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Realms of magic: The twin elves of dark and light.

Now on the stone road of many colors, Mimmy and Pink head toward their destination at a faster pace, Pink has calmed since the little love affair talk she had with Mimmy. She is more concentrated on the advancement of their little trip. Mimmy seemed a bit worried that Pink may be upset with her, as her facial expression was quiet serious for most of the walk since they got out of the blue sunflower field.

Mimmy:*clears throat*Um-are you mad at me?

Pink:*very concentrated on environment*.

Mimmy:*twiddles thumbs*If your mad at me for making you promise that promise, I’m sorry, I just want you to have someone.

Pink:*suddenly attentive*Wha…oh no no Mimmy, I’m not mad at you at all.  I’m just sensing something.  It’s gotten quiet for awhile, even the wind is silent all of a sudden.  I know this is a different realm all it’s own but this seems…eerie.

Mimmy:*uses razor sharp cat ears to listen in on the surrounding*You know what…your right, it is too quiet.

There is a sudden explosion then out of a bushel of trees just up ahead flies out two shadows, one is so dark that it’s obvious, the other is almost as bright as a white neon light.  They can hear voices from the two shadows as they clash and charge at each other.


Dark:  Once again sister you have interfered with my plains!  You are such a party pooper.

Light:  I hardly call robbing the the old women in the towns and villages, trying to start a war or trying to burn down an orphanage fun for all!

Dark:  Those kids have nobody!  It wouldn’t matter if they were alive or not, besides they were keeping me awake at night!  The old hags don’t need all that stuff, and it’s high time that all those peace loving nations had a little blood shed!!!

Light:  Still it is no reason to do such sister!

Dark:  Who are you to talk miss goody goody?!  You don’t have any clue what fun is!

There are a couple of more clashing and explosions.  Pink and Mimmy stand in shock at such a sight, unsure what the two shadows were they made a dash for the nearest bolder they could find but just when they were almost home free a ray like lazer beam comes hurling their way.  The two stop dead in their tracks, then noticing someone not standing to far away, they see…a dark elf, she held by the neck an elf that looked like her only white as snow, and she had a mean look on her face.dark-elf.gif

Dark:  Well, well.  What do we have here?


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