• August 2009
    M T W T F S S
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Now in the Market City no longer regarded as a town, Mimmy and Pink walk the amazingly advanced streets of the very lively city. They are amazed by the many shoppers going in and out of the stores, chatting on well over advanced cell phones, wearing bazaar futuristic outfits.  Pink is even more happy knowing that Mimmy is having a speedy recovery from the blue flower incident.

Mimmy:  This is incredible!  I haven’t seen anywhere this busy since the last Mooncake festival in Sanrio.

Pink:  I know, I was there.  I can’t believe this use to be a simple town for just trade and sells.  It’s like stepping into some futurist dome in the movies.

Mimmy:  Well, now that we’re here, let’s getting shopping!

Pink: Yeah!*looks around*um….where exactly do we start?

Mimmy:*Thinking out loud*I don’t know, let me ask one of these strangers over here.

Pink:*Panic*Mimmy no don’t go off on your own!

Mimmy:*To late, Mimmy walks up to a hooded being, tugs their sleeve then asks innocently*Excuse, but where could we find things like golden fleece and blue tea leaves?

Hooded:*turns to Mimmy revealing evil looking eyes that glow red, you can’t see it’s face, just a dark orb of nothingness*A white cat aye, that means your owner is unguarded with you here, might as well seize the advantage.*Disappears*.

Mimmy: I’m not a pet!*Freaking out of fear*Wait…what did it mean by ‘might aswell seize the advantage’?! @@, it felt so evil…OH NO PINK!  She’s in danger without me by her side.*Looks into crowd, but can’t find her pinkheaded friend*Pink!  Pink where are you?!

Pink:*Searching through crowd while keeping an eye on the ground so she does not step on Mimmy by accident*Mimmy?!  Mimmy!  Mimmy where are you!  Oh…why can’t I find her?*Feels someone place hand on her shoulder*.

Pink slowly turned around, to her surprise there was a hooded being with no face and red glowing eyes, she wanted to scream but her voice had gone missing, she tried to bring her wand out but she couldn’t move, she tried to close her eyes so that she won’t see what might happen to her but she couldn’t blink.  She was not sure what to do at this point.  Was she about to be kidnapped?  Was this going to be the end of her?  All of sudden she could hear the voice of Mimmy approaching very rapidly.

Mimmy: Pink!  Pink run away!!!

But little did Mimmy know that Pink was paralyzed and could not move even if she wanted to.

Mimmy:  What are you doing?!  RUN!

Hooded:*Brings out a black wood wand*TRANSPARENT SHIELD!*Mimmy is unable to come any closer to Pink*

Mimmy banged desperately on the invisible shield trying to break through but she couldn’t, then she thought…

Mimmy:I know…the flute!*Brings out flute that white elf lady gave her in case she needed help*

 Mimmy blows as hard as she could into the flute then after a few seconds it began to play on it’s own a very beautiful tone like one she had never heard before, the wind began to pick up all of a sudden, the people walking in the streets all about that area rushed into the various stores to take cover, there was a zooming light streaking across the sky heading right for Mimmy, Mimmy began to run around in circles as she was unsure what that light could possibly be and if it was planning to land on her she was intending to move out of the way.

Mimmy:*Screaming in horror* Why did I play this stupid flute, now a lightening ball is coming to blow me up!!!@@

Of course the ball landed right next to her with such an impact that it cracked the sidewalk and stirred up dust.

Mimmy:*Cough, cough, cough*

Light elf:  You called, what is it you need help with?

Mimmy:*Realizing who it was once dust cleared*It’s you!  You really came.

Light: Of course I did, you called for my help, so what can I do for you my friend?

Mimmy:*Pointing at  hooded being*Please save my friend from that thing, I tried to get through but I couldn’t pass.

Light:  Leave it to me.*She brings out a sword that is made of pure light*

The light elf charged at the mysterious wand wielding being, who had lost concentration on noticing it was under