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By the way…

*Typing on her mini computer*Pink Bear here, wow! This whole adventure has a little suspense of it’s own. Anyway, I wanted to point out earlier that I had gotten a couple of e-mails while taking a break just before opening the doorway to the realms of magic, one was from Blue Grrya (he still hasn’t turned back to bear yet only because my mission is still incomplete), he told me that he had a blog opened and was surprised to see that I have one too, (apparently he doesn’t remember he use to blog from my blog before and now he won’t leave me alone since he has ‘re-discovered’ my blog, arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the other was from Lily who had opened up a ‘livejournal’ blog, she said it was little more personal but she still wanted me to know that she had one, hopefully I’ll have a chance to check it out while in the realms of magic, well wish Mimmy and me luck, type you all soon! Pink Bear is over and out!

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