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Realms of magic: The love poem

Now in the realms of magic, the adventure has just begun to pick up speed.  The two adventurers crossed the vast field of blue sunflowers that so much enchanted them when they first arrived.  It was like watching a lullaby come to life as the flora round them swayed from side to side.

Pink:*Glowing gently with a smile*I feel like I just walked into a dream, or some kind of fantasy. 

Mimmy: I know what you mean, we haven’t even finished crossing this field yet and I’m already content with what I’ve seen.*smiling to herself*, Pink can I ask you a question?

Pink: Sure.

Mimmy:  When we leave here will you be able to buy me an ice cream sundae? It would be a great way to end a lovely adventure.

Pink:*Laughing whole heartedly*That’s not a bad idea at all.  We’ll celebrate this adventure with a stop by the ice cream shop when we get back to our world.

Mimmy:  Thanks!  Maybe you could invite Lily, Usa, and the whole gang, even that nice guy named Blue.  Which reminds me, did you every take him up on that offer, he seems like a swell guy.

Pink:*Turning red*Um..well I just never…you see, I can’t see…I can’t see us being more than friends Mimmy.

Mimmy:*Disagreeing*I don’t know, it sounds like your scared to try and see him as someone you could date.  I know I’ve not raised the topic before, and I’ve only heard about him from Lily and you.  But I don’t see any reason why you don’t give him a chance.  I’ve had crushes before but I don’t know if anyone is interested in me.

Pink: What about Ganta?

Mimmy:*Ignores what Pink just said*If I had a guy that was that determined to be with me, I would give him a shot.

Pink: Once again what about Ganta?

Mimmy:*Still ignores*So tell me, what are his features and and what do you think about him in general?

Pink:*Realizes Mimmy will not answer about Ganta*I’m not saying anything about him except his clingy, possessive and proud.

Mimmy: I meant his good features…

Pink Keeps silent then hears her mini computer signal that she has gotten an e-mail.  She opens her mini laptop and finds it’s an e-mail from Blue Grrya.

Pink:*thinking*Oh no, this is the last thing I need when Mimmy is asking questions about my love life!

Mimmy:*Getting curious on why Pink is stalling to read her e-mail*Go ahead and read it, it must be from our friends who want to know about what’s going on.*Sees Pink won’t budged*, fine I’ll read it!  I’m sure your tired of having to read it all the time and maybe I should consider that it has some weight for you to be carrying it all around.

Pink:No no no no no!  don’t worry about it, it’s noth…*Mimmy has alredy gotten the mini laptop*:

Your eyes are as bright as the stars in the sky

Your voice calms me before I sleep every night

I’m not perfect enough to be worthy enough of your love

But give me a chance, like winds take a kite high above

Give me the time of day to call you my own

Give a chance to call you on the phone

I know I can be self absorbed

But you’ve begun to turn me into a man worth a reward

Can you see pass the negatives in me

To see the love I have for you is free

from: Blue

To: You

Mimmy:*Blink blink*Oh my goodness you didn’t tell me he was a poet *all dreamy eyed*How romantic, how exciting, how wonderful!  I wish Jun would do that for me *sigh*, but still, I see no reason at all for you not to let him take you out on at least one date.  Look at what he is sending you.*flashes computer screen in Pink’s face*

Pink:*looks away*I know that you mean well, but Mimmy to be honest, I’m still trying to recover from my first relationship with Tommy.  I know we didn’t know each other well and only had one date.  But he really left a mark on me, which usually doesn’t happen after knowing someone for less than a month.*thinking*I would of given Blue a chance…if I had gotten over Tommy by now…

Mimmy:  Well you won’t be able to get over anyone if you don’t take a shot at something new.  Make me another promise that you’ll give this Blue fellow a chance.*points at computer screen and gives a stern look*.

Pink: No way!*Turns nose up into the air and folds arms*.

Mimmy:Pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee.*makes eyes cute and big*.

Pink:*accidentally catches a glimpse fo Mimmy’s face*Oh come on Mimmy!  Don’t make that face at me.*Mimmy bats eyelashes*Urgh!  Alright I’ll give him a chance.

Mimmy: Promise?

Pink: I-Ieee-Ieee-…

Mimmy: Don’t make me start the water-works.

Pink: Okay okay…I promise.

Mimmy:  Great!  I bet you’ll really grow to like him*looks over poem again*.  Your a lucky girl you know that?

Pink:*pouts and turns more red*

Mimmy:*giggles at how funny Pink looks*.

By the time they ended the conversation, they were out of the blue sunflower field and found themselves standing on a earthy multicolored stone road.  Pink looked at her map, then asked Mimmy to use her compass to find south.  Once they found which way was south (as in the magic world the sun rises in the north and sets in the south east) they began to follow the stone road south, ready and eager to face what ever adventures they would meet there.


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