• July 2009
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Running through the doorway was like running through a segmented rainbow, it was flashy and sparkly, like mini stars flying by as Pink seemed to take up further speed,  for a moment she wondered how it was possible for her to be moving so fast even as she tried to slow down…then she realized…she wasn’t running, she was flying!

Pink:*full of shock and surprise*MIMMY, WE’RE FLYING!!!

Mimmy:*holding on for dear life*What?!  How is that possible, is it a spell?!@@

Pink: I don’t know, it seems like a really super fast escalator that runs horizontal.  Just hold on!

Suddenly up ahead, the two noticed a bright white light, the speed they are going at increases even further and the light approaches so fast that Pink had to close her eyes at the sting of a burst of brightness.  For a second Pink’s eyes are closed, then noticing that she was no longer moving, she slowly opened her eyes, first a little, then wide, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing…

Pink:*astonished*Mimmy, do you…do you see what I see?

Mimmy:*In awe of her own*I think so.

Pink: It’s a field-a field of blue flowers.

Mimmy:*Comes down from Pink’s back*Not just flower flowers, but blue sunflowers!


Pink: *Plucks one*I’m not much of a fan of the color blue, but these are so pretty!

Mimmy:*excitedly*I know!  There so many.*runs through the field for awhile*.  Maybe I should get some for my mom and grandma.

Pink:*sighs*I wish we could, but the thing is, my mommy told me that the only items I should take are things on my list, it’s special paper that when written in the other world then brought here, can not be tampered with again.  So taking things not on my list out of this world will simply disappear when we get back.

Mimmy: That’s kind of sad.  I wish I knew that earlier, then maybe we could of written down blue sunflowers while over there.

Pink: I wish we knew they existed first then we would of written them down.  All well, next time.  Come on Mimmy, we’ve got to find the market place, then we can start the shopping.

Mimmy: Alright.*takes one big sniff of a blue sunflower*I’m gonna remember that smell for a long time.*giggles*.

Now in the realms of magic, the two brought out there path finding gear, Mimmy with her compos, Pink with her map of the realms of magic and her wand.

Mimmy: I hope we get to see lots of other fascinating things.

Pink: Me too.


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