Pink Bear here, with the latest report on our progress in Kuromi’s castle. Lily, by some twist of luck, found a map of the castle (this probably indicate that Kuromi knows her castle is so big that she may even get lost in it every once and awhile herself). Well we took the map for a test drive, followed it to avoid the traps (which were built into the steps of the stairway), so far the map has proven accurate, no missed traps or uncharted rooms. It seems there are only two prisons in the castle each in a tower, so since we’re not sure which tower, there being only two, were right now looking through the prisons of the first tower we’re in. It seems Kuromi has a lot people she hates…or just animals she doesn’t get along with, she also labels the cages and prisons, we’ve seen ‘ugly cow’ which is a cow that probably got put in there for not producing milk, ‘boring chicken’, which is a chicken that just sits there and peak the ground, ‘pile of clothes I don’t like’ which is not anything alive, just a pile of clothes that she left there gathering dust. So yeah I’m freaked out about the labeling and what she keeps in her prisons (I highly suspect she doesn’t really use her prisons, so the excitement of actually having someone she truly is upset with behind bars seems to be a reason why she has not released Kitty and Daniel and would like to use them to re-unlock the dark lord as Kitty’s SOS messages keep reading). Well I’m glad that everyone is still concerned about our well being, up-the-stairs-with-blues.jpgBlue is stressing me out again, keeps singing love songs, his not half bad but come on, the grabbing my hand and hugging me half to death (even after decking him earlier for the same thing!) is getting a bit to much!!! I don’t want to keep beating the snot out of him but if he doesn’t leave me alone soon I going to have to punch him in the gut. Pink Bear is having her patients tested, over and out….

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  1. a pile of clothes in prison :\

  2. I know…I could think of a thousand children who would be happy with those clothes. I don’t think a prison would know what to do with a pile of clothes.:(.

  3. oh great so a pile of clothes is about as bad to her as me >_

  4. Don’t worry about Blue right now, just lead the way.

  5. *LOL* Kuromi is a really crazy bunny. Does she even feed the living thing in there? o_O
    About the nature stuff I like:
    the sky, clouds, rainbows, moon, stars, rain, the ocean, wind, wolves, butterflies, birds, panda, polar bears, husky, squirrels, Sakura(cherry blossom tree), Venus fly traps, some fruits, and a few more stuff.

    I need to update my blog, any opinion on what I should post, I barely update because of my university homework, study, etc.

  6. Focus, Blue!>_

  7. Pink Bear I totally agree with you… Blue needs to grow up and stop making faces at cows before he can be a Bearfriend! XP

  8. Hello Kitty: Don’t say that, your much more valiable than a pile of old clothes.

    Lily: Your right Lily, I should ignor him (as much as I want to deck him, I’ll ignor him)….

    Victor5: Yeah she is a little wacky (in a spooky way) but I guess she is simply becoming less and less evil as she is in love with Hiragi. And about ideas for post, I’ll e-mail you.

    Iheartbadtz: Do you seriously think Blue is the type to focus? I would love to see the day (ANYTIME NOW THAT IS!!!)


  9. thats a cute picture!

  10. Millydoom: Thank you.^^.

  11. Pink I am staring to suspect it is the other tower that Kitty and Daniel are in.

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