Response of the Froggies, misterious curtousy of Brownie…@@

I got a set of e-mails on my Mini computer just an hour ago, a couple of them appealed to me more however. I got one from Brownie (strange feeling when his nice to me), but it wasn’t his letter, it was a scan of a handwritten letter. It was from the froggies, a response to my offer for a home until Donut Pond returns:

Dear Pink Bear,

I really appreciate all your help and support, but we have to decline on your offer about the pond at the back of your father’s shop. We are going on a journey as well. It’s time to see the world at a whole new light.

After what has happened, we came to realize that life is short. There are still a lot of things to do and see, more people to meet, more lessons to learn…I hope this journey will make us stronger and better creatures.

Take care of yourself, my friend. We’ll see each other again…I’m sure of it. Our paths will definitely cross once more.

Your slimy friend,


I understand, the world is more than the four walls of a home, and I hope they have plenty of lovely experiences on their journey. I hope Angie will be able to do something about the beetle problem  Mimmy is going through before the froggies go, so that they can be happy over one thing before they leave. I also got a personal e-mail from Brownie himself (don’t worry I thought him how to use the ’spell check’ on his e-mails and a dictionary to avoid pass mistakes, since the four year old knows his ABC’s backwards and forward, he picked up easily, but he also picked up more complicated ways to insult people, oyee….@@….):

Hello sister, I’ms happy that yous still okay, mommy bear is working double time since yous and Lilies are not at the salon today, daddy bear bought me a new shirts today, when yous come homes I will show yous! Tell Blue not to bothers yous, I will not allow any bearfriends to take up my sisters times with mes. Wait until I’ms fourteens like yous (I”M TWELVE, TWELVE YOU FISH STICK!!!) Well when yous comes back, get me somethings. Good bye sister.

Your Lil brothers, Brownie.

Okay, he still needs to practices, but believe me his a lot better now then he was before.  I also got one from some bears I really haven’t heard from for awhile ( in fact I haven’t wanted to hear from them in the first place), the witchy twins that are the meaning of the word harrasment:

Hi miss ugly, you do know who this is? (well yeah! The wicked witches of the east and west.) Well if your dense brain has forgotten, it is the glamorous, fabulous, never lacking Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz! Yeah, we do have to apologize to you for not checking on your scheming little self to make sure you have not taken our darling Blue Grrya away (this is another reason why I can’t find myself with Blue, he has all the town’s bears back at Daisyville drooling over him anyway, he should choose from one of them!) Well since we don’t trust you we’ll simply keep on sending e-mails, keep you distracted with checking them so you won’t have time to steal Blue away from m..I mean us. Oh, speckle wants to type to you too, guess she has something to say. (Oh good grief, is it not enough having one of the twins being so dang type-happy?!!)
I so like, don’t know why I like didn’t type you earlier. I guess I was so not in the mood to talk to you when you left and dragged Blue away (again you can have him!). You really like have to take up a new hobby, snatching bearfriends are like really shallow or something, you like don’t even seem worth it. I so wish you would like crawl into your ugly hole and croak or something. Of course knowing you, you might just rise up from beyond again. Well I don’t feel like saying anything more, you keep your grubby paws to yourself and stay away from my…I mean our Blue.

Definitely watching you,
Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz.

Okay, now I’ll have harassment from the internet and Blue, and the sounds of these evil bats! Why must the drama come when I least need it too?  Well there is a little good news, my friends and I found one tower, now to check it out.  Pink Bear trying hard to recover, over and out!

A copy of the letters to my dear friends

To Purin, the always encouraging puppy:

My dear friend Purin, I know it is quiet possible that you are not back from your journey but hopefully your able to get to a computer and see this e-mail, I have gone with my friend Lily, her boyfriend Vito and *shudders* Blue to Kuromi’s castle/tower/whatever to get Kitty and Daniel out of there so that my e-mail box does not have to be full of SOS distress calls anymore from Kuromi’s dwelling. Please, if you can, when you return check to see if I and my few friends are back, if not you know where to look for us, farewell for now.

your friend, Pink Bear.

To Mimmy my first true friend when I first came Sanriotown:

Mimmy, please hang on, I’ve gone to with Lily, Vito and *shudders* Blue to rescue your sister and Daniel. When I’m back, if you still haven’t been able to read your e-mails (having buggy hands I would imagin would make it difficult to type) I will go and find Angie, the little wizardess to find you and change you back to normal. Until then, I miss you and will surely seek you out.

Your friend, Pink Bear.

To the Froggies with such brave hearts:

My dear froggie friends, I know that this is not a good time for you, but I must still let you know that I have gone to Kuromi’s dwelling to search for Kitty and Daniel, so do not worry about me, I do hope your friend who was in the hospital got my flowers and card, and you got my earlier letter offering a place to live at a lovely clean river behind my father’s shop, I have not received word from anyone yet, I hope all of you are in good health, do not give up, there is still hope yet.:). If you ever stop by to take me up on that offer for a home until Donut pond is back please let me know. If I am not back by that time, you know where I have gone, please do not worry, you already have been through a lot.

Your friend, Pink Bear.

To Angie the grest Wizard(ess):

Hello Angie! It’s Pink Bear.^^. Haven’t seen you since the great battle at Donut Pond. Well unfortunately I don’t have a clue what site that image is from, even more unfortunately I’m in Kuromi’s castle looking for Kitty and Daniel (the things I do out of love, jeez!). I just want to tell you, if you should notice Ganta running down the road screaming like a little girl, please know that he is being chased by Mimmy, who is still a beetle, if you can, try to change her back. Now I have to continue my search, please wish me and my friends luck. Until next time. Good bye dear friend.

Door choosen, hallway full of more doors!@@!

Well there is plenty calm now, especially with no one constantly talking in my ear.   Of course at first there was plenty of distraction from, guess who, Blue Grrya, he converted from this quievering little bear to this clingy love struck loon!  He started to babble about not being considerate of my feelings and blab, blab, bla!  Here is what happened:

Blue: My dear Pink, I apologize for my discouraging behavior so far, will you for give my selfish act.

Me: *starring confused a bit at him* O-K…but what selfish act are you talking about, all I asked you to do is hold the flashlight.

Blue: I’m talking about how I’ve been so consumed with fear for my own life that I’ve not catered to comforting you knowing well enough that you must be afraid too.

Me:…Did you sniff glue or something? I’m trying to choose a door, I’m not scared anymore and you most certainly don’t have to comfort me, I’m fine now.

Blue: Oh my dearest love, denial is very much expected *grabs Pink and wraps his arms around her* You are safe with me my love fear not, for I your daring Prince will shield you from all that goes bump in the dark!

Me: *struggling for freedom* If you don’t let of go of me I’ll bump you all over your head in the dark!

Blue: I know you feel you shouldn’t be venerable around me, but we both can be as free as birds when we are toge…*BLAMMO!!!*

Me: *I stand over blue who is on the ground after I punched him* When I say let go I mean let go!

I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the little private talk Vito gave him, but he sure irritated me, Lily seemed unsurprised by the blow I gave Blue, she is probably use to my warnings being straight foward.I can happily say we have choosen a door, I can also un-happily say there are more doors behind this door, now tell me…WHAT IS WITH THESE MANY DOORS!!!  I am not going to choose anymore, I’ll just go all the way to the end of the hall and go throught the last door.

PoP! GoEs ThE BuBbLe!

You Are Bubblegum Flavored Gum

You are friendly, outgoing, and energetic.
You love life, and you can always find some reason to smile.
You are a bit hyper, and you’re always looking for your next challenge.
You love getting things done - and you are usually on the go.
Your confidence and positive attitude makes you a very attractive person.
You can be a little flaky at times, but people are able to overlook that - because you’re so fun!

What Flavor Gum Are You?

Okay, yeah I know, strange for me to be posting a survey or quiz, when I’m standing in front of the black castle of fear, but I had to take something to calm myself down and watching Blue twitching with fear does not help matters(plus I do not take drugs, coffee, or do well with chocolate when I’m not comfortable). Lily has gotten herself from Vito’s encouraging words to her, one day I will have a similar beautiful relationship, but as for now I’m find with just friends. Well, we’ve all decided to go in (including quivering blue…that sounds like a name of a new shade of blue). On entering the double huge front doors that separated the porch, dieing crab grass and spooky forest-like trees behind us from the dark, un-lite interior of the supposedly beautiful waiting room, if it weren’t so creepily dark in here, I would be whistling at the fancy wood work, a amazing decor of it all. Kuromi has good taste, just wish she wouldn’t leave it so eerie dark in here! Now there are several door ways leading to different parts of the castle, the squeaking bats do not make it easy to choose a door to walk through, and I fear that Kuromi having been familiar with magic and sorcery, that there may be some magical traps or spills laying around (she has to have some security in her home, especially if she is always leaving it open @@). I’m highly worried, but first lets find out where to check first, I wish there was a map of the castle so we could find our way easier, keep rooting for us, Pink Bear is over and out!

In front of a massive dwelling…

Pink Bear here…, right now I’m in front a massive dark castle with many towers, and some eerie looking bats flying in and out of it, this castle is so Kuromi, I just look at it and see her laughing or smiling that mischievous smile she always has.glitter-kuromi.gif*shudders*. hello-kitty-black-wounder-2.jpgSomewhere in there is Daniel and Kitty, where in there I’m not sure. Kuromi however isn’t all bad, a little on the easily jealous struck but not someone who is completely horrible. kuromi-in-her-three-must-know-moods.gif She has the ability to cry when she is sad, laugh when she is happy (even though that is creepy to see sometime) and get upset (which she does a lot of). Blue is looking a little gray in the face, I asked him if he was afraid but he would always respond (in a rather shaky voice) ‘N-n-n-no, I-I-I-I’m very fine with this’. I think I caught him twitching a bit. Vito was more concerned with making sure Lily was comfortable. Lily was not very calm, but she most certainly did not want to turn back. We all took in deep breathes than slowly rolled up to the huge black metal gates, as predicted the bunny left her house open and traveled. The front get was open, and lanes of ever dieing grass spotted with spooky trees gave a warm welcome to the headless horseman.:(. Now all we have to do is get to the front door of this scary ‘doomdom’ and make the decision to go in or…turn back. Pink Bear, a bit zoned out…

Pink is on her way to Kuromi’s tower to get Kitty and Daniel!

Pink Bear here, and right now I’m on my way to Kuromi’s tower to save Kitty and Daniel, it’s not to far (and for some funny reason that bunny is always leaving her door unlocked so it won’t be that difficult to get in and search it). My friend Lily was in a slum yesterday early eve over a letter she found from Vito next to my half eaten birthday cake, but than after getting some advice she and Vito were back together with smiles, they both decided to come along with me,

vito.jpgthis would be Vito’s first adventure with his love and friends in Sanriotown, he would be able to account for the ones we had in Daisyville.


unfortunately Lily’s excited meowing over going on an adventure caught the attention of an unwanted passer-by, guess who….if you said ‘Blue‘ your absolutely right, if you said ‘a monkey’, I would say ‘I wish’.

blue-grrya.jpg Blue got so happy and barged into my house when I opened the front door chattering with joy over how he would ‘finally have a chance to protect me from danger’ and ’show how much he can be a great bearfriend’, I DON”T WANT A BEARFRIEND YET! I’ve told him time after time I’m not ready for a high level relationship. Of course he is so stubborn! So now I’m on my bicycle with Lily on roller skates, Vito on scooter and Blue rolling right beside me on his skateboard. I’ve already sent word via e-mail, mail, and even stopped along the way to leave note on some of my Sanrio friends doors. At least to let them know where I have gone too. Kuromi has vanished from Sanriotown, so I guess our biggest challenge would be to find the prison, and to find the key. Wish us luck, (and pray Blue doesn’t get so much in my way that I have to deck him ):p). Pink Bear over and out!

This is by the way, but I thought I let you know.

I know that my link has not been showing anything except words, but now you have a link you can use right here:link2.jpg I hope it works @@.

I’m all better now and my family remembered my Birthday!

Pink Bear here and I’m so happy to say that I’m fully recovered and ready for another challenge (even if I’m not going to tell my mom that I’m off to yet another adventure soon). My recovery may have taken me some time but I am ready to go and do what I must for my friends, I have to go and find the froggies and let them know about the lovey river behind my father’s shop so they can live there until we can find a way to return the pond, I have to go and find Mimmy but I must involve my dear friend Angie the magician (or is she a wizardess? I’m still trying to figure it out). I have to search for Kitty and Daniel, I have to start remembering that long dream I had while I was passed out for a week, I have to find Purin so I can help him with the search for Melody, and so much more! The battle may be over but the war has just begun! (Lily is very upset with me right now because I just fully recovered and I want to go running into to danger all over again, bless her kitty heart for being so concerned over me).

Well I’ve listed out what I HAVE TO DO LATER, let me talk about what happened just today. Remember in my last post I said it was my birthday on the 9th of August, well because that week I had been knocked out, and the following week was spent recovering, they decided to celebrate it today. It was actually a surprise to me, especially when my little brother Brownie jumped out of my closet shouting ‘HAPPY BIRTHS-DAYS PINX’ ( I swear that bear has a lisp of some sort), it was meant to be sweet but because I was still a little bit shaken from the battle at the pond I swung an unexpected arm at him in defense and gave him a lump on the head (don’t worry I apologized, I’m not that mean of a sister). I went down stairs to the kitchen and there was Mother, Father, Lily, Vito( Lily’s boyfriend…he-cat friend) and (shudders) Blue with a big vanilla favored cake singing ‘Happy Birthday’, I was so surprised and full of joy that I just bursted into tears! I didn’t think anyone remembered, or they did just they were afraid to remind me because of the disappearance of most of my friends in Sanriotown, but what they did came from the heart, and that gives me more strength to actually look for our missing friends so some how they can be apart of the joy I feel today. Pink Bear is deeply moved and motivated, over and out!

When I get better…is there more drama?!!!@@!!!

Pink Bear here and I’m glad to say that day by day I’m getting stronger, I don’t fall when I stand up all of a sudden anymore and I’ve started to talk without gaps in my sentences (it’s sort of like a stroke, so it affects your speech, movements, co-ordinations, and a few other things, it isn’t a good feeling). Well now I’ve gone into the kitchen with my new lab top, I don’t know how important this is, but my birthday was last week on the 9th of August while I was passed out (what a way to celebrate a birthday, yesh!:() Anyway Lily is trying to make me a nice lunch with all those ingredients that Victor5 had suggested, vegetable and chicken soup, with fruit and yogurt for a desert, there’s also some nice freshly baked bread Mommy Bear left for us before going to work.  So far lunch is looking pretty good, I’m glad Lily knows how to cook as good as I do, we actually trade recipes quiet a lot, I also enjoy Keroleen’s cooking, it more professional than traditional.  By the way has anyone seen that little yellow and black beetle that was flying around in my room the other day? I miss it already. *sniff*.  It was very nice to see it, even if it made funny clicking noises, I quiet felt at peace, as if it were someone familiar in the room with Lily and me, in fact it is part of the reason I felt better today because it made me happy, but it also made me remember Mimmy, and I miss her so much.  Purin has been gone for awhile, I’m guessing he took a ride with his new friends the horses.  Well, I have another errand to do after my full recovery, I have to find Kitty and Daniel, the e-mails I’m getting are over whelming!  She’s been seizing every opportunity she can to send me an S.O.S for the past week and a half, and I do hope I’m able to get to her soon.  She has also written me about how much she misses her sister Mimmy, which is very heart breaking to hear.  I really hope Mimmy is found soon (can some please tell me why everyone keeps telling me Mimmy is a beetle? She is a white furry kitten, a-kit-ten, A KIT-TEN!)  Pink Bear is going to soon be fully recovered, over and out! 

Feel better, feeling strong, woundering where everyone is@@

Hi, Pink Bear here…yeah I know…long time no post. Well I can explain; I’ve been laying down in a bed ever since the end of the great battle at Donut Pond, I fainted and thats about all I remembered. So here I am, a week plus later awake and getting updates from my friend Lily who had disappeared after trying to keep up with the hopping of the froggies toward donut pond. She explained her absence from the battle ground, my mother had caught her and she had to keep my mother busy while everyone else was getting possessed by things i.e. Melody possessed by an evil wizard, froggies possessed by each other, me possessed by the Sorceress of the Seed. My mother was wondering about my where abouts because she had noticed the strange stormy clouds some distance away. So I’m kind of glad Lily keep her occupied, I don’t think mother bear would approve of me fighting dark lords and evil possessing wizards.@@. Well I can say it’s been tough so far, everyone is missing Melody…I think I had a dream about her but I’m not quiet sure…anyway I hear that the froggies are looking for a new place to live, my dad’s candy and party shop has a huge stream behind it, I wonder if they would consider living there until we can find a way to bring the pond back. Purin visited me while I was still knocked out which is very sweet of him. I checked my e-mails not to long ago, Kitty and Daniel seem to still be in some kind of distress, the moment I get better I’m going to look right into that. Mimmy is missing still, there has been a persistent beetle flying around in my room. Lily wanted to squish it but I told her not to because it had such pretty colors and it was making me feel a bit cheery. Well I’m back in bed now, I’m sure before the next day or so I’ll be able to get started on helping my friends with their various issues. Pink Bear getting stronger, wish me luck, over and out!

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