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A Retake of: What kind of Monster are you?

Hello… *clears voice because it sounded a bit like a teenage girls voice* sorry, I’ve been having voice change problems since last night, and yes, my head fur still has a growth hormone problem, and I’ve added some height, and my fur is falling out, and…well let me not ruin Halloween for you all, take a look at this:

You Are a Werewolf

You’re unpredictable, moody, and downright freaky.
You seem sweet and harmless, until you snap. Then you’re a total monster.Very few people can predict if you’re going to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.But for you, all your transformations seem perfectly natural.Your greatest power: Your ability to tap into nature Your greatest weakness: Lack of self controlYou play well with: Vampires

What Kind of Monster Are You?

612sveybcdl_sl160_.jpgNow I can say… Happy Halloween! I know, I know, I seem excited about this years Halloween, but it is because I distinctively remember being burdened with so much last Hallows eve.  Also I did a retake on the quiz seen aboveand got the very answer that was closest to my species (thank goodness :) even if now I’m turning into something I can’t identify:( ).  I know that I was suppose to post this last year, but I need to keep it as a surprise to everyone, and also to keep from insulting the test makers.  However I would not consider playing with vampires because that’s down right creepy, I don’t think it would be good to go around them without steal neck braces for protection, hehehehe…

I also promised to post another list of costumes from some pictures I took on Halloween day, here the are:Now the first three is Hello Kitty, she keep e-mailing over what costume she should wear, and I had to keep telling her it didn’t matter but she sent me these choose from any way29582827_cc5afc5c99_m.jpg



She finally settled on this last one~


Does anyone recognize these two?  I saw them flying about and dancing on peoples roof tops @@~lloromonnic_3.jpg

Badtz just was goofing around a costume shop earlier, he still went with the 007 outfit for the day (I think he is trying to impress someone) and later on in the night wore a ghost costume~dw-divastar.jpg

 halloween2.gif For Chococat, he keep hiding so I could not get a singled out picture of him, he must really camera shy :D .

Dear Daniel diecied to go punk, and yes it is scary :( ~dear-daniel-goes-punk.gif

You all remember the devil Hello Kitty right?devil_kitty_large_large.pngWell I made this one with the click of a button, I introduce the devilish Hello Mimmy (sent this one along with the other outfits earlier)~devil_mimmy_large_large.png

well, once again Happy Hallows Eve, I’m going to take a shower and dress for the day, Pink Bear is over and out!

Happy Halloween gifts!

Futher worries on fur transformation, and a few other issues…

Hello, Pink Bear here, and I know I haven’t been posting on a daily basis, but that’s because I been cutting down my fur every three hours! The fur on my head is growing way to fast, way to long, and way WAY scary. You see:


I went to visit my friend Lily and she was wearing a hat, now at first I didn’t pay any attention to it, until I realized the furnace was on and it was to warm to wear a wool hat. I asked her why she was wearing it and the first thing she did was take off the hat and burst into tears! The fur on her head was brown and long! I got so scared and worried, then she told me about how Vito’s fur has not returned to it’s slightly light violet color, and his head fur is getting spiky. Then it hit me…Blue’s head fur was spiking too, I don’t know what is happening but tomorrow’s Halloween z84212501.gifhas come in early for all of us…

Happy to be home, sad that Mimmy is still not back with the froggies.

*Unaware of Blue’s previous post* Pink Bear here, and I have to be honest that I’m missing my friends, Lily is here, Vito too and even *rolls eyes* Blue, but the group doesn’t feel complete with out Mimmy, Keroleen, Keroppi and all the other froggies, i haven’t heard from Kitty for awhile since her discovery of Hello Kitty Online, and Daniel is now afraid of both Vito and Blue, Vito I understand, Blue I don’t, may be because their really close friends he feels that Blue might turn on him in defense of Vito. I don’t think so though. There is also this unknown tingle feeling I’m having, it is so irritating, if you ignore it you don’t notice it but sometimes when there’s nothing to do you feel it all over. I don’t know what it is but my fur on the top of my head is growing faster than the rest of my fur and is getting really silky and straight. In fact my fur looks like this hair of Kitty’s picture here:z11360161.jpg  AKA…a2.JPGThat is not characteristic of bears, so I’m trying to figure out what I did that could possibly cause it. Well, hopefully you all will not have a very strange day, over and out.

Feelin funny, not cool.

Hey ya’ll how’s it goin, as for me somethin’s not flowin. It’s me Blue Grrya, you know, Pink’s guy, yeah yeah fellas, she’s taken. Any way I been having some really weird tingling since that goo stuff poured all over Vito, Lily, Pink *day dreams for awhile* and I back at Kuromi’s castle. Well everyone except Vito are having tingling feelings, Vito gets itchy every three hours (ya’ll heard about his first day with Lily right, well she don’t know that every time he pointed at something and she looked he was scratching up a storm, no jokes). Now I’m getting a bit concerned with this but I could be that we still haven’t gotten over the horror of that tower search, all those bats and spiders *shudders*, I could almost swear there was a couple of ghostly figures I noticed moving about, pointing and laughing at our confusion, I am never going back in there ever again! Well I hope all these tingles are going to pass soon, I want to enjoy my Halloween when it comes, I’m thinking of being Romeo and suggesting that Pink be Juliet. Good idea right? Well I’ll talk to you all later, peace.

Now I know…

Pink Bear here, glad to be home. :) I’ve been home for awhile now, free from the labor I’ve been going through for awhile (try being a key player in the great battle at Donut Pond, followed by several days of being passed out and weak when awake, then going through Kuromi’s castle to free someone from a mansion full of traps, potions and drippy goo :( ).  I have several things to do still, but I will take my time,  first thing I will do now is read Kuromi’s letter, it looked half done but the letter was written partly in invisible ink:

How does one say goodbye properly..?

I don’t know… Words are simply not enough sometimes.

Thank you, everyone. For allowing me to meet you, and accepting me for who I am. I owe people a lot, some more than others, but you must forgive me… This is out of my hands.

Little time is left to me, and this… really feels like a Cinderella story.

I will miss you all… and I hope I can find my way back here once again.

Thank you… Farewell…

At first I did not know why, but then I discovered the invisible ink, using a blue bulb I keep from my dad’s rainbow display from last St. Patrick’s day, I read some very hard to read scribble, I guess she must of been crying a bit and shacking because there were blots that washed the ink a bit and the letters were very crinkly now, I’ll tell you the brief of it because the ink disappeared again and did not get any clear under the blue light, Kuromi is gone, she has gone back to Meriland, reason she gave was something about the dieties of Meriland calling her back, tired of her presence in the human world, which is sad because her favorite holiday is coming up, Halloween, I wish they had let her stay until then before going, that would also explain why her castle was empty when we went to save Kitty and Daniel, she must of forgotten to let them go as she would not be able to use them if she is not around, I worry that is where Melody is too at the moment, I am sad, I can’t type any further or I will cry. Thanks for reading, I will do my best to keep you all informed of my continued discoveries (next is to go and deal with those twin witches, and just in time for Halloween).  Over …and out…

Blue Grrya and Kyorosuke, two of Sanriotown’s bravest!

flying monkey…suddenly the monkey flies up into the air above the clouds out of sight for a moment, a loud screeching sound is heard high above and before the screeching stops an army of flying monkeys come souring down following the flying monkey that was already a problem on it’s own*

Pink: You-have-got-to be-kidding me!@@!

Lily: We can barely handle one flying monkey, how do we face a whole army!

Kitty: I don’t know but Blue, Vito and Daniel better hurry up with those things.*throws a stone at a monkey *

Blue hides under a tree trying to built some little tiny contraption as Pink Bear, Lily Cat and Kitty White throw random stones and sticks at the that came a little to close*

*Just then, a loud war cry yelp is heard, the girls turn (sorry about using the world girls, female animals just seemed mean…)…IT WAS KYROSUKE! He had come back to help the group who had set off on the quest to save Kitty and Daniel from Kuromi’s castle.


Kyorosuke: Yes, it is I never fear, I will defend you from these flying monkeys!

Pink: O-K…just don’t hit us with that thing in your hands and we’ll all be fine.*Smiles, she is happy to see him but worried that if they survive this he might ask her to go out with him…again…*

*Kyorosuke swings a gigantic sword and blows up a flying monkey, then another one and another one, he is making progress but every time he blows up one several more come flying down from above the clouds*

Kitty: This isn’t working, what do we do! Kyorosuke can’t fight for forever, he would become too tired.

*Finally Blue comes out form under the tree with the guys, all have sling shots, and start firing ammunition at the flying monkeys, but still, with the back up, the flying monkeys are still coming*

Blue: *thinking to himself*How do you get rid of these things…*he looks at one of the flying monkeys and notices that it has a difference, a glowing gem in the shape of a monkey. It glows every time a new group of flying monkeys come out of the sky*Thats it! *Run up to Kyorosuke*Hey I need you to do me a favor.

Kyorosuke: *confused by the request*I thought I already was doing you a favor by blowing up these monkeys.

Blue:*Ignores comment*I need you to cover for me, I need to get close enough to that monkey and shot his amulet, he is to high to be touched by your sword and it might stop all these monkeys from multiplying.

Kyorosuke: I understand, on the count of three…one, two, THREE!

*The two make a dash for a closer point to the flying monkey with the amulet, Kyorosuke leading the way and slashing at any furry bird that gets in their way. The monkeys realize that they are heading for their leader and try to stop them even more, but Vito and Daniel on sling shots and the girls with their stones and sticks keep many of the defenders occupied. Finally Blue and Kyorosuke are in good position, Blue aims for the amulet as Kyorosuke fends off the enemies’ attacks, Blue is focused, his aim has always been perfect so this was where it counted, he could not afford to make a mistake…ready…aim…FIRE!!!

*…The group although very occupied watched in awe as a…COCONUT?…um…a um coconut hurls through the sky, every monkey that tried to get in the way before dodged (I guess those flying monkeys value being conscious :( )…the monkey with the amulet was fully concentrated on simply summoning the flying monkeys that he did not notice the coconut coming his way, WAMO!!! It hits the amulet shattering it and bounces off the monkey’s chest, BLAM it knocks the nearest monkey in the way unconscious and finally the coconut came down to the ground slitting in two and pouring coconut water on the sidewalk, the flying monkeys suddenly disappear…all the screeching gone. At first the group is silent, still surprised that the flying monkeys were gone, then everyone started jumping up and down yelling joyfully! It was over!!! Blue and Kyrorsuke defeated the flying monkeys! Kitty and Lily grabbed each others paws and danced around while the guys gave each other high fives and pats on the back for a job well done.*Blue: Thanks Kyorosuke, you did good.

Kyorosuke: *Gives a paw to webbed foot hand shake*You didn’t do to bad yourself. Well I have to get back to the others, they may still need me with Mimmy.

Blue: Alright, hope to see you soon.

Kyorosuke: Hope to see you soon too. *Turns to where Pink Bear is*CALL ME PINK! *And runs off*.


*Now that all is well with Kitty and Daniel, Kyorosuke gone to join the other froggies, Pink, Blue, Vito, Lily, Kitty and Daniel now make their way back to their homes. It has been a long journey, but the adventures ahead still wait to be taken, THE END*

(Okay note to all, this is not the end of the blog, NOT THE END, just the end of saving Kitty and Daniel form Kuromi’s castle, take note, Mimmy is being save from infantisim by the froggies, I still have to go beat the banana pudding out of those evil twins for picking on my brother, Vito still has to wash that extra purple out, Kitty has to wait for Mimmy to come home, and all these tingling sensations, yeah, I have to figure out what they are, I also still have Kuromi’s unfinished letter to read and I so owe everyone a make-up party for all the trouble they’ve gone through, including the froggies, poor Purin, and so on…yes Melody is still missing and so is Kuromi before you ask…Pink Bear is over and out!)

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