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Meeting a new bird in town.

Pink um…girl or Bear I guess…anyway here I am with another report on the new penguin in town. If you re-call, I mentioned an odd colored penguin had moved into town, named Yu-ri. I bumped into her this morning and she was rushing of to some sushi shop. well out of curiosity I asked her what she was rushing for, the following conversation took place:

Me: Hello there, why are you in such a hurry?

Yu-ri: Oh! Sorry pink lady, I did not know I bumped into you, my mistake. *Tries to run off again but then stops mid-way*. May I ask you a question?

Me: Sure, ask me anything. :)

 Yu-ri:*Nervous for some reason*Well, I got this letter in the mail, and it didn’t have a name. But it told me to come to this sushi restaurant to meet this guy.

Me: Well do you think you know the person who wrote the letter to you?

Yu-ri: I think I have a clue but then I don’t want to be alone, because it could be dangerous for a little bird like me. I mean, I want to know who this is, but I don’t want to get in trouble now that I’ve moved over here.

Me: Hmmm…*thinking* I do have to get home and see if my family is alright with my new form, but, I don’t want to just leave this little bird alone in case she needs help…I GOT IT! *Presents idea*I tell you what, I’ll go into the restaurant with you and sit a table not to far where I can see you, if you feel your in any danger signal to me by tapping your sushi sticks on the table. But if your fine, tap it on your bowl and I’ll go on my way.

Yu-ri: *Surprised* Y-You’d do that for me?

Me: Sure I would, I’m not just going to leave you to feel scared and alone.  

Yu-ri: Thank you so much pink lady. :D

Me: No problem and you can call me Pink.

Yu-ri: Oh, my name is Yu-ri, nice to meet you Pink.

Well we both went into the restaurant like two beings who didn’t know each other, she headed toward a table next to a window and I sat at a table across from it. Well after a short period of time, a short black penguin wearing an over coat and a hat waddled inside the restaurant and sat at the table where Yu-ri was. I couldn’t hear what the two were discussing but I heard Yu-ri giggle shyly and turn a bit red in the face, for some funny reason I felt I knew who that Penguin was but when she tapped her bowl with the chop sticks, I knew she was alright. So I left, and continued down the road. When I was almost home someone called my name stopping me in my tracks, I turned to see who it was. It was Yu-ri!

Yu-ri:*Stopping in front of me with a big smile on her face*I just want tell you thank you again Pink. I am very excited over my meeting with my secrete admirer.

Me: Secrete admirer?! @@ !? Who is he?

Yu-ri:*Giggling* He told me not to say, but I’m sure you know him. Anyway thanks again, your such a kind person for being concerned, take care. *Run’s down the road with a song on her um-beak*.

Well I’m glad she’s happy, I wonder who her secrete admirer is? She said it was someone I know, all well, it is something to smile about when someone appreciates an act of kindness. You have a great day, wish me luck with the family. @@. Over and out!

Getting stuck with Blue becomes a good thing. :D

Pink Bear her, yes I’m still a human girl thank you for asking, no I have not gotten over the newer fact that Blue has been turned and is more forcefully annoying (what is slightly comforting no matter how mean it sounds is he does not remember me…the discomfort is he is now twice as determined to gain my interest *shudders with irritation*). Well Lily has talked to Vito, he doesn’t remember still but now he has re-developed an interest in her and has asked her out on a date, well she still loves him so she said yes, even if it is slightly strange to have already established a relationship and yet you have no solid proof of your memory over something you so cherish. Well I’m happy that Vito wants to give re-dating Lily a try, I’m sure he won’t regret it.

 Now back to the situation with Blue Grrya, he is very convinced that I’m a new girl in the neighborhood who happens to be a good friend of his best friends new girlfriend…he is very silly and I can’t help saying it, I really can’t, it’s hard enough as it is being anywhere near him without tearing my hair out (can’t say fur because I’m human now). He has now grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to some music house or something and now I’ve discovered something new about Blue…BLUE IS THE LEADER OF A ROCK BAND! How that happened I have no idea, but he is now trying really hard to write a song dedicated to me, no matter how many times I told him not to bother…new discovery, he actually can sing, how could someone so forceful and clingy be blessed with such a voice? I’m starting to get why Sparkle and Speckle are so into Blue (no it is not because of his good looks, his not ugly, he is quiet handsome, I’m just one who is not, I REPEAT, not ready for a relationship outside of friendship with him). Well I’m being held prisoner by Blue in this music studio thingy or what every this practice place is, along with several other guys and completely lost at how casual everyone is, my parents don’t know I’ve been turned intoa human girl and I miss them already (even if it has only been a couple of hours @@), I’m still worried over the reaction they may have when they see me…what a minute, who are these two brodes? I swear they look familiar…


Redhead twin:Hey Blue, sounding nice, are you writing that for m-I mean us? *Wink wink*.

 Blue:*Rolls eyes*Look you two, I’ve told you time and time again, I don’t want anything to do with you! And now that I’ve found the love of my life *scoops Pink’s hand into his*, I really need you two to leave me alone.

Blond hair twin:Who is she?! *Walks up to Pink*. Your not even the least bit pretty, just plain and ugly. Who are you, I demand to know. *Knocks Pink’s hand out of grip of Blue*.

I knew it, I knew I know these two witches! It’s Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz…wait a minute…these two didn’t go into Kuromi’s castle with Vito, Blue, Lily and me…how did they get turned into humans? @@ ?

Me: Okay, I don’t know what is going on you two stalkers, but if you want Blue like I’ve always said you can have him!

Sparkle: What are you talking about, Blue is already ours, you little man-snatcher! I suggest you go find your own boyfriend.

Red head boy: Hey you two knuckle heads, leave her alone.

*Thinking to self* Who is that guy? *Eyes go dreamy* Well who every he is, he sure is cute *turns red* AM I CRUSHING ON A HUMAN BOY?!!! @@ !!!

Sparkle: Oh Tommy…*turns red and becomes shy* I didn’t see you there *plays with hair a little and stares at ground with grin on face*, how are you?

Tommy: I would be better if you two would leave us alone to pratice. *Gives a firm look*.

Speckle: *Also shy and holding arm* But you promised us tickets to the concert this weekend, we would really like to see you and Blue on stage.

Blue:*Shocked* You promised these two loons tickets to our concert?!

Tommy:*Goes close enough for Blue to hear whisper*It was the only way to get them out of the practice room in the first couple of weeks.

Blue:*Letting loose a sigh of disappointment* Fine, give them the tickets so they can leave.

Tommy: Cool dude, I can get them out in no time now. *Rushes over to his bag in the corner and pulls out tickets, then goes over to the two suddenly giggle filled twins and gives them their tickets*. Here, we’ll see you at the concert, NOT HERE WHILE WE PRACTISE, understood?

Speckle: But that pink-haired freak gets to stay, why can’t we?

Tommy: That’s because she-um-is-er-she was asked to-um…

Blue: She’s here to give us a hand with the equipment, Striker’s friend. *Points to drum player with black hair, you can’t tell if he is shocked because his hair covers his eyes*

Sparkle: Oh good, and all this time I thought she was trying to get an autograph or take our guys from us, I knew she was to ugly to attract anyone here, well good bye fellas. *twins blow kisses at the same time and winks before finally leaving*

*Fighting not to jump up and strangle Sparkle, but calmed down enough speak to Tommy*

Me: Um…thanks for coming to my aide-um-what’s your name again?

Tommy: Tommy, I’m the band’s bass guitar player and violin player.

Me: *Blushing*Really, You play violen and guitar?! *Almost wants to melt*, wow that is so cool…

Tommy: Thanks. I didn’t get your name.

Me:*Thinking* OH GOSH HE WANTS TO KNOW MY NAME!!!hearts_ani.gif41700138.gifhearts_ani.gif*Finally speaks*My name is Pink.

Blue: WHAT! And you couldn’t tell me your name all this time? @@ ?

Tommy:Nice, easy to remember, maybe we could go out sometime.

Blue:*Getting irritated and steamed* OKAY ENOUGH CHIT CHAT, LETS JUST GET BACK TO PRACTISE. *Drags Tommy away from Pink*. Listen to what we got my love. *Winks at Pink who is trying not to faint from gittiness because Tommy asked her out*.

icon_lol.gif So I’m just going to end this talk with…WOWOWOOOOWOWWOOOOOOWOOOW!!!!!!

I am so head in clouds right now!

Situation at Vito’s house. @@.

Pink Bear here with an update on the strange happenings going with my friends and me. Well after screaming at the horror of being turned human without warning along with my friend Lily, we by her request rushed over to Vito’s house to see if he was still alright, we got to his door, hesitant at first then knocked on the door:
Vito: Yes can I help you?  

*Closing eyes in fear that something else may be at the door, then Lily looking down to the ground speaks*

Lily: I’m looking for a Vito Meower, is he in?

Vito: Yes, that would be me.

*Lily blinks rapidly and then suddenly faints*

Me: LILY!!!

Well I guess Lily couldn’t handle the sudden change in Vito, I wouldn’t blame her however, she was really freaked out at her own transformation. @@ . Just a few minutes ago we say this smiling fellow, door.jpg and now we know this fellow is Vito!  Well Vito being the kind being he is, brought us inside (still unsure of who we were might I add) and laid Lily on the sofa.

Vito: I hope she wakes up soon, such a pretty young girl should not be unconscious. *Looks sadly down at Lily*.

Me:*Looking surprisingly confused at Vito*You seriously don’t know who we are?

Vito:*Shacks head* No, are you lost or something? If you two are, then I can help you find your way if you wish.

shocked-pink.jpgMe:*thinking* Please tell me your joking…@@…*Takes in deep breathe then calms down enough to speak* Um…Vito, do you remember having a girlfriend?

Vito:No…none that I know of, *getting a little red in the face and misunderstands Pink’s question*…look your a pretty girl too, but I’m not really ready for a relationship with a stranger, no offense.

Me:*Tries to restrain herself from slapping him in the face as her friend Lily would not like to hear about that when she wakes up*Look you, if I was coming onto anyone it would not be you!

Lily wakes up, and sits straight starring straight at Vito for a while who is starring back at her for awhile.

Vito: I hope your okay, do you want anything?

Lily: No-no-no! I just wanted to see you, are you feeling okay, are you dizzy or still itchy all over? *Rushes to hold Vito in her arms and holds on tight*.

Vito: Gee-wiz! You and your friend are very clingy strangers!

Lily: You mean, you don’t know who I am? It’s me, Lily- Lily Cat.

Vito: Are you serious? You expected me to know who you girls are out of the clear blue? I just meet you girls on my porch this morning, I thought you were here for a lesson from my granny or something.

Me: You don’t know who we are, you don’t know who Pink Bear, Lily Cat, or Blue Grrya is?

Vito: I know who Blue Grrya is, his my best friend, how do you know him? Did he send you two to try and be my girlfriend? Cause if he did that again, I have to tell you that I’m not ready for a relationship.

Lily: *Double shocked*You don’t know me…BLUE HAS BEEN SENDING GIRLS FOR YOU TO DATE?!!! @@ *Gets very angry that being human does not hide the fact that she was originally a cat*

Lily had suddenly lost it! She grabbed Vito by the shirt, clawing her fingers into the fabric so deep it actually tore his shirt a bit and threw Vito to the ground!

Lily: Vito Meower! HOW- DARE-YOU! How dare you dismiss that I came all the way over here concerned and worried for your safety, and you can’t even remember me! I thought love concord all but I guess I was wrong, I was very wrong! *Burst into tears*.

Vito felt really bad, it seems he wasn’t sure why he felt her words so much but he sat silent looking at the now sobbing brunet. He stood to his feet and a little twinkle sparked in his eye then he held his head as if having a slight headache.

Vito:Lily…your name is familiar, can you…please tell me how we know each other so that I won’t make you cry anymore…please.

Lily: *Cleans eyes* I-I can do that…only if you’ll listen…

Vito: How can I not listen, you have such a soft voice, even when your yelling, personally I think it’s cute. *Smiles charmingly*.

Lily smiled at that, and I couldn’t help smiling at what Vito said either, it really hurt to hear that someone you grew up with can’t remember you for even a thousand pounds, a million dollars or to save their life. @@. But at least he wants to listen to see if he can catch up. Hopefully after Lily and him talk he’ll remember a little, so I’ll just step outside to cool off a little more.
*Outside at the front of Vito’s house*

Me:*Singing Bob Marley’s ‘Three little birds’* Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright…

Random passer by with Blue hair:Hey, you got a beautiful voice but it’s not as beautiful as you, what’s your name?

Me: That’s a very corny move dude, and you don’t need to know my name for your information.

*Stranger with blue hair sits next to her uninvited*.

Stranger: Well if you won’t introduce yourself, allow me, my name as the town is beginning to know is Blue-Blue Grrya.

Me: Oh no! Your even worst in human form!!!!

*Now discovered Blue Grrya looks confused at girl he is trying to talk with*

This can’t be happening! Am I being punished for something?!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!

What Your Pink Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you respond with compassion.Even if someone is making life difficult for you, you can’t help but see things from their perspective.You are emotionally in tune, and you are very sensitive to those around you.You are able to give to those who need it most, even if they are difficult to deal with.On a rainy day: you should offer to help someone who needs you

The Umbrella Test

Pink Bear here, it rained yesterday, thus the survey, but um…I’m…not really myself right now…in fact I’m am extremely astonished right now. You may ask me why? Well here is the story (Hold onto your hats and wigs, this is going to be long post):

Yesterday I went to take a shower in the morning to start my day, I felt…fresher than normal, like I had gotten to every spot under my fur, but I ignored it because I put soap on my face and I was not ready to open up my eyes and start screaming from large amounts of sting, and yes I mean STING from the soap. Well I came out of the hot shower, steam everywhere so it was like walking through fog, well knowing my bathroom very well, I found where the bathroom mirror was, wiped off the condensed steam and found out…I HAD NO FUR! So I’m freaking out, and then notice another thing…I HAD THESE BIG BLUE EYES, ACTUAL HUMAN LIPS, A LONGISH FACE, in other words…I HAD TURNED COMPLETELY HUMAN!!!! @@ !!!! I went speechless after screaming like I was set on fire, and heard Brownie knocking on the door asking me if I was alright, well I said yes because I didn’t want to scare the granola out of my kid brother. Then I spent hours trying to see if I accidentally was wearing a mask, of course I wasn’t. Then it occurred to me to run over to Lily’s house and check on her, surprisingly, my closet was full of ‘human clothes’, exactly my new body’s size and everything, now seeing all that fancy clothes made me forget that I was not myself for awhile because all of them were so cute! ^^ (trust a female to go bonkers over something they love), so I put together and outfit, dressed up, rushed to my door without my family seeing me and was down the road like a jet toward Lily’s house. I get there and see these bunch of human’s that looked slightly like Lily’s parents, but I was not that sure, so I waited for them to go into their car and ran toward Lily’s open window, climbed in after a quick glance around to to make sure no one saw me and caught some brunet touching and feeling her face like she was lost as she stared into the mirror.  I was kind afraid to interrupt her as I was not sure who she was, but I had to know if…if what to me was what happened to Lily:

Me: Lily is that you?

Lily:*turns toward Pink*Pink?…It can’t be…

I walked up to her and we stared at each other for awhile then both of us stared right into her big dressing mirror, the following reaction is best displayed in pictures as follows:untitled-2.jpgNow, I’m not sure how the guys are doing, but we are defiantly on our way to Vito’s house.

Now on a different note, I have been taking pictures even in my present state, and I caught a picture of this brown penguin waddling around town, I think she is a new neighbor or something, this is a picture of her:yu-ri.jpg According to my resources, her name is Yu-ri, I don’t know what that name means but she is a happy looking penguin.  I think I’m going to tell Iheartbadtz about this, because that might be why I saw Badtz-maru wearing a suit (that penguin has never been caught in suit! @@), I think he’s been trying to impress her.

There is also the case of the confused Ganta, the froggies were successful in bring Mimmy back in time for her birthday but than Ganta lost his memory, I’m scare for my friends now.

On a more brighter note, it is Hello Kitty and Lovely Mimmy’s birthdays, the twins are a new year old, isn’t that great :D, I sent Mimmy a birthday gift in hope that she would return back to normal before it came, her it is:mimmy-school-punk.jpg

Isn’t it just ghetto punk fabolous!? XD? I almost didn’t want to give it away, but my friends are more important then that, I sent on to Kitty too: punk.jpg

I hope the twins like them ( also hope it is not already in their wardrobes, other wise I would feel so bad :( )
Well on with the investigation of this madness that has creeped up on us, I will try my best to keep you all informed, over and out!

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