Mimmy is safe hurray!…WE ARE UNDER ATTACK HORROR!!!!

Pink Bear here, with some wonderful and horrible news, first the wonderful:Mimmy is safe and sound, the froggies came with some armor wearing guy called the red diet…or donut…whatever, the point is they came and saved Mimmy from the flying monkey, Hurray! Now the horrible news…They forgot to completely get rid of the flying monkey and out of rage of loosing what I assume it might call dinner it began to attack the nearest moving objects around, guess who…US! Now we are running and dodging about trying to keep out of the way as the others try to put together Blue’s plain (which I’m surprised it may still be able to work…what ever it is :(), don’t worry we have everything under control…DUCK!

FLYING MONKEY!!!!…What are the others up to?

*Running around frantically*, okay if your wondering why I’m running around in circles it’s because we’ve got to the front of the massive castle and we see Mimmy…WE SEE MIMMY BEING CARRIED IN THE HANDS OF A FLYING MONKEY FLAPPING HER ARMS SHOUTING ‘Fassir berdy FaASSIR!’.flying-monkey-and-mimmy.jpg Now I know no time to panic…okay…easier said then done, AAAAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA! *running around in circles again*…

Blue: Okay it is obvious that my angel has completely lost it and I don’t blame her, she has been leading us head first through out this ‘fear fest’ of a nightmare, always the first one to go into harms way and such, but now that she is overwhelmed, can I suggested something?

Lily: What do you suggest?

Kitty: Yeah what?

*Blue gathers everyone except the panic filled Pink Bear together and whispers the plan*

Daniel: That’s a great idea! I’ll run to the store right now and get some.

Lily: I’ll go with you!

Vito: Oh no you don’t! Daniel is a big kitten, he can do this all his own. *Gives Daniel a mean look*.

Blue: Well here are some rubber bands, Kitty and Lily you go get some strong twigs, Vito and I will do the rest.

Now I don’t know what everyone else is up to but I can’t think straight at the moment, Daniel is running off to somewhere, Lily and Kitty are grazing the ground for sticks, and Blue and Vito are testing the strengths of their sudden rubber band collection (believe me all this sounds ridiculous at a dire time like this) and all I can think about is when are the froggies going to get here!  This si no time for rubber band guns, or making a fire or running away from the problem, what dowey dowee are they all up to!!! (Excuse my french..no offense to the French).

Freedom hoooo! Now let’s get to the gate before Mimmy does!!!

Pink Bear here! I can say you all can rest a little easier now that Kitty and Daniel are free. Kitty was so happy to be out and so was Daniel that Kitty began to dance about and Daniel hugged the air out of Lily.@@.:

Kitty:Yay! I’m out whooo! *does a little dance* Well I’m still in the castle but……all of you are here with me and I’m not so lonely any more!

Daniel: Hey! But I was here with you all this time, you were never alone. *feeling sad*

Kitty: Oh Daniel I did not mean it that way and you know it.

Lily: There, your out too Daniel.

Daniel: Oh thank you ‘Libby’! *Rushes to huge Lily*

Lily: *try hard to breathe*My-name-is-not-’Libby-it’s-Lily-and-please-let-go-…-I can’t-BREATHE!

Vito:*Getting a bit jealous*Hey Danny, I think it best you give ‘your’ girlfriend a huge instead.

Me: Well lets get out of here, I worry that Mimmy may be on her way.

Vito: Your right, lead the way Pink, and once again *turns to Daniel and whispers*Don’t you ever touch my Lily again.*Gives him the evil squinty eye look*

Daniel: O_K…you really need to loosen up, she’s a pretty cat but I’ve got my own feline problems.


Me: *quickly intervening*Okay this way everyone!


So now we’re heading for the exit, moving faster because we have passed these paths before, there was a letter that I found at the bottom of the stairway of this tower, it looked half done but I picked it up and I’m going to read it later (forgive me Kuromi for looking through your personal stuff, but even though you did a mean thing to Kitty and Daniel, I’m worried about your long absence and why). Lily is so relieved to be going toward the exit of this castle, it has caused us a lot of stress and was very exhausting getting around, we’re in the court yard now running toward the main castle so we can get to the front yard and finally out the gate. It will be a relief to be outside ’scareland’ and back in the streets of Sanriotown, it would be nice to see some living trees again too. Pink Bear is over and out!

We found them! We finally found Kitty and Daniel! I am so happy.:). I keep worrying that this day would never come and we would be stuck in this gloom doom for the rest of our lives. Lily is using her claws to pick the lockets, she has used that method when she forgets her keys in the house or when her clothes draws jamb, so I’m sure this will be a cinch for her! *Dances around joyfully*, hold on I have an e-mail (wounder why I’m getting so many e-mails now that I’m in a dangerous place?). Hmmm… it’s from Ganta?:
*Cough cough, wheeze wheeze*Dear Pink Bear, hrm, I don’t know how to say this but please don’t attack me when you come back…do you remember that Mimmy was still with us when you last wrote, urm, urm, well there is some news I must inform you of in case (In case of what?@@?). The good news is (oh good it is good news, wonder why he was worried about me attacking him over good news when I get back) is that Mimmy is fine and doing well, urm, urm but urm…the bad news (there’s bad news!) is that she could be flying your way (my way…wait a minute…FLYING!!!!), please keep a look out for her, I don’t know what is happening but I don’t want my precious Mimmy to get hurt, we will quickly make our way to Kuromi’s castle to fetch her as soon as possible. Thank you.


*Speechless for awhile*Wha…bu…how…

Lily: *still picking lock of Kitty*What is the matter Pink?

Me: I am so tired!

Lily:*Not to sure what she means* We all are, do not worry, we will soon be free and then I can make us all some lemonade when we get back to town.

Kitty: Sorry for putting you all through all this trouble, I know it is very stressful.

Blue: It’s alright, it gave me the time to spend with my love. *Grabs my paw*.

Me: I am not in the mood, mind you. *Still thinking over what Ganta’s E-mail said*.

Blue: Why must you drive me from you so!

Vito:*Scratching and getting worried* Blue I think you really should leave her alone this time. What did you get from your e-mail?

Me: *Happy someone noticed, also pushes Blue aside and rushes up to Vito, whispering the message she got*.

Vito: Oh my! We should move quickly then so we can get her before she gets to the tower.

Blue: *Shocked* I am outraged that you can’t tell me what is wrong with you, but you can tell Vito! Am I not worthy of your trust? *Lower lip quivering*.

Me: You are but when you get all touchy you hear nothing else except your own flapping mouth.

Blue: I can’t help that you turn me into stuttering bowl of goo!

Daniel: *Beaming* I remember this scene before me and Kitty fell in love.

Me: *Giving Daniel a sharp glare*

Daniel:*Rushes to corner of his prison* I remember that look too…

Well we have to hurry so we can get out of here before Mimmy hits, the ground, Kitty is out now, and Lily is working on Daniel’s cell, I’m starting to feel like Mother Goose trying to collect all the pages of her rhymes. Over and out…

Second tower, a little power, lets rush so fast within an HOUR!

Hello there! Pink Bear here and I’ve got some wonderful news! The wonderful news is that we’re in the second tower now, don’t worry the map still proves true, we are avoiding many traps, except the one Blue stepped on and a bucket of purple liquid poured all over us, luckily there was a bathroom near by so we washed off the gunk in our fur (it smelled weird). It tinted Vito two shades darker than his slightly light purple but it really didn’t do any dying to anyone else fur. Were following the the sound of Kitty’s voice (which sounds very much like Mimmy’s) echoing the song ‘Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen’ like ‘Zazu from The Loin Kingimages.jpg.  Not to long ago she sent me this e-mail, which will help me to find her…I hope, I think her singing will be easier to use.@@.

Daniel is begging her to stop but she isn’t listen, (for us to hear all that at the distance we are should show the frustration that Kitty and Daniel are having at the moment). Well after our clean ups we continued up the spiral stairs and now we are checking the long, long hallways of prison that line the walls (I don’t know if it’s magic or mirrors that make the prison so numerous looking, it’s not very amusing might I add :( ). For some funny reason I’m very worried about Mimmy, even if it is her sister I came to help, like she didn’t heed my warning or something. All well, we’re almost home free! I’m so happy already, soon Kitty and Daniel will be out, then I will be on my way home to face off with the witches of the neighborhood, and I can finally do something about finding the froggies and helping them with Mimmy…who I have a nagging feeling is closer than I think. Pink Bear is over and out!

I don’t remember this picture…

Pink Bear here, yeah I know, long time no type, but try running and screaming at the top of your lungs with bats, falling and exploding potion bottles and wondering why the hallway is getting darker and darker the further you go all at the same time, you wouldn’t have time to type the exclamation ‘AAAAAAAAAAA’ either. I saw what Blue said about the cow, I kind of believe him because with all this potion stuff in the area it can do anything to anyone or anything after being exposed for so long. I’m able to check my e-mails now because we’re out in the court yard facing the second tower. I got two messages, both were really weird, the first was a message that said:

 Chosen one, your task is not yet done, be prepared…

 Then this strange e-mail that keep glowing gold then pink over and over again.  The second was this baby picture, I knew it was me, but I don’t recall holding this in my hand:baby-pink.JPG

I know that it’s cute and all, but it doesn’t look like a picture I’ve seen in any of my family albums, I don’t have a shiny pink crystal laying anywhere in my house, I don’t remember my mother telling me anything about having glowing jewelry that I played with at such a young age (of course I don’t recall being the chosen one to hold this spooky seed I’ve now keep in my pocket, so I guess anything goes :(), now if only I could understand this  strange e-mail address, maybe I should send an e-mail to this strange address to see if I get a response (or an explanation) Pink Bear is over and out!

Okay, Blue has something to clear up here.

Hey it’s Blue, how do all of you do? I know I haven’t really used my angel’s blog to talk to anyone or anything for awhile, but thats because she is always hiding her computer away from me, and doesn’t trust me enough to not write anything icky, I don’t know what is so icky about true confessions of love, but I don’t want her to band me from her blog, or block my e-mail address, I rather be able to know (or hope) she will be able to type to me or receive a message from me anytime of the day. Now, about the case of her reporting me to the whole world as a ‘cow abuser’, I must make one thing clear. That so called innocent cow was making faces at me first, it stuck it’s tongue out at me, crossed it’s eyes, used it’s tail to make clock like movements around it’s ear to indicate that I’m coo-koo! ( I have no idea how a cow can be that flexible). I wasn’t going to put up with that because I don’t go about looking for trouble, especially if I’m in a place I can’t get out of. Pink, Lily and Vito thought I was just teasing the cow because it is assumed it didn’t do anything, but I am telling you all, that cow is not very friendly. Vito has been trying to remind me of how wounder the outside world is for some unknown reason, I told I’m not going crazy but I highly doubt he believes me.  I will try to get the permission to write from Pink’s blog more often, until then, see ya’ll later.


Pink Bear here, sorry for not updating you guys on the happenings in Kuromi’s castle (when that bunny takes a trip, she really takes a trip, what has it been now since her last sighting near town, a month?). Anyway so far we’ve searched every prison in this tower and not a sign of Kitty nor Daniel, it is ridiculous to have to go through so many bared rooms and not find one thing worthy of a imprisonment(Lily has been telling me that we might be in the wrong tower, but I just wanted to be sure). Well it is confirmed that we are in the wrong tower (I’ve been here so long I can’t tell if it’s day or not anymore @@). I got a message from my kid brother (again) on my mini computer, he said Mimmy came over to say hi and tell me she is about to travel in a jet plane (that’s nice, until I read futher)…a jet plane to here, Kuromi’s castle (excuse me for a moment please…*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA etc*, is she crazy?  Did being changed back into a kitten erase her senses again?  I wrote her an immediate e-mail of which I hope she gets it before she travels anywhere near here D:) he also said she seemed shorter than usual, the twin witches, Sparkle and Speckle fuzz have been stocking him, probably seeking revenge for what he did to the them the other day, Ganta has been acting really weird for awhile (the part about Ganta acting weird does not really surprise me, he turns into a rock when he wants to hide anyway), he has been having a hard time trying to convince mother and father Bear that I’m really at Lily’s house because Lily’s parents have traveled (all the more reason why she hopped on the chance for an adventure in her new home town) and there has been a steady increase of humans moving into the neighboring towns and cities (that doesn’t bother me, what bother’s me is those twin idiots pestering my kid brother!). Well we’re going to find our way out this tower and into the second tower to search for Kitty and Daniel, it is frustrating especially as we were feeling it would soon be over. Pink Bear is over and out!

PS: Don’t worry, to those who know, I’ve manged to pull Blue away from the poor cow he has been making faces at in the prison a long time ago.  Also I found a little skating game where you can choose different Sanrio characters, you can check it out (I’ve been meaning to post this for ages).

And so we know a little bit about where we are.

Pink Bear here, with the latest report on our progress in Kuromi’s castle. Lily, by some twist of luck, found a map of the castle (this probably indicate that Kuromi knows her castle is so big that she may even get lost in it every once and awhile herself). Well we took the map for a test drive, followed it to avoid the traps (which were built into the steps of the stairway), so far the map has proven accurate, no missed traps or uncharted rooms. It seems there are only two prisons in the castle each in a tower, so since we’re not sure which tower, there being only two, were right now looking through the prisons of the first tower we’re in. It seems Kuromi has a lot people she hates…or just animals she doesn’t get along with, she also labels the cages and prisons, we’ve seen ‘ugly cow’ which is a cow that probably got put in there for not producing milk, ‘boring chicken’, which is a chicken that just sits there and peak the ground, ‘pile of clothes I don’t like’ which is not anything alive, just a pile of clothes that she left there gathering dust. So yeah I’m freaked out about the labeling and what she keeps in her prisons (I highly suspect she doesn’t really use her prisons, so the excitement of actually having someone she truly is upset with behind bars seems to be a reason why she has not released Kitty and Daniel and would like to use them to re-unlock the dark lord as Kitty’s SOS messages keep reading). Well I’m glad that everyone is still concerned about our well being, up-the-stairs-with-blues.jpgBlue is stressing me out again, keeps singing love songs, his not half bad but come on, the grabbing my hand and hugging me half to death (even after decking him earlier for the same thing!) is getting a bit to much!!! I don’t want to keep beating the snot out of him but if he doesn’t leave me alone soon I going to have to punch him in the gut. Pink Bear is having her patients tested, over and out….

Told you Brownie can be mean sometimes, but he also can be sweet.

Pink Bear here, we’re going up the tower stairs and so far we’ve dodged flying bats and crows, hopped over broken stone steps and fallen through several trap doors in the walls, that just threw us back to the bottom of the stairway again. Brownie sent me an e-mail after the seventh trap door throw down, since he is still practicing how to put down words in writing, he sent me a picture of something with the words ‘HA-HAHAHA-HEHEHA-HA-HE-HE-HE_HE!’ Attached, make a wild guess what the pictures are…the following included:

The first picture is pretty obvious, if not, it’s a picture of Ganta running for his dear life from Mimmy, who was still a beetle, he stepped on her and was down the sidewalk in second with mad buzzing flying behind him (according to Brownie’s snooping around without mom nor dad knowing and using my camera to his advantage), Brownie said at some point Angie caught up with them saying something about a cure, I hope it’s for Mimmy (and I hope it works). The second seems to prove that Brownie is not very fond of Sparkle and Speckle fuzz, he actually found a way to set the timer on my camera, hide it some place and waited for them half a day so he could throw a bucket of water out the window at them. He felt the shot would make my day (it sure did.^^*evil laugh*…). Lily is looking at me funny, I best stop typing and get back to trying to figure out how to get up this maze of a tower. Oh and here is a post card from Purin that Brownie sent along, it was delivered sometime ago though, it also made me smile.^^.

post-cards-for-pink.jpgPink Bear is over and out!

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