Messages please!

Pink Bear here, with just a short message (well a few short messages). Number one message is this: I am on the look out for the remaining seal holders, the following are suspected to be holders~

1.   UsaBunnBunn

Okay that’s all I suspect right now, but she’s been missing from home and I’ve dropped by several times to check how she’s handling the new appearance in her life.  I hope I can get a hold of her soon.

Second message is this:  I have decided that I should ask my other dear friends for help.  This mission of finding seal holders happens to not be the only thing I’m suppose to be doing.  Now that I know I’m a soccer (the good old days of being just an ordinary bear gone :( ) I have to go to magic markets and spell shops in the realms of magic.  Apparently I’m suppose to have a black cat or a white cat with me to fend off negative spirits, but I don’t want a pet, I want someone I can actually talk to, and have fun with while on the go, so I want to ask Mimmy to do me the honor of come with me, I would ask Lily, but Lily is not a cat anymore and also she happens to be a hot pink colored cat which may not work in protecting either of us, of course not only is Mimmy a white cat, but a great friend, plus she has her own self protection since she is a cat, and if anyone tries any funny business on her while we’re there I’ll cast a paralyzing spell on you!  (Yes my friends mean that much to me that I’m prepare to go the distance).

Third message is this:  I got a package in the mail today from someone annonmence, so I’ve decided to open it while posting this today.  Together we can see what came in the mail (especially since I don’t recall ordering anything).

*Taking package off of desk where she left it.*

Now let’s see, no name, no address to send back, it’s almost like someone dropped it off here themselves, hmf.

*Opens package and is so suprised*  This is so sweet!  Look, look, look for yourself! photo-of-basement.jpgThat is the sweetest thing ever!  This is the picture of Blue and his band, ‘Basement’.  I didn’t know they took a group photo at all.  Did Lily send this to me?  She was taking a lot pictures as well. *Is about to keep photo down when she notices something on the back*. Hmm?  Whats this?back-of-basement-photo.jpg

The boys signed the back of the photo?!  It must of been a group gift, there’s a letter inside: Dear Pink, we from the band ‘Basement’ want to tell you thank you for supporting us, your designs gave us the unique look we were aiming for, and your appearance at the concert to support us has really touched our hearts. We’re all glad to call you friend. Signed ‘Basement’.ps: Blue says he loves you and still wants you to be his girlfriend consider his offer.
Tommy says don’t listen to him. I don’t get these two, you should really try introducing them to someone else so they won’t kill each other over you.Kels.

How sweet and um…weird, but sweet.  Anyway I should get back to practice, I have to start another search later on today.  Pink Bear is happy, working hard and searching high and low. So Pink Bear is over and out!

Three months of training = three months of celebration missed.

Pink Bear here! And yes I’m about to post about something really awesome that happened on June 3rd right in the lovely town of Sanrio. :) (I sound a bit like someone advertising right now, reminds me of something I did earlier). 

Well anyway, as I was saying, on June 3rd there was a talent show competition and Blue with his band entered into it.  There were so many performances and it really got the crowd worked up!  I never knew how many undiscovered talents were right here in Sanrio.  There was singing, dancing, magicians, acrobats, and the list goes on and on.  If I knew how big this was I would of invited my whole neighborhood!  Brownie was a bit upset with me because I didn’t take him along, but cheered right back up when Diamond (Tommy’s younger sister) had come over to spend the day.  I thought that was so cute X)  I just had to take a picture of them before I finally leave for Lily’s.:


Sometimes I wonder if they were meant to be more than Tommy and I *sigh*.  Well when I got to Lily’s house, she was all dressed up and everything, not to say that I didn’t get little fancy myself, but I thought she looked great.  So I asked her to strike a posse for the camera as well:

img_picker-7.png She looked like she was a major superstar!  Or like what she really is when it comes to fashion, a  top notch designer.   I decided to take pictures of everyone of my friends, and since Vito is my friend I got one of him too when he had finally arrived at Lily’s house:

 img_picker-10.png Did anyone notice that Vito seems to be wearing a lot of green or is it just me?  Well all the same here is what I wore:pink-bear-concert-outfit.png  I know, a little to ‘pink rockstarish’ right? I was trying to go for a more relaxed and casual look but I don’t know, I just had to wear boots that day.  Of course I enjoyed the talent show all the way.

Now for further events I’ve missed, I’ve missed three birthdays for each and every month ( I feel so ashamed of myself for not remembering but there’s just been so much going on :( ). 

First Birthday I missed was my puppy friend Purin on April 16th (YES TWO MONTHS AGO!!!).  I want to apologize for that Purin especially since I should have been more attentive even with all this training I’m going through, Happy belated Birthday dearest friend Purin!  Please accept this gift~doggiedelight-7578081.gif A two for one doggy gift basket with treats and toys, I do hope you like it. :)

For the second birthday in May on the 6th, my little brother Brownie, some old school rollerskates~el0xm2caldnkvdca7aysfbca6rjyrwcasjd733ca21h52mca6qw3h5cauqx8aycaqnoaoycar2pibkcaqllgzycaui9mz4cahe1eoecakq87jncavu4qjqcaolbpdycaw9rpm5cal2uefjcacln879ca09ackf.jpg  I know you’ve been wanting a pair since the day you saw that old school movie.  *Plus now he doesn’t have reason to play tricks on me since the deadline to give him a gift is a month and two weeks @@*. 

Then finally the birthday that makes me to smile the most, my dear mother on June 3rd, she was not home on her birthday so we could not celebrate it, but now that she’s back here is two lovely things from your family and me~mommy-bears-dress.jpg and a lovely treat~z144788160.gif To the best mom in the world!  Pink Bear is over and out!

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