Journey to the realms of magic:More woes from the twin witches… :(

The parcel directions had lead Pink and Mimmy toward the outskirts of Sanrio. Funny enough there was a fancy hotel along the path and plenty of fancy dressed people walking about and having light conversations.  Of course they were quiet reluctant to allow Mimmy and Pink Bear to get by them even with the constant ‘excuse me’ coming out of Pink and Mimmy’s mouths.

Pink: Boy what a bunch of snobs!

Pink said, a look of annoyance on her face.

Mimmy: Awe don’t let them get to you, we’re on a very important mission right now so we don’t have time to worry about what they are doing or how they’re behaving towards us.

Mimmy said trying to calm Pink down a bit, she herself knew very well that she would be getting upset too if she had to lead, and being a kitten they would most likely step on her instead of being calm and kind with her.

Pink:*fustrated*You know what?

Mimmy: What?

Pink: Get on my back, we’re wasting to much time and at the speed I’ll be moving I most likely will lose you in this crowd.*crouches down so Mimmy can climb on*.

Mimmy:*haustant*I don’t know we still have an hour to get to a fork in the road, I’m sure it’s not to far off.

Pink: Still, I would much rather get through this crowd, come on, get on.

Mimmy climbed onto Pink’s back and before they knew it they were zipping through the crowd.  Until…

Redhead:OW!  How dare you bump into me like that at my party!!!*blinks eyes twice*…wait a minute I know you, don’t I?


Pink: *Recognizing the redhead immediately*SPARKLE FUZZ?!!!@@, you pick a good time to be standing in my way don’t you?

Sparkle: Look you ugly ogre!  I don’t care what you think you are, but bumping into me at my own party is not the best way to get on my good side.*flips hair proudly*.

Pink:*snickering*What good side?

Mimmy:*whispering to Pink*Who is this?

Pink:*Whispering back*remember those twins that always give me a headache?

Mimmy: Yeah, you told me something about that a while back.

Pink: Well heres one of them.

Sparkle:*getting irritable due to a lack of attention*Why are you wasting time taking to that ugly furball when you could be graveling and apologizing at my feet?!

Mimmy: *Upset*@@ Excuse me, but who are you calling an ugly furball?!!!

Sparkle:*blinking very rapidly*Did that furry little think just talk back to me?  DO YOU KNOW WHO  I AM?!*Grabs Mimmy off of Pink’s back*.

Mimmy: MEOW! Let me go you meany, let me go!!!

Pink:*Very VERY mad*OKAY THAT’S IT!  It’s one thing to insult me, it’s another to call me names, but grabbing my friends and bullying them is a step too far!*Brings out wand*.

Sparkle;*starts to laugh*A stick?!  What are you going to do, throw it at me and run home to mommy?

Pink:*Casting a spell*

Chains and bonds

Bonds and chains

I paralyze you

is what you gain!

A flash of light came out of her wand and before you could say ‘jack be nimble’, Sparkle Fuzz had suddenly been frozen in one place.  Pink took Mimmy out of her frozen hand.

Mimmy: Thanks.

Pink: Your welcome, I can’t stand mean people like her, and her twin sister is not much different.

Mimmy:*a little worried*Will she be stuck like that forever?

Pink: No, just for ten minutes, I didn’t cast a really strong spell on her, the stronger ones are spoken in Latin, Greek or olde tongue.  Although I’m sure she deserves a longer effecting one, she isn’t worth the waste of magic.

Mimmy: I’m just glad she’ll be alright, and I don’t have to spend any more time being danggled.@@

Pink smiled at her, then noticed.

Pink: Hey what happened to your mask?

Mimmy:*touching her face and realizing that it’s not on anymore*Oh no I must of lost it while we were running, but there’s no time to go back, I’ll just put on a new one when we stop for rest.

Pink:*shaking head*You never give up a new look do you Mimmy.*smiles*.

Thus the journey continues onward.  After getting through the crowd the two are found rushing along the road that lead out of Sanrio, the town is getting further and further away, now it’s mostly sunny green grass country side and finally they reached a fork in the road.


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