The journey begins on the front porch of Pink Bear’s house. it’s a bright and beautiful day, with blue skies over head, trees so green and the smell of an adventure brewing in the air. Pink had spent quiet some time trying to get Mimmy to not worry so much about wearing a mask, but she insisted on taking the safety precaution of leaving it on:

Pink: Well now that we’re ready to go, lets take a look at these instructions.

Mimmy:*Surprised* Instructions? I thought we were going on a journey. Don’t you mean ‘directions’?

Pink: Well in order to get to the realms of magic we have to find the right portal, and that means following specific instructions that will lead us in the right direction. Otherwise we may just end up in the dark realms. Mimmy: Dark realms?! @@ Well it’s a good thing you have some ‘instructions’ then.

Pink:*Smiles*Your right, now *brings out parcel her mother gave her*let’s see~parcel-of-instrucitons.jpg Once she was finished reading they set off on their first goal, since the closest body of water to them was Donut pond they head in that direction. Mimmy was the first to find the vine with purple flora in no time at all.

Pink: That’s great Mimmy, and we’re making progress on the first try.

Mimmy: Yeah, so let’s see, your instructions say to head east from where the flowers face, and since their face directly at us, it should be this way *points to her right*, come to think of it, I remember passing this way before and seeing a multicolored flower tree with lots of birds in it.

Pink: That must be the tree then, come on let’s go so we can have plenty of time to look around when we get to the realms. 

The two dash down the path way toward the east when they almost run into a girl wearing a wiggly top bunny hair brace. usabunnbunn-my-verision-since-i-couldnt-find-every-detail-in-making-it.gif

Pink: Oh pardon us! We didn’t mean to almost run you over like that. *smiling sheepishly*. Girl: *curious tone*It’s alright, where could you be rushing off to in such a hurry?  

Pink:*suddenly recognizing voice*, hey this might sound strange but would your name happen to be Usabunnbunn by any chance? 

Girl: Wow that’s a pretty good guess. How did you know my name if you don’t mind me asking?

Pink: *big smile* It’s me, Pink Bear. :)

Usa: Seriously? Oh my goodness, I was just on my way to your house, then from there I was hoping you’d go with me to see Mimmy.

Mimmy: But I’m right here.

Usa:*looks at little girl next to pink* What a co-incidence, this little girl here is also named Mimmy? Nice to meet you Mimmy, my name is Usabunnbunn.

Mimmy:*confused at first*Huh, little girl?…OH! I’m still wearing my mask, *takes off mask*. You see?

Usa:*Surprised*Wow, I thought you were someone else, that’s a really good disguise, but why are you wearing mask, are you going to a costume party?

Mimmy: Actually I’m going with Pink to the realms of magic so I decided to wear a disguise for safety purposes.

Pink: Of course I told her not to bother.

Usa: Realms of magic? That sounds so exciting! May I go along? 

Pink: Well sur…oh-uh…I can’t take you with me it would be too dangerous.

Usa: Why would it be too dangerous?

Mimmy: Yeah, I’m going with you, and I know you’ll keep us safe.

Pink: That’s true but there’s more to it then that. You see even though I can protect you, you in a way are also protecting me too Mimmy. White cats have a natural shield against dark creatures lurking in the magic realms, but also only magical creatures, specific animals and magic users can go to the realms of magic. I’m not sure if Usa would be able to.

Usa: That’s to bad, I would of loved to go with you, even if it’s on your next trip.

Pink: Wait Usa, don’t give up hope, there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

Usa: What might that be?

Pink: Well you still remember being a rabbit before right?

Usa: Right?

Pink: Well you just might be a seal holder!

Usa: A what?

Pink: A seal holder, they were the guardians of old time Daisyville, powerful scorers who vowed to protect Daisyville before they were taking away into the gate of darkness.

Usa: Me, a sorcerer? That would be so cool ^^. But I don’t know, I don’t feel like a sorcerer.

Pink: I know what you mean, that’s what I said before I found out about myself. Of course there are three things to confirm if you are, one which is already confirmed, is if you have no memory lost after you’ve been transformed. Two is if you can find any family history of having direct family from Daisyville such as parents, grandparents, or great grandparents, the third involves a simple revealing spell that either I or my friend Lily can cast on you to reveal any magic you may have. *Writes down Lily’s address and number, then hands it to Usabunnbunn*. If all these are confirmed you can go on the next trip with us because by then you would have started training with my mother on how to use your powers.

Usa:*eyes aglow*Really, oh I do hope I am one so I can go with you guys on your next trip, I’ll start my research right away! Wish me luck.

Pink/Mimmy: Good luck Usabunnbunn.

Pink: We look forward to traveling with you on our next trip.  

Mimmy: Yeah! It’ll be super fun with you along.

Usa: Well safe journey, make sure to tell me all about it when you get back. I’m off to do my research now.

Pink: Thanks, remember to get in touch with my friend Lily.

Usa: Alright, good bye.*Runs down the road*

With that Mimmy and Pink continued on there journey. They reached the tree Mimmy had confirmed earlier, strange enough Mimmy began to doubt her cover up and decided to change into another mask just incase she had revealed her face to many times of the previous one

Mimmy: Wait before we go any futher*puts on a new mask* this one is better don’t you think? It’s closer to who I really am.