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It had been several hours since Mimmy’s transformation, but luckily all the petals had fallen off.It was simply the issue of her turning completely blue and scratching that remained behind.

Pink:  I’m very worried about all this scratching.  I wish there was something I could do.

Mimmy:  Awe stop your worrying, it wasn’t your fault*scratch scratch*, the elf lady said it would ware off in a couple of hours anyway*scratch scratch*.

Pink:  Well the good news is we still haven’t had anymore run ins with strange things since the dark elf lady, she was very scary.

Mimmy: I agree*scratch scratch*I wish this itching got on her, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to meow.

Pink:*Giggling*That would of been a sight to see.

Mimmy:  So are we almost at the place where we*scratch scratch*will get the items on your list?

Pink:  Yes, we just have to get over this up coming hill and we should be in the Market Town, well that’s what it was called a few years back according to my mom.

Mimmy:  I wonder *scratch scratch*if towns advance in this world into cities and metropolises like in my world.

Pink: I wonder that too.

The two begin their climb up the hill on the stone pathway, there were a lot of lovely flowers in all kinds of colors and shades, but Mimmy had learned her lesson and stayed as far away as she could from them, who knows what defense mechanisms they possessed.  After a while of climbing they reached the top and saw not a bustling town  but a huge city vibrating with activity.

Mimmy:  Um…*scratch scratch*This doesn’t look very much like just a simple town.

Pink: Your right, I’m starting to wonder if we took a wrong turn somewhere.

Just then some random being in a hood came along.

Hooded person: Awe yes!  I’m glad to have reached here, excuse me travellers but do you know where the nearest transfer pod station is?

Mimmy: Pod station?  *Mubbling under breathe*What’s a pod station?@@

Hooded:  Yes, this is the famous Market Town, but it has developed into a grand city, so assuming you are new here that would explain why your surprised that they have Pod stations.

Pink:  We didn’t ask all that but thank you, we were confused about where we were earlier.

Hooded:  Glad to be of some help, well let me find someone who knows where the nearest Pod station is.  Good day travellers.

Mimmy and Pink: Good day.

Mimmy:  it’s a good thing*scratch scratch*that guy came along.

Pink:*Suspicious of hooded person*Yeah…but I wonder if he was following us?

Mimmy:…I don’t think so.*Scratch scratch*.

Pink: Well if you say so, let’s go.  Maybe we could be lucky and find something that can stop that itch if it doesn’t stop soon at least.*Thinking*That voice the strange hooded person had, why do I recognize it?

Mimmy:*Smile, *scratch scratch*.

With that they go down the hill into the city ready for their shopping spree.


11 Responses to “Realms of Magic: Arrival in market city.”

  1. Hey I just read your blog and I just realized, those are the gates my friend keeps blabbing about! (check blog for details) It is an interesting mess you have yourself into… Maybe I could help search for gatekeepers, Shinelly still remembers being a raposa, Maybe Gugeh and Mariah-Kan can also help me help you! Gbye!

  2. good luck!


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  4. Hey beautiful, it’s Blue and I just wanted to tell ya I’m missin you. It feels so dif without you just around the corner. Plus I’m really trying to avoid these fan girls, I don’t feel safe anymore @@. Come back soon, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. Hey Pink! I’m the seal-holder of earth!

  6. Lily found out with a revealing spell!

  7. Wingedfire: Most likely your friend sounds like an orb reader, they can sense things that are part of other peoples lives, like things happening to then or things that may happen, when I get back I’ll see if I can check it out.

    Sara: Thank you! You seem new here. Did you just move to Sanrio?

    Blue: ‘jesh’You don’t need to sound so desperate. ‘:/

    Usa: Congrates, I knew Lily would be able to find out what you are, I wonder how.

  8. you don’t know me but i am new to sanrio and good luck! P.S i am Julie the dog!

    EVERYONE SAYS IM A SEALHOLDER (wich im migth cuz I still remember being a human and I still have electricity so It wasnt the potion)

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