Journey to the realms of magic:More woes from the twin witches… :(

The parcel directions had lead Pink and Mimmy toward the outskirts of Sanrio. Funny enough there was a fancy hotel along the path and plenty of fancy dressed people walking about and having light conversations.  Of course they were quiet reluctant to allow Mimmy and Pink Bear to get by them even with the constant ‘excuse me’ coming out of Pink and Mimmy’s mouths.

Pink: Boy what a bunch of snobs!

Pink said, a look of annoyance on her face.

Mimmy: Awe don’t let them get to you, we’re on a very important mission right now so we don’t have time to worry about what they are doing or how they’re behaving towards us.

Mimmy said trying to calm Pink down a bit, she herself knew very well that she would be getting upset too if she had to lead, and being a kitten they would most likely step on her instead of being calm and kind with her.

Pink:*fustrated*You know what?

Mimmy: What?

Pink: Get on my back, we’re wasting to much time and at the speed I’ll be moving I most likely will lose you in this crowd.*crouches down so Mimmy can climb on*.

Mimmy:*haustant*I don’t know we still have an hour to get to a fork in the road, I’m sure it’s not to far off.

Pink: Still, I would much rather get through this crowd, come on, get on.

Mimmy climbed onto Pink’s back and before they knew it they were zipping through the crowd.  Until…

Redhead:OW!  How dare you bump into me like that at my party!!!*blinks eyes twice*…wait a minute I know you, don’t I?


Pink: *Recognizing the redhead immediately*SPARKLE FUZZ?!!!@@, you pick a good time to be standing in my way don’t you?

Sparkle: Look you ugly ogre!  I don’t care what you think you are, but bumping into me at my own party is not the best way to get on my good side.*flips hair proudly*.

Pink:*snickering*What good side?

Mimmy:*whispering to Pink*Who is this?

Pink:*Whispering back*remember those twins that always give me a headache?

Mimmy: Yeah, you told me something about that a while back.

Pink: Well heres one of them.

Sparkle:*getting irritable due to a lack of attention*Why are you wasting time taking to that ugly furball when you could be graveling and apologizing at my feet?!

Mimmy: *Upset*@@ Excuse me, but who are you calling an ugly furball?!!!

Sparkle:*blinking very rapidly*Did that furry little think just talk back to me?  DO YOU KNOW WHO  I AM?!*Grabs Mimmy off of Pink’s back*.

Mimmy: MEOW! Let me go you meany, let me go!!!

Pink:*Very VERY mad*OKAY THAT’S IT!  It’s one thing to insult me, it’s another to call me names, but grabbing my friends and bullying them is a step too far!*Brings out wand*.

Sparkle;*starts to laugh*A stick?!  What are you going to do, throw it at me and run home to mommy?

Pink:*Casting a spell*

Chains and bonds

Bonds and chains

I paralyze you

is what you gain!

A flash of light came out of her wand and before you could say ‘jack be nimble’, Sparkle Fuzz had suddenly been frozen in one place.  Pink took Mimmy out of her frozen hand.

Mimmy: Thanks.

Pink: Your welcome, I can’t stand mean people like her, and her twin sister is not much different.

Mimmy:*a little worried*Will she be stuck like that forever?

Pink: No, just for ten minutes, I didn’t cast a really strong spell on her, the stronger ones are spoken in Latin, Greek or olde tongue.  Although I’m sure she deserves a longer effecting one, she isn’t worth the waste of magic.

Mimmy: I’m just glad she’ll be alright, and I don’t have to spend any more time being danggled.@@

Pink smiled at her, then noticed.

Pink: Hey what happened to your mask?

Mimmy:*touching her face and realizing that it’s not on anymore*Oh no I must of lost it while we were running, but there’s no time to go back, I’ll just put on a new one when we stop for rest.

Pink:*shaking head*You never give up a new look do you Mimmy.*smiles*.

Thus the journey continues onward.  After getting through the crowd the two are found rushing along the road that lead out of Sanrio, the town is getting further and further away, now it’s mostly sunny green grass country side and finally they reached a fork in the road.


Journey to the realms of magic: The parcel and the incounter.

The journey begins on the front porch of Pink Bear’s house. it’s a bright and beautiful day, with blue skies over head, trees so green and the smell of an adventure brewing in the air. Pink had spent quiet some time trying to get Mimmy to not worry so much about wearing a mask, but she insisted on taking the safety precaution of leaving it on:

Pink: Well now that we’re ready to go, lets take a look at these instructions.

Mimmy:*Surprised* Instructions? I thought we were going on a journey. Don’t you mean ‘directions’?

Pink: Well in order to get to the realms of magic we have to find the right portal, and that means following specific instructions that will lead us in the right direction. Otherwise we may just end up in the dark realms. Mimmy: Dark realms?! @@ Well it’s a good thing you have some ‘instructions’ then.

Pink:*Smiles*Your right, now *brings out parcel her mother gave her*let’s see~parcel-of-instrucitons.jpg Once she was finished reading they set off on their first goal, since the closest body of water to them was Donut pond they head in that direction. Mimmy was the first to find the vine with purple flora in no time at all.

Pink: That’s great Mimmy, and we’re making progress on the first try.

Mimmy: Yeah, so let’s see, your instructions say to head east from where the flowers face, and since their face directly at us, it should be this way *points to her right*, come to think of it, I remember passing this way before and seeing a multicolored flower tree with lots of birds in it.

Pink: That must be the tree then, come on let’s go so we can have plenty of time to look around when we get to the realms. 

The two dash down the path way toward the east when they almost run into a girl wearing a wiggly top bunny hair brace. usabunnbunn-my-verision-since-i-couldnt-find-every-detail-in-making-it.gif

Pink: Oh pardon us! We didn’t mean to almost run you over like that. *smiling sheepishly*. Girl: *curious tone*It’s alright, where could you be rushing off to in such a hurry?  

Pink:*suddenly recognizing voice*, hey this might sound strange but would your name happen to be Usabunnbunn by any chance? 

Girl: Wow that’s a pretty good guess. How did you know my name if you don’t mind me asking?

Pink: *big smile* It’s me, Pink Bear. :)

Usa: Seriously? Oh my goodness, I was just on my way to your house, then from there I was hoping you’d go with me to see Mimmy.

Mimmy: But I’m right here.

Usa:*looks at little girl next to pink* What a co-incidence, this little girl here is also named Mimmy? Nice to meet you Mimmy, my name is Usabunnbunn.

Mimmy:*confused at first*Huh, little girl?…OH! I’m still wearing my mask, *takes off mask*. You see?

Usa:*Surprised*Wow, I thought you were someone else, that’s a really good disguise, but why are you wearing mask, are you going to a costume party?

Mimmy: Actually I’m going with Pink to the realms of magic so I decided to wear a disguise for safety purposes.

Pink: Of course I told her not to bother.

Usa: Realms of magic? That sounds so exciting! May I go along? 

Pink: Well sur…oh-uh…I can’t take you with me it would be too dangerous.

Usa: Why would it be too dangerous?

Mimmy: Yeah, I’m going with you, and I know you’ll keep us safe.

Pink: That’s true but there’s more to it then that. You see even though I can protect you, you in a way are also protecting me too Mimmy. White cats have a natural shield against dark creatures lurking in the magic realms, but also only magical creatures, specific animals and magic users can go to the realms of magic. I’m not sure if Usa would be able to.

Usa: That’s to bad, I would of loved to go with you, even if it’s on your next trip.

Pink: Wait Usa, don’t give up hope, there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

Usa: What might that be?

Pink: Well you still remember being a rabbit before right?

Usa: Right?

Pink: Well you just might be a seal holder!

Usa: A what?

Pink: A seal holder, they were the guardians of old time Daisyville, powerful scorers who vowed to protect Daisyville before they were taking away into the gate of darkness.

Usa: Me, a sorcerer? That would be so cool ^^. But I don’t know, I don’t feel like a sorcerer.

Pink: I know what you mean, that’s what I said before I found out about myself. Of course there are three things to confirm if you are, one which is already confirmed, is if you have no memory lost after you’ve been transformed. Two is if you can find any family history of having direct family from Daisyville such as parents, grandparents, or great grandparents, the third involves a simple revealing spell that either I or my friend Lily can cast on you to reveal any magic you may have. *Writes down Lily’s address and number, then hands it to Usabunnbunn*. If all these are confirmed you can go on the next trip with us because by then you would have started training with my mother on how to use your powers.

Usa:*eyes aglow*Really, oh I do hope I am one so I can go with you guys on your next trip, I’ll start my research right away! Wish me luck.

Pink/Mimmy: Good luck Usabunnbunn.

Pink: We look forward to traveling with you on our next trip.  

Mimmy: Yeah! It’ll be super fun with you along.

Usa: Well safe journey, make sure to tell me all about it when you get back. I’m off to do my research now.

Pink: Thanks, remember to get in touch with my friend Lily.

Usa: Alright, good bye.*Runs down the road*

With that Mimmy and Pink continued on there journey. They reached the tree Mimmy had confirmed earlier, strange enough Mimmy began to doubt her cover up and decided to change into another mask just incase she had revealed her face to many times of the previous one

Mimmy: Wait before we go any futher*puts on a new mask* this one is better don’t you think? It’s closer to who I really am.  garmimmy1.jpg

Pink:O-K…we’re getting um…warmer…how many mask do you have in your nap sack? *_*…

Of course Mimmy only giggled, so Pink dismissed the matter , then taking a deep breathe they head toward the sun.


Journey to the realms of magic!: The shopping list and the new look.

Well tonight’s the night I go on my first shopping spree in the realms of magic. Mimmy has accepted my invitation so I’m on my way to her house to pick her up. I also have made a new friend, her name is Spottie-dottie, perhaps you’ve heard of her. She is quiet nice, and reminds me very much of Lily fashion wise. I’m still on the search for the other seal holders, there seems to be a number of persons missing from Sanrio lately. For example Usabunnbunn, who I’ve mentioned has been gone for awhile, Yuri, the brown penguin I meet a while back has disappeared from town aswell, and I’m getting very suspicious of the band members of ‘Basement’, why haven’t I meet these band members before the transformations, even Tommy is a suspect (though I fell in love with him in his human form, *sigh*). Anyway, I’m already out the door. My list consist of the following~

1. Blue eyed cat whiskers

2. Toenail clippings from an ogre

3. Feathers of a red phoenix

4. Blue tea leaves

5. Golden fleece

6. Dark haired virgin’s eyelashes

7. Pig’s wings (what a twist to the phrase when pigs fly @@)

8. Pinepeach fruits (peaches that are like a pineapple)

9. Burnt ice (yeah I don’t get that one either)

10. Black rose petals

11. Fairy dust

12. Moon stones

And that’s pretty much all of it for now.*On her way toward the door*

Mommy: Pink my dear where are you off to?

Pink: I got someone who will go with me to the realms of magic so I can shop around for some items.

Mommy: *A bit confused* Some-one? My dear you can’t just take anyone you like to the realms of magic, only fellow magic users and specific animals can go to that realm, even then they must carry the protection of a black or white cat, a charm, a rabbit’s foot or even protective markings on their body as a shield. Who ever your friend is mustn’t interfere, and you can’t go without protection. *Stomps foot down and fold’s arms*.

Pink: Mom, I already covered that. My friend Mimmy is going with me.

Mommy: *Surprised* I see. Well that’s covered, and it seems reasonable. She is a ‘white’ cat, so she will be able to repel certain dangers from herself and who ever she is near… alright you can go with her, but take this *hands an old parcel sheet to Pink*, this will give you directions on how to get to the closest realm of magic to us, but you must start from the house. Pink:*Overwhelmed with joy* oh thank you mom! *Gives mom a huge then rushes out*.

*On her way to Mimmy’s house, Pink feels that she is being followed, she constantly glaces over her shoulder but there is no suspicious actives that are noticeable. She is almost at Mimmy’s house and decides to take another safety precaution glance around her so to not lead danger to her friend’s door step. She rings the bell, ~ding-dong~ and waits for an answer:

Mrs. White: Oh hello dear, I’m sorry but Kitty is not around at the moment, you know with all her publicity and stuff she rarely is home most days.  If you want to see her she’ll be home for father’s day.

Pink: Ummm…actually I’m here for Mimmy, she’s staying over my house for the night.  She did tell you right?

Mrs. White: Mimmy you say? Oh I’m so happy, she’s been so bored lately and I just feel terrible, she’s usually is really joyful and full of energy, and most simply come for Kitty. So this is a nice change indeed. *Turns inward toward inside of the house* MIMMY DEAR YOUR FRIEND HAS COME TO TAKE YOU OUT!

Mimmy: Coming mom! *pitter patter of feet toward the door*. Hi Pink!

Pink: AAAAA! Who are you and what have you done with Mimmy?!!!


Mimmy: *Blink blink* Oh! You mean my disguise. Pretty good right?   I look just like a human girl, so I don’t look to suspicious when walking around with you.  Good idea right?

Pink: *Still trying to catch her breathe* Ummm yeah, it certainly fooled me. *laughs at herself*. I almost thought that the whole transformation thing happening had…*looks at Mimmy’s mom who is very attentive*, you know what never mind, it’s time to leave anyway. Ready?

Mimmy:*Shows mini back pack off with a smile* Definitly! Let’s go.

Pink:*While on the go*, um-Mimmy, you do know you don’t have to wear a disguise in the realms of magic right?

Mimmy: Oh course I do, your human, it would look suspicious for a talking cat and a human being to be walking side by side and holding a conversation.

Pink: Actually in the world of magic, nothing is too weird. My mother has told me about talking trees and flowers, frogs that swim in the air, the actual appearance of fairies, pixies and mermaids. So a talking cat is not exactly a surprise. I’m sure you’ll blend in even without a mask on.

Mimmy: Really? Well just to be on the safe side, I’ll wear it with pride. *smiles*.

Pink:*smiling too* What ever makes you happy. I’m just glad your coming with me.

Thus the two set off for Pink’s home, so to begin the journey of the first visit to the realms of magic*


Pink Bear here, and yes what you just saw is a survey, once agian taken for the sake of change, however I doubt the accurancy of such a quiz.

You Are a Pig

You are very intelligent, and you enjoy being around people. You can trust others easily.You have great reasoning skills, and you are a quick learner. You are able to adapt to most situations.You tend to be very territorial and picky. You don’t like people messing with your stuff.You have keen senses and reflexes. You can defend yourself well and quickly sense danger.

What Animal Are You? 

This is neither bad nor good, wrong yes but neither bad nor good…
I can’t even say anything…I just can’t…

Messages please!

Pink Bear here, with just a short message (well a few short messages). Number one message is this: I am on the look out for the remaining seal holders, the following are suspected to be holders~

1.   UsaBunnBunn

Okay that’s all I suspect right now, but she’s been missing from home and I’ve dropped by several times to check how she’s handling the new appearance in her life.  I hope I can get a hold of her soon.

Second message is this:  I have decided that I should ask my other dear friends for help.  This mission of finding seal holders happens to not be the only thing I’m suppose to be doing.  Now that I know I’m a soccer (the good old days of being just an ordinary bear gone :( ) I have to go to magic markets and spell shops in the realms of magic.  Apparently I’m suppose to have a black cat or a white cat with me to fend off negative spirits, but I don’t want a pet, I want someone I can actually talk to, and have fun with while on the go, so I want to ask Mimmy to do me the honor of come with me, I would ask Lily, but Lily is not a cat anymore and also she happens to be a hot pink colored cat which may not work in protecting either of us, of course not only is Mimmy a white cat, but a great friend, plus she has her own self protection since she is a cat, and if anyone tries any funny business on her while we’re there I’ll cast a paralyzing spell on you!  (Yes my friends mean that much to me that I’m prepare to go the distance).

Third message is this:  I got a package in the mail today from someone annonmence, so I’ve decided to open it while posting this today.  Together we can see what came in the mail (especially since I don’t recall ordering anything).

*Taking package off of desk where she left it.*

Now let’s see, no name, no address to send back, it’s almost like someone dropped it off here themselves, hmf.

*Opens package and is so suprised*  This is so sweet!  Look, look, look for yourself! photo-of-basement.jpgThat is the sweetest thing ever!  This is the picture of Blue and his band, ‘Basement’.  I didn’t know they took a group photo at all.  Did Lily send this to me?  She was taking a lot pictures as well. *Is about to keep photo down when she notices something on the back*. Hmm?  Whats this?back-of-basement-photo.jpg

The boys signed the back of the photo?!  It must of been a group gift, there’s a letter inside: Dear Pink, we from the band ‘Basement’ want to tell you thank you for supporting us, your designs gave us the unique look we were aiming for, and your appearance at the concert to support us has really touched our hearts. We’re all glad to call you friend. Signed ‘Basement’.ps: Blue says he loves you and still wants you to be his girlfriend consider his offer.
Tommy says don’t listen to him. I don’t get these two, you should really try introducing them to someone else so they won’t kill each other over you.Kels.

How sweet and um…weird, but sweet.  Anyway I should get back to practice, I have to start another search later on today.  Pink Bear is happy, working hard and searching high and low. So Pink Bear is over and out!

Three months of training = three months of celebration missed.

Pink Bear here! And yes I’m about to post about something really awesome that happened on June 3rd right in the lovely town of Sanrio. :) (I sound a bit like someone advertising right now, reminds me of something I did earlier). 

Well anyway, as I was saying, on June 3rd there was a talent show competition and Blue with his band entered into it.  There were so many performances and it really got the crowd worked up!  I never knew how many undiscovered talents were right here in Sanrio.  There was singing, dancing, magicians, acrobats, and the list goes on and on.  If I knew how big this was I would of invited my whole neighborhood!  Brownie was a bit upset with me because I didn’t take him along, but cheered right back up when Diamond (Tommy’s younger sister) had come over to spend the day.  I thought that was so cute X)  I just had to take a picture of them before I finally leave for Lily’s.:


Sometimes I wonder if they were meant to be more than Tommy and I *sigh*.  Well when I got to Lily’s house, she was all dressed up and everything, not to say that I didn’t get little fancy myself, but I thought she looked great.  So I asked her to strike a posse for the camera as well:

img_picker-7.png She looked like she was a major superstar!  Or like what she really is when it comes to fashion, a  top notch designer.   I decided to take pictures of everyone of my friends, and since Vito is my friend I got one of him too when he had finally arrived at Lily’s house:

 img_picker-10.png Did anyone notice that Vito seems to be wearing a lot of green or is it just me?  Well all the same here is what I wore:pink-bear-concert-outfit.png  I know, a little to ‘pink rockstarish’ right? I was trying to go for a more relaxed and casual look but I don’t know, I just had to wear boots that day.  Of course I enjoyed the talent show all the way.

Now for further events I’ve missed, I’ve missed three birthdays for each and every month ( I feel so ashamed of myself for not remembering but there’s just been so much going on :( ). 

First Birthday I missed was my puppy friend Purin on April 16th (YES TWO MONTHS AGO!!!).  I want to apologize for that Purin especially since I should have been more attentive even with all this training I’m going through, Happy belated Birthday dearest friend Purin!  Please accept this gift~doggiedelight-7578081.gif A two for one doggy gift basket with treats and toys, I do hope you like it. :)

For the second birthday in May on the 6th, my little brother Brownie, some old school rollerskates~el0xm2caldnkvdca7aysfbca6rjyrwcasjd733ca21h52mca6qw3h5cauqx8aycaqnoaoycar2pibkcaqllgzycaui9mz4cahe1eoecakq87jncavu4qjqcaolbpdycaw9rpm5cal2uefjcacln879ca09ackf.jpg  I know you’ve been wanting a pair since the day you saw that old school movie.  *Plus now he doesn’t have reason to play tricks on me since the deadline to give him a gift is a month and two weeks @@*. 

Then finally the birthday that makes me to smile the most, my dear mother on June 3rd, she was not home on her birthday so we could not celebrate it, but now that she’s back here is two lovely things from your family and me~mommy-bears-dress.jpg and a lovely treat~z144788160.gif To the best mom in the world!  Pink Bear is over and out!

Quest for the six other seals, wind seal found!

Pink here, sorry for not blogging lately, but I’ve been very busy. I’ve just recently discovered more about the strange happenings taking place in town and it’s really starting to fall a bit into place. Mommy Bear had gone all the way back to Daisyville to get some assistance from Grandma (my mother’s mommy). She was there for three weeks, dad thought she went because she missed Grandma, (he’s not allowed to know about the family secrete only because it will be erased from his memory again after the first full moon to arrive, the same with all other non-sorcerers and non-seal holders). Well shortly after her three week stay with Grandma, she returned and to my surprise Grandma is also a great sorceress, just she doesn’t use her magic outside the house as it may draw to much attention, according to her everyone in Daisyville who are originated from there via family line had been turned human too.  So yeah, drama increase.  Anyway, Mommy Bear said Grandma (after several side track stories of back-in-her-day tales) knew why all this was happening and it’s because I haven’t found and completed my second mission.  (Can you believe Grandma knew about the Great Battle at Donut Pond and told us nothing!  That was actually my  first mission!!! @@ I had no idea I was on a mission.  Mommy Bear said she assumed I would know what to do that I’ll be able to handle it. >:(  WHAT GAVE HER THAT IDEA? )  Now all I need to know was what mission I need to complete ( I was hopeful that it won’t be as crazy as the Great Battle at Donut Pond).  So Mommy Bear conjured up a spell in the addict to call a messenger from beyond the realms of magic, do you know who answered?  It was that talking blue bird that handed me the glowing seed I usually keep in my pocket or around my neck at the place where all the trouble in poor Sanriotown started, that was from the day that little blue bird handed me the dumb old seed! (Excuse my french).  Well although I was very annoyed to see that was the messenger, I listened well enough to what it had to say. 

 Bird: Hello, I heard your call and it seems you need to know some information from me. What do you want to know?

Mommy: Yes, we would like to know what mission is not yet completed, as we’re clueless to what is happening, and would like to re-establish order to the towns affected by these strange happenings.

Bird: If that’s the case, I must speak to the one who needs to complete this mission, I’m meant to be ‘her’ messenger.

Me: I permit you to speak to me, if you wish.

Bird: *Flaps wings a couple of times*Your mission is one to begin preparations of something even great some time after this one is complete.  You are to find the seals of the gates, as you are the holder of the seal of life, you must find, earth, wind, fire, water and light.  They are closer than you think.  I bid you farewell ’til you summon me again.

With that the bird flew off and left us with more information that will help but also make us ponder on what further missions lay ahead. After that message Mommy bear began to prepare me with a hand full of sorcery spells and shields, she only though me one battle spell to add to my illumination spell, and that is ’sudden sleep’, it puts the opponent asleep long enough for you to escape or perform another spell (I’ll be using that more often since the other one drains energy :( ).   I had to ask mommy Bear however a few more questions, since the bird was in a hurry and couldn’t stay lone enough to let me think things over.  I asked her how i was suppose to find seal holders when it’s obviously not written on their foreheads.  she told me to simply point my wand at someone suspicious and say ‘revolution!’, now not to be rude but it would be very crazy looking for me to be running around town pointing sticks at people and shouting ‘REVOLUTION! REVOLUTION!! REVOLUTION!!!’ at everyone that seemed ‘unique’.  Of course it was a relief when she said I can simply come close to the person and whisper it under my breathe and it will be just as effective, you only shout it if it’s a massive number of people you want to reveal in a crowd.

Well today of all days, I finally found a piece of the puzzle to  my mission, it was much of a surprise to be honest how I came across it however.  I had gone over to Lily’s house, she was afraid to come over since I told her about my practice with mommy Bear and I’m guessing she feels guilty about my breaking up with Tommy since it was getting Blue down.  To my surprise Blue, Vito and Tommy were all over at her house, for what I don’t know. Of course then Lily tells me about their asking her for assistance in sewing outfits for their presentation in a talent show, they’ve been selling tickets for months now reach reminds me, some tickets were going around and I found some personally addressed to me in the mail ealier this morning, hmmm, anyway I decided to help out and brought up some designs, Lily was so excited about them that she wanted them to be a surprise, I don’t see what the big deal is but she made me swear to secrecy so I can’t even post them today on the blog (sorry about that, but I don’t want to break a promise to a friend).  Well I finally got her alone to tell her the good news: Me: Lily I’m sorry for not coming over as I often do and it seems like I’ve  disappeared off the face of the planet but I’ve been given a mission to solve this long drawing human transformation problem we’re having.

Lily: *Excited* Really?!  Can I help? Tell me I promise to keep it a secrete if it is one.

Me:*Smiling to herself* Well sure, my mission is to find the six remaining seals of the gates of Daisyville, it’s said to be with those who have family lines with the seven gate keepers, and they would have memory of once being animals if changed human.  Now I have to awaken them by taking my wond *brings out wond*, pointing *pointing at Lily unconsciously* and saying the magic word ‘REVOLUTION!’, you see nothing to it….LILY YOUR GLOWING!!!

Lily: What! *Looks at hands and body*. What  could this mean?  I don’t want to change into something else!!!

Oh no!  Lily started to glow and I was not able to tell if that was a sign or a just something to over look, so I asked her to come over to my house with me (she had stopped glowing within a few seconds luckily :( It would of looked strange shining as bright as the sun in broad day light…what am i saying it would have looke just as weird in the middle of the night!).  Well I got her to the house and told Mommy Bear what had happened when I accidently casted the revealing spell on Lily and Mom was so happy she dance about for half an hour before telling me what it meant.

Mommy: You found one of the seal holders, that’s why Lily glowed and besides, you should have known she was one since she still remembers being a cat.  Now just figure out her element so she can start practising too, I’m sure her parents won’t mind since they most likely know but may not tell her.

Of course! Why didn’t I remember that ealier?

Lily: I’m a seal holder?  But I do not feel magical.

Pink: I didn’t either Lily, but I guess your not suppose to know how it feels because you’ve been magical all your life and just didn’t know about. Lily:  Well if I’m going to have undergo training I should tell my-my-aaaa-CHOOOO *heavy wind blow from Lily’s mouth, it knocks Pink over and knocks a vase off the table shattering it*. Pardon me.

Mommy: Well i guess we don’t have to figure out which element she is, now that she knows she carries a seal her elemental power has awakened atomaitically.  Pink, congratulations, you’ve found the seal holder of wind!

So that’s how I found the first seal, it was right under my nose, you get it? Nose-because Lily sneezed-oh never mind, I don’t want things more complicated as it is.  So help me keep a look out for any suspecious behavior out there, Pink is ready for her next seal discovery, over and out!

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