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1n.JPGPink Bear here, with a very worrying report.  For awhile now there has been a little craziness going on in Sanriotown.  I went to the Froggies swimming party with my friend Lily.  Of course strange things were noticed while at the party.  I noticed that the froggies were having an ‘out of body’ experience of some sort, a human lady is moving about Sanriotown and Kuromi is missing.  Then there’s the issue of Mimmy slowly forgetting her memory, Melody is um…a bit zoned out about what she says out loud, Keroleen has been screaming for hours over ‘evil food’ and I have no idea why this seed is glowing.  Now I’m looking for Mimmy who ran off with a huge crowd after her.  If you find her, tell me where she is so I can help her. Lily has gone off another direction  to search for Keroleen, I hope she finds her.  But for some strange reason all this started happening after Melody finished The devil’s thrill’ and we sent these outfits to our dear friend Mimmy:

1a.JPG1e.jpg (I hope she does like them).  Now I do hope she isn’t getting to heads in the cloud, because she is so lovable and I don’t want her to go loony and loose that, so please be on the look out for her, Keroleen, the three froggies, Melody and Kuromi. Please! Pink Bear worried, over and out!

10 Responses to “Second thoughts on newly sent goods…”

  1. A glowing seed??!! All these is getting too surreal! I hope you find Mimmy soon >.

  2. The froggies have found her! Yea!!! I was almost out of breathe, thanks for the concern Ripplecloud.

  3. I hope this mess gets fixed soon.:/

  4. I hope everything will be ok…:(

  5. Fairlady-z & iheartbadtz: I hope so too.:(.

  6. Outfits for Mimmy? :/ Erm I don’t think it suits her much!

  7. Amethyst_lover: How so, could you advice me so there can be improvements (when we get Mimmy back to normal).

  8. I mean the ones that she’s wearing now don’t suit her as well :c Hmm… What kind of image is she aiming for anyway?

  9. Amethyst_lover: If you can remember to when she first wanted an image change, she was aiming for rock star kitty.^^. Do you think the colors need to be more edgy? (With hints of yellow of course).

  10. i am run-chan nice to meet you!

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