed up, my family has been wondering when you’d show your ugly face round these parts.

Pink: Tommy?!!!!@@  But how did you-when did you-are you…

Tommy: Pink I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I am the seal holder of fire.

Pink: But when we first met, why didn’t you…

Tommy: I wasn’t sure if you were even a magic user, so i couldn’t tell you my secrete.  I noticed something unique about you when I noticed that you had a very strong aura around you, but some humans happen to have very strong auras too, so I didn’t put much thought into it but one thing was sure…I knew I liked you, and even if it meant revealing my secrete to you I would protect you if the need would arise.  But now…now that I know who you truely are, I ‘must’ protect you with even my life.

Pink: Tom-Tommy.

Tommy:*Gives Pink a smile then faces Leetan*Now you mistake of a wizard, lets see how you fend against an element that’s not under your controlling dark moon!

Leetan:  All you goody goody magic users keep on interrupting my plains, first that dumb cat who has keep me at bay for the whole trip that I followed this girl, then that stupid Elf girl, and now you fired hair fungi!  I must be rid of you pest!

The two sorcerers ready themselves for a battle of magic, Tommy’s firery red hair flowed gently in the slight breezes, his eyes focused on his opponent like a cat about to pounce on it’s prey, the wand in his had softly glowing a fire red as he grounded his footing into the soil of the flower field.  Leetan once again removed his hood, the black hair on his head blew across his face hiding half of it like a desert veil, the dark smoke leaking from his wand gave an eerie plum of smoke at his feet, like he was standing on a dark cloud.  This would be a test of skill and strength no doubt but the question is who would be able to over power the other. 


The realms of magic:The journey home.

As our two adventurers walked the bustling streets of Market City, they head to the final shop for the final item left on the list.

Pink:*Scratching head in confusion while looking at list* This is the hardest thing to find.

Mimmy:*Sigh*I know, we’ve asked everywhere for burnt ice but all the stores either have none or are sold out.  I don’t get why burnt ice is so hard to find.

Pink: I don’t get how it’s possible that such a thing could exist!

The two walk into a shop that is almost on the other side of the whole city, it is a very quiet shop with bead curtains and incense smelling in the air.  A rainbow haired woman with golden cat eyes and golden nails came from a back room, on seeing the two curious customers wondering around the shop, she smiles then adjusting her dress she sneaks up behind Mimmy who is holding a fragile glitter bowl.

Lady: Hello little feline!

Mimmy:*So startled that she almost dropped the bowl*MEOWWW!

Pink: Mimmy are your okay?*Rushes towards sound of Mimmy’s voice*.

Lady: Sorry my dear, I didn’t mean to scare ya.

Mimmy:*Mumbling*Are you sure?@@

Pink: Do you run this shop?

Lady: Yes, I have almost all the needed things for anything a good magic user could use, plus I have the best pinepeach fruit pies this side of the city.

Pink: Well we’re looking for moonstones, would you happen to have any?

Lady: Have any?  I have MANY!  I have so many I want to give them away for free!  No one comes around here for moonstones because they always find them in all the other shops before getting here.  I’ll give you three sacks of moonstones if you buy anything in the shop.

Mimmy: How about this bowl, will it disappear in the other realms?

Lady: oh no, that’s a sunshine bowl, it catches sunshine and turns it into a liquid.  Mostly advance magic users use it, but I also have a wish bowl that gives you flowers every morning relating to your mood, also won’t disappear when taken to other realms.

Mimmy:*Excited*Hey, you could get the sunshine bowl for your mom!

Pink: And I could get the wishing bowl for your mom so she can have flowers everyday.

Mimmy: Do you think we should get one for Keroppi and family?

Pink: Yeah!  I wish we could afford to get everyone a wishing bowl that will give them flowers.

Lady: How many do you want?

Pink: About a dozen and a half, but I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Lady:*Feeling generous because she likes her two customers*pay for only six bowl, I’ll give you the rest with the free moonstones.

Mimmy: Really!  that is so kind of you. :)

Lady: I’m only doin’ it because I haven’t had a couple of young ones so interested in my shop for a long time.

Pink: if you don’t mind me asking, when last did you see anyone around our ages in your shop?

Lady: the year 1521.

Mimmy/Pink: 1521!  But you look like your in your earlier forties.

Lady:*Bashful*Awe that’s so nice of you to say, but I’m pretty old, i was still a teenager than.  Well let me help you pack your goods, quiet a lot for you to carry but I’m sure you’ll make a couple of people smile when you return to your homes.

Mimmy: Thank you!

The lady helped them pack up their items then Pink paid her for the price of six bowls.  Once again the two thanked the kind lady and finally departed from the shop.

As they exited the city, they both wondered how much more fun it would have been if they had a chance to just be tourist and look around, maybe next time they would have a chance.

Mimmy: I can’t believe we’re already done with the shopping.

Pink: Me either, I wish we could have had a chance to look around some more.

Mimmy: Yeah.*Beaming all of a sudden*The good thing is we have an ice cream party waiting for us to come back home.

Pink:Yeah, and don’t worry, I’ve come across several shops in our realm that sale non-lactose ice cream and all kinds of fruity pop sickles in case anyone else is not on the milk wagon.

Mimmy: *Getting a playful little look on her face*I wonder if Blue likes Popsicle.

Pink:*Turns red*Mimmy!

Mimmy: oh come on you know I’m just pulling your leg…but you know- he’ll be waiting for you.*Runs down pathway leading away from city*.

Pink: Hey what does that mean?!  You get back here!*Chases after Mimmy who is giggling and laughing*.

Now the two have finally started to follow the pathway back home, but the journey home will not be easy, as something dark approaches their way, what could it be?  But for now let them enjoy their playful happiness and the dream soon to come true of once again being with good friends.


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