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The family secrete continues 2…

Mommy: As she stood in front of the gate of darkness, she sawsomething she had never seen before, the gates were wide open and flowing from it was rivers of hot black tar, the are smelled like pungent eggs, the land around it was littered with bones and ash, black smoke spilled out into the airfrom the black darkness within the open gates. She could hear the cries of her fellow sorcerers from within, they were trapped and suffering an agony she could not identify. For three days she stood in front of the gate, calling them to come toward her voice back into Daisyville, but the sorcerers never found their way out and could not return. Your 18th great grand mother had to leave the gates because she was worried that if she closed the gates the sorcerers would never find their way again. She casted a spell on the gate howeverso that it’s negative effects from being open would not fully be able to destroy the land, and she evacuated all the inhabitance of Daisyville to the out skirts of the land. After several years she had gotten over the grief of being the only gate keeper still active, she began to court a young man named Fidlin, he was a black smith like his father, and very skilled in the use of the weapons he made. He was so handsome, *well that’s what ourfamily story says*, and also very energetic. They eventually began to have plains on marriage when they had finally decided they truly were in love.  So they began to make wedding plains, on the day of their wedding when they were about to become man and wife, someone came ridding through the crowd of witnesses trampling some of them along the way, he rode upon a black horse and he wore armor made of some kind of black metal, no one knew what he was or where he came from but one thing was for sure, he wasn’t of this world…

The family secrete contiues…

Mommy: …The clouds above had turned gray and lightening filled the air.  At first, everyone in the land thought it was simply a storm brewing and the rains were coming, but it never rained and the clouds hung over head for days, days to weeks and weeks to months.  It became very obvious that something was not right.  The grass had died, the air was becoming more and more stall, strange things began to happen…the six gates were closing one by one, and no one knew why none of the sorcerers were not stopping it.  Then your 18th great grand mother, the gate keeper of the gate of light, decided to investigate the happenings.  the-echanted-forest.jpgShe visited each gate which were each miles away from each other.  The first gate she visited was the gate of water.  On arrival the first thing she noticed was that the three rivers, Harvest, purity and Liv, that came from the gate were dried up, the greenary round it was nothing but barren land, and she could not find the gate keeper anywhere.  She tried to open the gate but the gate had been sealed with a strange magic she had never seen before. The magic took the form of a black smoke hoovering around the gate handles. She then went onto the get of wind, the air all around the gate was choking and smelled of pungent odors, she search all around for the gate keeper but he was no where to be found, once again she saw the gate was sealed shut by a misterous magic, the same as the gate of water.  She went to the gate of fire, and saw that the torches were out, there was no gate keeper and gates sealed, she went to the gate of earth, every animal and plant was dead and wasting away, no gate keeper and the gates sealed, then finally she went to the dreaded gate of …Darkness…

The family secrete…

Pink here, I asked my mother a couple of days ago about the little picture on my laptop. She was in shock for five minutes, starring at the picture like it was some kind of ghost come to haunt her. I got a bit worried because she just stayed silent for so long and it made me afraid to ask any further questions.  When the time became unbearably long, I said:

Me: Mommy Bear, maybe I should go, if you don’t want to talk about it I understand. *ready to leave in fear that her mother maybe very hurt or afraid*

 Mommy: No…no don’t go, I think it’s time I said something to you since the signs are there.

Me:*Confused a bit*Signs mommy?

Mommy: Yes, you see. I know that for a long time, we’ve been a family of …um…bears.

Me: Well if you knew, why did you pretend like I was crazy to think I was ever a bear?

Mommy: Oh honey, I never meant to make you feel that way, I was hopping that if we waited long enough what ever is happening to the family would fade off…but then I saw it affected your little friends too and there families. I didn’t think it would be that powerful, but I guess it skipping a generation made it more powerful.

Me: Mommy, I don’t understand. What’s this about skipping generations, and it affecting my friends, does daddy and Brownie know about any of this?

Mommy: Your daddy and little brother don’t know. Your friends most likely don’t know unless anyone of them have the nature’s seal in their family, but at the most everyone affected except my side of the family will think they are human.

Me: But Lily knows that she is a cat, and I know that I’m a bear…aren’t we?

Mommy: *Shocked once again* Your friend Lily still has memory that she once was a cat?

Me: Mom, she doesn’t have memory that she once was a cat, she knows she once was a cat.

Mommy: Of course! Lily has a nature’s seal family line. That will explain your strong friendship with her, and why she remembers being a cat. But what element is the question…it must be a very powerful one.

Me:*getting scared* Okay mom your really starting to loose me, tell me why we’re all human.

Mommy: *Realizes that it to much to understand at a go* We’re all human because we once were humans…well sorcerers to be more specific. Sit down with me. *the two take a seat on the kitchen stools*. A long time ago during a time when battles we’re with swords and spears, when princesses and princes were looked at as gods and goddesses of beauty, when mystical animals roomed the lands, Daisyville was a hidden city of great wonders and majestic paradise! Everyone was jolly and happy, you could leave your doors and windows open and no one would worry about their property missing. There was abundant harvests and grand festivals and our family were care takers of the seven gates. Our family always made sure that six of the gates stayed open and one of them stayed closed. These were the gates of fire, water, earth, wind, light, life and the one that must remain closed, darkness. The two most powerful was the life gate, it had control over all the other gates especially earth, water and light. The very three elements that would support a seed to sprout and grow, therefore it was represented as an amulet seed. For centuries, Daisyville was protected and preserved, until one day a mysterious darkness covered the land….

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