Journey to the realms of magic!: The shopping list and the new look.

Well tonight’s the night I go on my first shopping spree in the realms of magic. Mimmy has accepted my invitation so I’m on my way to her house to pick her up. I also have made a new friend, her name is Spottie-dottie, perhaps you’ve heard of her. She is quiet nice, and reminds me very much of Lily fashion wise. I’m still on the search for the other seal holders, there seems to be a number of persons missing from Sanrio lately. For example Usabunnbunn, who I’ve mentioned has been gone for awhile, Yuri, the brown penguin I meet a while back has disappeared from town aswell, and I’m getting very suspicious of the band members of ‘Basement’, why haven’t I meet these band members before the transformations, even Tommy is a suspect (though I fell in love with him in his human form, *sigh*). Anyway, I’m already out the door. My list consist of the following~

1. Blue eyed cat whiskers

2. Toenail clippings from an ogre

3. Feathers of a red phoenix

4. Blue tea leaves

5. Golden fleece

6. Dark haired virgin’s eyelashes

7. Pig’s wings (what a twist to the phrase when pigs fly @@)

8. Pinepeach fruits (peaches that are like a pineapple)

9. Burnt ice (yeah I don’t get that one either)

10. Black rose petals

11. Fairy dust

12. Moon stones

And that’s pretty much all of it for now.*On her way toward the door*

Mommy: Pink my dear where are you off to?

Pink: I got someone who will go with me to the realms of magic so I can shop around for some items.

Mommy: *A bit confused* Some-one? My dear you can’t just take anyone you like to the realms of magic, only fellow magic users and specific animals can go to that realm, even then they must carry the protection of a black or white cat, a charm, a rabbit’s foot or even protective markings on their body as a shield. Who ever your friend is mustn’t interfere, and you can’t go without protection. *Stomps foot down and fold’s arms*.

Pink: Mom, I already covered that. My friend Mimmy is going with me.

Mommy: *Surprised* I see. Well that’s covered, and it seems reasonable. She is a ‘white’ cat, so she will be able to repel certain dangers from herself and who ever she is near… alright you can go with her, but take this *hands an old parcel sheet to Pink*, this will give you directions on how to get to the closest realm of magic to us, but you must start from the house. Pink:*Overwhelmed with joy* oh thank you mom! *Gives mom a huge then rushes out*.

*On her way to Mimmy’s house, Pink feels that she is being followed, she constantly glaces over her shoulder but there is no suspicious actives that are noticeable. She is almost at Mimmy’s house and decides to take another safety precaution glance around her so to not lead danger to her friend’s door step. She rings the bell, ~ding-dong~ and waits for an answer:

Mrs. White: Oh hello dear, I’m sorry but Kitty is not around at the moment, you know with all her publicity and stuff she rarely is home most days.  If you want to see her she’ll be home for father’s day.

Pink: Ummm…actually I’m here for Mimmy, she’s staying over my house for the night.  She did tell you right?

Mrs. White: Mimmy you say? Oh I’m so happy, she’s been so bored lately and I just feel terrible, she’s usually is really joyful and full of energy, and most simply come for Kitty. So this is a nice change indeed. *Turns inward toward inside of the house* MIMMY DEAR YOUR FRIEND HAS COME TO TAKE YOU OUT!

Mimmy: Coming mom! *pitter patter of feet toward the door*. Hi Pink!

Pink: AAAAA! Who are you and what have you done with Mimmy?!!!


Mimmy: *Blink blink* Oh! You mean my disguise. Pretty good right?   I look just like a human girl, so I don’t look to suspicious when walking around with you.  Good idea right?

Pink: *Still trying to catch her breathe* Ummm yeah, it certainly fooled me. *laughs at herself*. I almost thought that the whole transformation thing happening had…*looks at Mimmy’s mom who is very attentive*, you know what never mind, it’s time to leave anyway. Ready?

Mimmy:*Shows mini back pack off with a smile* Definitly! Let’s go.

Pink:*While on the go*, um-Mimmy, you do know you don’t have to wear a disguise in the realms of magic right?

Mimmy: Oh course I do, your human, it would look suspicious for a talking cat and a human being to be walking side by side and holding a conversation.

Pink: Actually in the world of magic, nothing is too weird. My mother has told me about talking trees and flowers, frogs that swim in the air, the actual appearance of fairies, pixies and mermaids. So a talking cat is not exactly a surprise. I’m sure you’ll blend in even without a mask on.

Mimmy: Really? Well just to be on the safe side, I’ll wear it with pride. *smiles*.

Pink:*smiling too* What ever makes you happy. I’m just glad your coming with me.

Thus the two set off for Pink’s home, so to begin the journey of the first visit to the realms of magic*


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