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The family secrete continues 2…

Mommy: As she stood in front of the gate of darkness, she sawsomething she had never seen before, the gates were wide open and flowing from it was rivers of hot black tar, the are smelled like pungent eggs, the land around it was littered with bones and ash, black smoke spilled out into the airfrom the black darkness within the open gates. She could hear the cries of her fellow sorcerers from within, they were trapped and suffering an agony she could not identify. For three days she stood in front of the gate, calling them to come toward her voice back into Daisyville, but the sorcerers never found their way out and could not return. Your 18th great grand mother had to leave the gates because she was worried that if she closed the gates the sorcerers would never find their way again. She casted a spell on the gate howeverso that it’s negative effects from being open would not fully be able to destroy the land, and she evacuated all the inhabitance of Daisyville to the out skirts of the land. After several years she had gotten over the grief of being the only gate keeper still active, she began to court a young man named Fidlin, he was a black smith like his father, and very skilled in the use of the weapons he made. He was so handsome, *well that’s what ourfamily story says*, and also very energetic. They eventually began to have plains on marriage when they had finally decided they truly were in love.  So they began to make wedding plains, on the day of their wedding when they were about to become man and wife, someone came ridding through the crowd of witnesses trampling some of them along the way, he rode upon a black horse and he wore armor made of some kind of black metal, no one knew what he was or where he came from but one thing was for sure, he wasn’t of this world…

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