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With the New Year, the dreams begin…

What Your Dreams Mean…

Your dreams seem to show that you’re a very well adjusted and happy person.You tend to be a very productive thinker.Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.

You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Pink here…umm…I’m not to sure how to start this so I started with a survey, I can say that I’ve been getting some ocward feelings about the dreams I’ve had lately. Does anyone remember the image that appeared with the warning from last year, before we found Kitty?  Well now I’ve had several dreams since turning human, at first I thought it was a side effect of what ever turned me and my family human, but my family and friends have not been complaining of strange dreams.  Well last night’s dream has made me speak up about all of this, here is how it went:

I was standing in a field of pink and yellow flowers, it was sunny and I actually could smell the sweetness of the flowers around me, I saw this beautiful lady wearing a yellow dress, she had a warm smile on her face and she came toward me then said:

“Hello little bear, I know that you are lost and many things have happened to you in your short stay in a new land.  You’ve been very strong and very brave through all of it and I wish to now explain to you why you are human right now.” (Honestly right now I’m still confused on why there has to be a reason for me to be human).

“What do you mean?  I never wanted to be human in the first place.”  I tell her.

“You were turned human by a spell, but it wasn’t to turn you human that the spell was intended to do.  In fact the spell was softened by your guide.”

“Softened by my guide?”

“Yes, you are the carrier of the seed are you not?”

“Seed?…The seed with the Sorceress in it?!”

“Yes, she softened the spell.”

“But she’s so powerful, why didn’t she completly prevent the spell.”

“The spell was intended to turn you into a statue until the spell caster removes it, but the sorceress wanted to use the spell to turn you into a human girl.  The reason is this, as a human you can weild the full power of the seed, you come from a long line of ‘human’ sorceresses, from your mother’s side.”

“My mother is a bear…well use to be a bear.”

“Your mother is pretending to not know what has happened for fear that your destiny will interfer with you having a normal life.”

“I don’t know if you have notcied but, my life is not exactly normal.”

“*Ignores my statment*  When you wake you will be in your room, your mother will be in the kitchen, ask her about your baby photo on your lab top, I know you haven’t erased the image yet.”

  Then with that she disappeared and I woke up. So I’ve been pondering if I should go to the kitchen all morning, I’m not exactily sure if I want to know any futher then the dream, if mother tried so hard to hide this unknown secrete from me for so long, what do I do?

Glad to be back in town.

Pink here! I’m so glad to be back from Daisyville. My Christmas and New Year’s eve and day was great. I mean it was so much fun even though it was weird seeing my elder brother snow and his wife as human beings:snow-and-his-wife.JPGBut seriously, aren’t they adorable together? :D . I think they are, I was glad to see them, they took us all to this really fancy restaurant that served food from all over the world!  I had lobster and shrimp, yummy.   Brownie was really over joyed especially after he had five mountian sodas and ran through the kiddie play park at the back shouting ‘I’M KINGZ OF DA WORDZ!!!’, I really got scared though when he decided to jump from the top of the slide instead of going down it like it’s meant to be used. @@.  There was lots of walking along the streets of Daisyville to all the back-in-the-day hang outs, the roller rink where Lily thought me how the skate, the ice cream parlor where Blue would talk to me like a ‘normal’ bear and he didn’t really show any signs that he had a mad creepy crush on me, the ditch in the center of the park where Lily and I first saw Vito, and I could tell that they would be together someday.  Those memories really made me miss Lily, Vito and yes, even Blue for the moment, but I got an e-mail from Lily, and somehow Blue who claims that my e-mail address was given to him by Lily, (I don’t believe him however).  I also got an e-mail from *sigh and day dream for a second* Tommy.  He was so sweet about how he missed me and really wished I stayed in Sanriotown for the hoildays and he sent me his picture so I can look at it anytime I wanted to:tommy-elder-brother-of-diamond.jpg.  I have to say, I don’t know how he got my e-mail either but I don’t care, as long as he wrote I’m fine. *Blushes*.  Anyway after all that on a Christmas day.  When New Year’s eve came rolling in, I stayed awake and drank apple cider (no alcohol for me please, yik!).  On New Year’s day, after only a four hour sleep, we went out into the streets and say the New Year parade, there was confetti, and balloons, people and animals strutting their marching skills with ribbon trailing and acrobats, I was screaming with joy so loudly that I almost lost my voice! After that we got ready to go back to Sanrio, my brother and his wife were sad to see us go, but they promised to come during this year for a visit themselves.  So that was my Holiday, Happy New Year to all and to all many blissful days to come.  Over and out!

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