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Realms of magic: The elf of light, and Mimmy’s unespected new look.

As Pink and Mimmy looked  fearfully at that the dark elf woman they began to panic, Pink had never faced and elf before and she knew her mother had told her not to get involved in a battle of magic unless it was absolutely necessary.

Pink:*Thinking*What do I do?  I’ve never faced an elf before and I don’t know how to keep Mimmy uninvolved in this!

Dark elf:  What’s wrong little girl?  Never seen an elf before?*giggles evil like*That’s to bad, cause this might be your last time seeing one.

Mimmy:  Leave us alone!*Gets claws ready*.

Dark elf:*Suddenly taken aback*AWWW!  A cat!  No wonder my dark beam didn’t penetrate the first time, you wretched little beast!!!

Mimmy:  You sound like that horrible girl named Sparkle, your all very mean and like to give horrible names.*Wants to cry and starts meowing*.

Dark elf: Argh!  *Throws light elf away that she has been holding by the neck since the conversation started to hold her ears*stop that infernal racked!!!

Pink:*Notices that meowing is irritating the dark elf*Mimmy keep going, don’t stop meowing.*Gets wand out*

Dire now this cry of hope

Tie this ghoul with binding ropes!

Ropes come out of the ground and tie the irritated dark elf up, she is even more irritated now that her hands are tie and she can’t cover her ears anymore. Dark elf: MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Mimmy: *Stops meowing then wipes eyes*Why is everybody being so mean to me?

Pink:*Rushes to Mimmy and picks her up to give her a big old huge*That’s because they can’t see how great you are, look at what you did Mimmy, you stopped one big old powerful elf by yourself, I’m so proud of you.

Mimmy:*Sniff sniff*I did?*looks at dark elf on ground*You mean I did that?  But all I did was meow and cry just now. Light elf:  How can I ever thank you for stopping my sister in her tracks?

Pink and Mimmy looked at the snow skinned elf, she looked a lot friendlier than her dark sister and was crouching down to come to eye level with the two.

Pink:  I don’t know if we need to be thanked, but if you need to thank anyone you should thank Mimmy.*Presents Mimmy*. light-elf.jpg

Light elf:*Smiles*Okay, what would you like me to do, or show you? Mimmy:*Thinking than says*Well, I’m ashamed to say it but I forgot my froggy friends birthdays, and I wanted to get them something special from here, but the world they are, anything I get here that’s not on my friends list will disappear in that world.  Could you show me something that won’t disappear?

Light elf:  Certainly, just along the outskirts of the forest over there are some lovely blue flowers, they don’t die but if not watered in three days the wilt until a new year springs.  They are the only type of flora that does not disappear when transfered to other realms and worlds,but…

Mimmy rush’s over to the flowers without hearing the rest of what the elf is saying.

Pink:*curious to know what elf was about to say after the word ‘but’*But what?

Light elf: But only magical creatures from this world and magic users in other worlds can touch the flower without being turned into a flower.  But that doesn’t matter right, your friend ‘is from this world’ correct?

Pink: *Pink’s eyes get really big, then she starts rushing after Mimmy*MIMMY WAIT!!!   DON’T TOUCH THE FLOWERS!!!!!!

But of course it’s too late…Mimmy touch’s the flowers and:sanrip.jpg

Pink:*Stops in tracks*Oh no…not another new look….sanrip1.jpg

Mimmy: What are you talking about?

Pink:*Brings out mirror*Take a look for yourself.

Mimmy:*Looks inside mirror*Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!  My face, my face, what happened to my face?!

Pink: That’s what the elf was trying to tell us before you rushed off, oh…I should’ve held you tighter so you don’t go running into trouble, it’s all my fault.

Mimmy:  No it isn’t I got too excited too quick, your not to blame, and besides you can use your magic and remove it right?

Pink: I’ll try *brings out wand, concentrates then*REVERSE TRANFORMATION!*A bunch of smoke comes out of no where*.   Mimmy:*As smoke clears* Did it work?

Pink:*Still in shock*Not even a petal dropped!

Mimmy: Oh no oh no oh no!

Light elf:*Concerned*I guess she isn’t from this world, of course look on the bright side, in a couple of hours the petals will fall off and she will be as good as normal, until then she’ll probably be itching after the first hour, sneezing around the second and turn completely blue before the petals fall off and she turns back to her original color.

Mimmy:  You make it sound like a bad case of chicken pox!

Light elf:  I’m sorry I couldn’t be of better help, maybe if you take this *gives Mimmy a flute*, it’s only good for one use and will disappear after you use it but when every you need my help for something very important like your in danger, simply blow on it and I will come to you.

Mimmy:  Well as long as it doesn’t turn me into a flute next. @@

Light elf:  I’m sure it won’t*smiles then goes over to twin sister, picks her up and says*farewell my friends, I hope to see you again.*runs of in a flash of light*.


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