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More then enough surprises. @@

Pink Bear here, and yes I have started noticing a lot of things going on lately that really have gotten me a bit worried.  The lovely bracelet I had made and sent to Usabunnbunn had some kind of effect on her, all I did was use some of my very precious beads to make the charms see:untitled-1.gif

I didn’t think it would do anything funny to her (to be honest I don’t remember seeing that tree charm on the bracelet @@), but if she turned human and she still knows she was a rabbit before then…what does that mean?  Could her family line have some kind of connection to Daisyville’s history? Something strange is going in Sanrio, and I have to get to the bottom of it all.  I also had a talking to by my friend Lily, she seems to be worried about my interest in Tommy, and the situation with Blue.  I really thought she understood that I want Blue to be my friend, nothing more and nothing less.  I wonder what I should do, because even though I’ve told Blue a million times that I just want to be friends, he still pretends like I haven’t said anything before, but if it’s going to cause so much commotion maybe I should stop seeing Tommy until Blue finds someone else his very much interested in.  Meaning I have to be patient and tolerant of his sudden explosive nature.  I also have the issue of mommy Bear trying to get me into the practice of confrontational sorcery.  I’ve already learned how to make things look like something else and how to call for blinding lights (although illumination spells are to drive away dark forces, or completely engulf them so they either remain dormant or destroyed, they take up a lot of energy :( ).  So I have to ask my mother if I should ask Lily and Usabunnbunn about their family history so i can get to what they have to do with the out break of transformations.  I’m also worried about what Charmmy Kitty will do to my friend Mimmy, after  the little kitten discover that Kitty has been walking around this poodle-like dog for awhile, i mean I’ve noticed the dog before but I never put much thought into  why I only see it with Kitty.  Is it a stray?  Did she get newly?  Is someone allowing her to borrow the dog?  Questions, Questions, QUESTIONS!!!  I really need things to get cleared up.  Until then Pink Bear is on a mission, over and out!

My Valentine.

Pink Bear here! (IT FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY THAT AGAIN :D ). I know I’ve been down and so depressing lately, (certainly I haven’t had any visits to my blog for awhile, thank you to the few who remembered to check on me anyway :) ). But I want to talk about something more happy and fun, and that is last month’s passed holiday of the lovers, Valentine’s day! Remember that boy named Tommy, the one that is so dreamy to me *lost in a day dream for awhile*, well he finally took me out on a date which is great for me and my depress syndrome issue. I was outside in the front yard with my little brother Brownie that Val’s day morning, trying to simply make him happy enough so he sees no need to follow me around all day like he usually would.  Then while he was busy giving me a bath with his water gun while there was a cold wind blowing regardless of the intense sunshine, I heard someone call my name:

Tommy: Hey Pink, ready for that date I promised you?!

Me: *Turn towards sound then noticing fellow in winter clothes*Tommy! *turns red a bit and becomes giddy*, oh um-I wasn’t expecting it to be so close notice. And today I’m with my adorable little brother Brownie.

Brownie: *Gives sister confused funny look*Whens did yous start calling mees adorooboos?  I understands evils, means, horreebulls and annoyings but adorooboos?

Me: *Hissing under breathe*Shut it Brownie!*speaking out loud* So you see I might not be able to go anywhere today with him tagging along.

Tommy: I think I’ve solved that problem, Diamond you don’t have to hid behind me anymore, it’s okay, Pink and her little brother are cool.

Then from behind him came the most adorable little girl that I’ve ever seen:

diamond-winter.jpg Of course I think someone else thought she was even cuter, Brownie’s jaw dropped and I think he got bitten by the love bug really quick, because he had rushed over to Diamond and took her by the hand, asking if she wanted to see mother bear’s garden. It was so cute!

Tommy: Well now that you don’t have to babysit your little brother anymore, how about taking me up on my offer?

Me: Um..well..okay I guess.

Tommy: Great! I know this really nice resturant near the town square. You’ll love it.

 Me: How do you know that?

 Tommy: Well do you like fish?

Me: Do I ever!

Tommy: Then you’ll love this place, promise!

Then before I knew it, he had scooped my hand up into his and lead me down the road to the bus stop. While we were on our way, he told me about the band, and why not many people knew about it, apparently Blue Grrya started the band in his garage a little over a month ago. He didn’t want to tell me because he wasn’t sure what kind of music I like and it might just make it harder for him to gain my interest (Why is it so hard to understand that I just want to be friends with Blue, does he not get it?) Anyway he says Blue has an awesome voice but is actually really shy about singing outside the practice room and stuff. I feel bad that someone so bold could be shy about his singing, I don’t think I can hold a note to a blowfish, but it doesn’t stop me. Maybe I should put my irritation aside and encourage him more. Tommy also told me about how he got a chance to join the little group with big dreams, he was on his way to his violin class when Blue passed him by and made a u-turn when he notice his violin case. He asked him to try out his skill in the band his forming because he wanted some class in his rock music. (I never knew that Blue could notice anything). I wounder why blue never mentioned this to anyone, even me, and he tries to tell me everything!  I guess it was suppose to be a surprise.  I’ll just keep it quiet, maybe it happened while we all got turned into humans.  

The bus came along and on we went, it didn’t take long to get to the town square, what took most of the time was getting into the center of town square where the restaurant was located.  It was like the heat of the jungle in there!  I got pushed some many times that I thought I was a pinata or something!  When Tommy informed me that we were here, I was so relieved that I didn’t ask what kind of restaurant it was.  Come to find out it was a sushi restaurant.  (I know bears eat raw fish and all, but our family is use to cooked fish, so I got a bit queasy at the thought of swallowing raw octopus or something @@ ).  When we went in I was a little afraid to order anything, and I asked a couple of times if anything was cooked on the menu, it made Tommy laugh a lot…I guess he thought I was just being funny.  Well eventually I ordered, I don’t know what I ordered because I didn’t understand the names on the menu.  modefied-sushi-menu.JPG, I felt stupid @@…Well when we got served, I found out something about myself, I seem to like sushi a lot because it only took one bite of what every it was on my plate and the rest of it was gone.   After that unexpected lunch, we walked around town square for awhile, it really is nice when you start to ignore the pushing and shoving involved with getting through the little streets.  I saw a lot of Hello Kitty products everywhere for some reason best know to the market folk.  Tommy then showed me this shop full of bead jewelry from around the world.  I fell in love with a miniature banana beak statue that was crafted in West Africa, the beads were wooden but painted with red, yellow and green flowers, with gold beads between ever three spaces.  I wanted to buy but I didn’t have enough money for it, so we left.  Well after that we went to the out skirts of town square and watched the couples dancing, I think I saw Lily and Vito on the floor, but I didn’t want to interrupt their moment.  On my way home, Tommy chatted me up about places he would love to travel one day, to my surprise he included Daisyville. :

Tommy: I would love to go to Meriland, South Africa, London, Paris and even Daisyville.

Me: Daisyville? Why Daisyville? There’s not much about there, and I lived there.

Tommy: I know, but my grandfather told me about a secrete event that took place there, a war between sorcerers and stuff, he goes and on about all the time, even says our family shares in that history. But I was out here so I don’t know much about the place of my roots.

That got me thinking, if his family was involved in that, why did he come as a human and I’ve never seen him around these parts before? Well we got to the front of my house, his sister was reluctant to go, which was a surprise to even me because every other person, even little girls and boys run out the house screaming after staying five minutes with my little brother. I guess Brownie is starting to mellow or something. Tommy handed me a gift bag, that I didn’t notice before in his hands before going.

Tommy: Here you go Pink *hands me a gift bag* Happy Valentine’s day. *Peck on the cheek and walks down the road waving bye with his little sister*.

Me:*Thinking* I wounder what this could be?*opens bag pulls out much wanted bead statue from market*. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!*runs into house dancing about as little brother shakes his head and goes off*

Mommy: What is it Pink?

Pink: I got my first Val’s day gift in Sanrio.

Mommy:*Smiling* How nice for you, you should keep it somewhere safe.

 And that is just what I did, it’s on my desk in my room right next to my computer. Well later on I heard from Lily, she told me about her beautiful Val’s day with Vito. I was so happy for her, I’m sure that even though it’s like new, the spark of love was never put out between them, I got a card from Blue ( don’t worry I din’t completely snub Blue, I sent him a friendship val’s card).  I also sent one to Mimmy, who apparently didn’t remember it was Valentine’s day, but I fear it may have gotten scooped up with all of Kitty’s fan mail for the Val’s day since I haven’t gotten a reply (I’m also glad she is her wondeful old self again :) ).  Some cards were also sent to my many neighbors, and hopefully the froggies got my e-mail val’s card, compliments on the new and beautiful job they did on Donut pond (Keroleen you have to teach me one of these days a special reciepe).  On a slightly different note I really am not that scared anymore with my new image by the way and it’s nice to know your friends still accept you no matter what.  Happy Belated Val’s day to all, and Happy St. Patrick’s day in advance.  Pink Bear is over and out!

Ps: Usabunnbunn, I hope you got the hand made charm bracelet I sent you for Val’s day to welcome you to Sanriotown. :)

 Pss:…I just realized something…I GOT MY FIRST KISS FROM TOMMY!!!! :D *Jumping up and down again*.

The story of the family secrete concluded…

Mommy: The mysterious wedding crasher, came down from his horse and demanded that the wedding be stopped.  But the public made harsh and rash remarks at him, asking him why he had come to inter-fer:

“I am the Sorcerer of darkness that was trapped behind the the gate of darkness!  I have waited many centuries for the time of my release so I may take the power of light into my custody!  And that bride is the source of it all, she is to come with me!!!”  Fidlin stood in front of his bride and refused to give her up.  The soccer came down from his horse, walked toward him and challenged him to a dual, but your 18th grandmother told Fidlin not to get involved with the battles of magic, she then offered that if she should go with him that he should release the sorcerers of the other gates.

“Why should I!  I am not taking such a risk as to be sealed off again, you must come with me or…I will cast a spell of death if you should marry this commoner!”  Yet your 18th great grandmother refused.  The dark sorcer brought out his wond, then dark flames burning on it’s tip he casted his spell.

“Fine, if you two wed, all that is mankind of this land that houses the gates will perish by night fall, thus I cast the spell of all human down fall!”  Then him and his horse disappeared.  For several hours the congregation cried, they wanted to see their saver marry the man she loved and have some bit of happiness since the fall of her comrades, then an idea arouse in her head, she announced to all the public:

“I know not of how long this spell will linger, and if you will be willing to accept this spell, but I will turn all the land into their animal spirit of the land, if you will be accepting, do not worry for your lives will still be as it was, just human you will no longer be until the dark spell is lifted.”  The people agreed to this, so your 18th great grandmother and Fidlin married, once this was done all the people of Daisyville were changed into their animal spirit and since then, that has been how the town remains, none but this family and the families that hold the nature seals of the seven gates remember or know of the history of Daisyville.”  So you see Pink my dearest little one, that is why we are human at the moment, your spirit awake to the response of danger, but the spell is not lifted so we all will return to animals once you finish your task that your spirit awoke to do.
So you see that is why I’ve been so…in shock lately. I have to talk about something happy for a change, maybe in my next talk I’ll talk about how my Valentine’s day went *sigh*, Pink Bear (yes I’m sure I can say BEAR again) is really freaked, over and out!

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