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Mimmy and Pink had reached the fork in the road they had searched for since the earlier part of the day. It was a vision of temporary relief to see that it was only one more step before they would be in the realms of magic shopping around for the many goods needed for Pink’s sorcery training and a possible chance to further complete the missions listed for her.  Mimmy was excited, she wondered how a ‘hidden full moon’ would look.  Would it look like a yellow flower, or a smiley face, or maybe a big round multi-colored beach ball, or just like the moon her world so often saw floating in the skies at night?

Pink:*Silently excited*Well*takes in a deep breathe*this is it.

Mimmy:*Full of uneasiness and butterflies in the stomach*I’m so excited that…that I…that I think I’m going to pass out*looks a bit queasy*.

Pink: Mimmy stay with me now, I need you awake for this.*Brings out her wand*, now where is that little spell my mother gave me to reveal hidden magical objects and passage ways?*Searches pockets, then finding the paper she clears her throat*

Open thy eyes

reveal the unseen

clear a path

I call the winds

firey sparks of the sun

beams of the physical moon

show me thy magical brothers and make seen thy hidden domains!!!

A darkness covers the area where Pink and Mimmy stood, the winds had picked up, the sun looked like it was going into an eclipse, and all kinds of sparkles were appearing from miles around.  Since this was Pink’s first time speaking her spell in slight olde tongue she was scared that something really creepy would happen.

Pink: Mimmy come close to me!

Mimmy rushes over to Pink, she huddles Mimmy like a bundled baby wanting only to shield her from any sudden surprises, of course after a brief moment of chaos there was a calm in the air, a soft light was shinning down in a beam over what looked like a doorway.  For awhile the two stare at the doorway,the-hidden-passage-way.jpg then with there eyes they followed the beam to the sky and there it was, the hidden full moon, the-hidden-moon.gifit wasn’t like what Mimmy expected, nor was it what Pink thought it would be.

Pink: It’s beautiful…

Mimmy: Yeah it is….but I still think it would of looked better in yellow.

Pink giggled at Mimmy’s comment.

Pink: Come on let’s go*puts Mimmy on her back*.  Onward to adventure!

Mimmy:*puts on an opera mask*Onward to discovery!*Pink suddenly takes off*Wowowowowowoowowoooooooooooooo!


Into the doorway, into the-realms….of magic…


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