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The Message to a mother.

It was strange, Mrs. Casey Bear had received an urgent message from a friend of her daughter Pink Bear. To her surprise it was a fairy. Quiet often fairies can handle their own issues but because of the union of light, all magical creatures who follow the order of light when in danger can call upon any of the higher orders for assistance, The Seal Holders, The Sky Wizards and The Mystics which are only summoned if there are no other oppositions.Mrs. Bear:*Thinking*How odd…that I would receive an messenger butterfly from a fairy.*Does a release spell on the butterfly so that magical communication can be possible*.

Fairy: Hello?  Hello?!  Please can you hear me?

MB: Yes I can, may I ask young fairy why you are sending me a messenger butterfly?

Fairy: I am Mariah Kaniwalieu of the kingdom of Fairytropolis.  Right now I am writing you from my Father’s kingdom in hope that you may render some assistance.

MB:  Did you say Fairytropolis?

Mariah: Yes. MB:  I see, your kingdom was entrusted with a very sacred relic many centuries ago.  I am glad to heard the voice of the next royal guardian to arise after and continue the good work the people of Fairytropolis has kept for a numerous record of years.*beaming with pride of the Fairies of Fairytropolis royal line*.   

Mariah:*Scratches head and turns a bit red*Ha-ha…about that, this relic your talking about wouldn’t happen to be called the Fegaharu would it? Mariah: Well actually it was…let me start with this.  I think your daughter might be in danger as i received an e-mail not to long ago from her.

MB: Oh?*Thinking: I sensed something earlier concerning that but it doesn’t seem like anything terrible has really happened otherwise I would of sensed something again*.

Mariah: Yes, somehow a ‘Shade’ followed me to Sanrio and I received report from my father’s kingdom that it has been jumping through realms, That “shade” that my father described in a letter he sent me, and the hooded thing that Pink and Mimmy encountered that she told me about in her e-mail.. it seems like it might be the same being.  Also, I’ve thought about the clues. In the letter, I think it followed Pink and Mimmy.. and then came across them at the market place. Now that I arrive in my hometown, I’ll ask my father.. but I think in school I learned about Shades. They’ll hunt other beings, using different methods to capture them. In Pinks case, he was waiting for Mimmy to be away from Pink.  I wanted to see if you could help me, because I know of your vast knowledge.. and Fairytropolis is in danger.  There is rumor that it might be The Seal Holder of Darkness and it has…it has the F….

MB: I understand your concern, but fear not concerning the Seal Holder of darkness, he was sealed away in the gate of Darkness and it would require three things to bring him back from that realm, one is the power of the Fegaharu which your people are guarding quiet well *Mariah turns red again*, the halo of crystals held by the undiscovered family line of the seal holder of water and the reincarnation of Katherine Connela Bear, the seal holder of life that was able to cast a strong enough spell to prevent further damage to Daisyville from the gates of darkness. 

Mariah:  But that is the problem, the Fegaharu has been stolen!  The hooded being is suspected of stealing it and is after your daughter.

MB:  I see, it might be a servant of the Seal Holder of Darkness, so they are finally on the move…*Thinking very hard then replies*I can see this is very important to you, and since you are a friend of my daughter I guess I could see what I can do, but at the moment what is the most important thing for you to do as of now? Let me see if I can help you starting from there.

Mariah: Oh thank you Mrs…*Sudden interference with magical communication*MB: Young Fairy?  Young fairy?!*Notices something strange moving about her in the house as she sends this message*

Mrs. Bear makes a sudden turn around and with her wand in hand *ILLUMINATION!*  A bright light appears from her wand almost as blinding as the sun.  It reveals a hooded being in a green cloak.

Hooded:  You are good, as espected of the family line of life.  

MB:*That voice…I’ve heard it before during the revisions of my training final year* Leetan…it can’t be…your…your a follower of the Dark lord?!

Leetan:  Yes! How did you know *teasing* was it my dingy old hooded green rob *laughs then says*you must be surprised, sorry to not have filled you in earlier when we still were in our youth.*Red eyes aglow*.

Mrs. Casey Bear was full of shock, the transmission of magical communication had been severed when this dark presence appeared and now she is unable to give her services to Mariah as the very danger that she was worried of stood face to face with her, she had prepared herself for battle.MB: Why…why have you come here?!

Leetan:  Your daughter, I’m sure has only become as strong as she did because of your training, if I take you out, she can’t get any stronger as you’ve been trained by some of the best known sorcerers of time.

MB: what do you want with my daughter?!

Leetan: To release the Dark lord of course *laughs*, don’t tell me you didn’t notice the immense power she carries?  She is a reborn, the reincarnation of the great Katherin Cornnela Bear, the Dark lord has been waiting for her return for quiet sometime and with her power along with this *brings out the Fegaharu* and the Halo of Crystals that is yet to be found I will be able to reawaken the Dark lord and break the barrier placed on the gate of Darkness.  Your daughter’s power alone can break it but for his form to be completed the other two powers must be there.*Takes off hood to reveal a pale face that if it weren’t so pale with creepy red eyes it would be thought to be a handsome young man*.

MB:  You still don’t know what your up against do you?*She laughs*  It isn’t only my daughter and me that your fighting now that you have caused such an uproar, the future heir to the Fairytropolis throne is readying herself for the likes of you, the news of your constant realm skipping has spread and there is a watch for your where abouts.*Stretches wand heaven wards*FLOW LANCET OF SOUNDS!There is an enormous number of messanger butterflies released,the sound of their wings like a constant humming and a great wind, in the mix of golden butterflies however there are red, black and white ones…

Leetan:  You choose to send word out to other magic users instead of fighting me, what a fool!

MB:*Closes eyes then whispers to her wand before shouting*BIND! Leetan is taken by surprise as the red butterflies surround and him and turn into ropes, he falls on the ground struggling.

Leetan: One step ahead as always Casey. I certainly shouldn’t have let my guard down.

MB: You stay quiet!

Leetan:*Laughs*Your daughter gets her appearance from you, still so cute after all this time.*Then with eyes turning black he says*RELEASE!

The ropes begin to weaken but Mrs. Bear was not about to let him go easily.’REINFORCED DANCE OF FLAMES!’  The ropes get stronger and catch on fire so that he would be in to much pain to concentrate on a spell to set himself free, but when seal holders and most other magical creature use elements outside their power control it weakens them even if only temporarily.  Leetan rolled around in pain unable to summon up enough concentration for a releasing spell, he then decided it best to summon an external spell.


There is a sudden explosion and dark red lights like laser cut through the ropes like a hot knife through butter, he stands to his feet and glances over Mrs. Casey Bear who is weaken and on the floor in a corner. He himself has been drained a bit since Mrs. Bear’s spells carried a bit of a punch.

Leetan:  You’ve been out of practice for far to long Casey, I remember these spells when casted by you could have killed me within a second.  No matter*Manages to cast a spell that kills all the black butterflies that are casting a barrier*, I shall return when I have achieved my goal, and your precious daughter is at the Dark lord’s side.  Then I will be able to rub your face in your failure.*He disappears*.

Mrs. Bear uses the last of her strenght to call a messenger butterfly to herself:

Young Fairy, I apologize for the interference as I was attacked by the Shade you were informing me of, I am weak and unable to send a long enough message with details but please*takes a white tracking butterfly*, receive this tracking butterfly, it will help to find the Shade no matter where he may go, do all that is in your power to retrieve the Fegaharu from him before it is used, least we all be doomed.  Once I have recover I will begin preparations to assist in keeping the Dark lord unawakened.  Until then young one, stay strong.

She send the two butterflies and passes out…

The Realms of Magic: Street troubles!

Now in the Market City no longer regarded as a town, Mimmy and Pink walk the amazingly advanced streets of the very lively city. They are amazed by the many shoppers going in and out of the stores, chatting on well over advanced cell phones, wearing bazaar futuristic outfits.  Pink is even more happy knowing that Mimmy is having a speedy recovery from the blue flower incident.

Mimmy:  This is incredible!  I haven’t seen anywhere this busy since the last Mooncake festival in Sanrio.

Pink:  I know, I was there.  I can’t believe this use to be a simple town for just trade and sells.  It’s like stepping into some futurist dome in the movies.

Mimmy:  Well, now that we’re here, let’s getting shopping!

Pink: Yeah!*looks around*um….where exactly do we start?

Mimmy:*Thinking out loud*I don’t know, let me ask one of these strangers over here.

Pink:*Panic*Mimmy no don’t go off on your own!

Mimmy:*To late, Mimmy walks up to a hooded being, tugs their sleeve then asks innocently*Excuse, but where could we find things like golden fleece and blue tea leaves?

Hooded:*turns to Mimmy revealing evil looking eyes that glow red, you can’t see it’s face, just a dark orb of nothingness*A white cat aye, that means your owner is unguarded with you here, might as well seize the advantage.*Disappears*.

Mimmy: I’m not a pet!*Freaking out of fear*Wait…what did it mean by ‘might aswell seize the advantage’?! @@, it felt so evil…OH NO PINK!  She’s in danger without me by her side.*Looks into crowd, but can’t find her pinkheaded friend*Pink!  Pink where are you?!

Pink:*Searching through crowd while keeping an eye on the ground so she does not step on Mimmy by accident*Mimmy?!  Mimmy!  Mimmy where are you!  Oh…why can’t I find her?*Feels someone place hand on her shoulder*.

Pink slowly turned around, to her surprise there was a hooded being with no face and red glowing eyes, she wanted to scream but her voice had gone missing, she tried to bring her wand out but she couldn’t move, she tried to close her eyes so that she won’t see what might happen to her but she couldn’t blink.  She was not sure what to do at this point.  Was she about to be kidnapped?  Was this going to be the end of her?  All of sudden she could hear the voice of Mimmy approaching very rapidly.

Mimmy: Pink!  Pink run away!!!

But little did Mimmy know that Pink was paralyzed and could not move even if she wanted to.

Mimmy:  What are you doing?!  RUN!

Hooded:*Brings out a black wood wand*TRANSPARENT SHIELD!*Mimmy is unable to come any closer to Pink*

Mimmy banged desperately on the invisible shield trying to break through but she couldn’t, then she thought…

Mimmy:I know…the flute!*Brings out flute that white elf lady gave her in case she needed help*

 Mimmy blows as hard as she could into the flute then after a few seconds it began to play on it’s own a very beautiful tone like one she had never heard before, the wind began to pick up all of a sudden, the people walking in the streets all about that area rushed into the various stores to take cover, there was a zooming light streaking across the sky heading right for Mimmy, Mimmy began to run around in circles as she was unsure what that light could possibly be and if it was planning to land on her she was intending to move out of the way.

Mimmy:*Screaming in horror* Why did I play this stupid flute, now a lightening ball is coming to blow me up!!!@@

Of course the ball landed right next to her with such an impact that it cracked the sidewalk and stirred up dust.

Mimmy:*Cough, cough, cough*

Light elf:  You called, what is it you need help with?

Mimmy:*Realizing who it was once dust cleared*It’s you!  You really came.

Light: Of course I did, you called for my help, so what can I do for you my friend?

Mimmy:*Pointing at  hooded being*Please save my friend from that thing, I tried to get through but I couldn’t pass.

Light:  Leave it to me.*She brings out a sword that is made of pure light*

The light elf charged at the mysterious wand wielding being, who had lost concentration on noticing it was under attack.  She broke through the transparent shield and keep charging at the being, who use it’s wand to make slimy monsters appear, but the elf was to strong, she melted then with the light from her sword and keep coming.

Hooded: Blast!  Why is this elf still able to come after me?!

Light: Because!*slices wand into half*Dark magic does not work on the swords made from light!*She slices the hooded being’s arm off*.

Hooded:AAAAAAgherrrrr!!!!!  You blasted winch!*He then disappears saying*I will come back for that seal holder, mock my words!

Light: Seal holder?*Turns to Pink who can now move*You, Pink haired maiden, are you a seal holder?

Pink:*Trying to catch her breathe*Yes, the seal holder of life, why?

Light:*Bows on one knee*You are a descendant of the great Katherine Connela Bear, she fought once to protect our land in one of the great wars of Dawn, 1,000 years ago.  I am highly honored to have fought for you.

Pink:*Turning red and trying get the elf off the ground*Ha-ha-ha, no need to get all royal about it, I actually didn’t know that anything like that happened and besides, we’re friends right.

Mimmy:*Surprised*Wow Pink, you find out something new everyday about your family don’t you.

Pink:*Scratching head while still embraced*I guess so, well thank you Ms. Elf lady.

Light:  Please call me, Sheena.  I do hope we will all cross paths again someday, now that the flute is no longer of use.

Mimmy:*Looks at paw to see that the flute is disappearing, then looks up at Sheena who is disappearing like the flute*

Sheena:  Goodbye young seal holder, goodbye kind kitten ’til we meet agian.*Completely gone*

Mimmy: Awe…I wish she didn’t have to go again.

Pink: Me too, well we better get back to what we came for, the sooner we finish here the sooner we can leave.

Mimmy:  And the sooner we can leave the sooner we don’t have to run into anymore trouble!

Pink and Mimmy smiled at each other and then proceeded to search through the shops for their items on the list.


Realms of Magic: Arrival in market city.

It had been several hours since Mimmy’s transformation, but luckily all the petals had fallen off.It was simply the issue of her turning completely blue and scratching that remained behind.

Pink:  I’m very worried about all this scratching.  I wish there was something I could do.

Mimmy:  Awe stop your worrying, it wasn’t your fault*scratch scratch*, the elf lady said it would ware off in a couple of hours anyway*scratch scratch*.

Pink:  Well the good news is we still haven’t had anymore run ins with strange things since the dark elf lady, she was very scary.

Mimmy: I agree*scratch scratch*I wish this itching got on her, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to meow.

Pink:*Giggling*That would of been a sight to see.

Mimmy:  So are we almost at the place where we*scratch scratch*will get the items on your list?

Pink:  Yes, we just have to get over this up coming hill and we should be in the Market Town, well that’s what it was called a few years back according to my mom.

Mimmy:  I wonder *scratch scratch*if towns advance in this world into cities and metropolises like in my world.

Pink: I wonder that too.

The two begin their climb up the hill on the stone pathway, there were a lot of lovely flowers in all kinds of colors and shades, but Mimmy had learned her lesson and stayed as far away as she could from them, who knows what defense mechanisms they possessed.  After a while of climbing they reached the top and saw not a bustling town  but a huge city vibrating with activity.

Mimmy:  Um…*scratch scratch*This doesn’t look very much like just a simple town.

Pink: Your right, I’m starting to wonder if we took a wrong turn somewhere.

Just then some random being in a hood came along.

Hooded person: Awe yes!  I’m glad to have reached here, excuse me travellers but do you know where the nearest transfer pod station is?

Mimmy: Pod station?  *Mubbling under breathe*What’s a pod station?@@

Hooded:  Yes, this is the famous Market Town, but it has developed into a grand city, so assuming you are new here that would explain why your surprised that they have Pod stations.

Pink:  We didn’t ask all that but thank you, we were confused about where we were earlier.

Hooded:  Glad to be of some help, well let me find someone who knows where the nearest Pod station is.  Good day travellers.

Mimmy and Pink: Good day.

Mimmy:  it’s a good thing*scratch scratch*that guy came along.

Pink:*Suspicious of hooded person*Yeah…but I wonder if he was following us?

Mimmy:…I don’t think so.*Scratch scratch*.

Pink: Well if you say so, let’s go.  Maybe we could be lucky and find something that can stop that itch if it doesn’t stop soon at least.*Thinking*That voice the strange hooded person had, why do I recognize it?

Mimmy:*Smile, *scratch scratch*.

With that they go down the hill into the city ready for their shopping spree.


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