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What would My Melody look like if she were in human form?

Hello Sanriotown! Pink Bear here with a question for you. How do you think My Melody would look if she were in human form? We have a clue (or I have a hunch) that we all know how Kuromi would look in human form, thus the following

I choose this picture because it displays them side by side along with Buka, (but it unfortunately just confuses me more about if their one in the same, Kuromi is not telling me much, because in this picture it is the same lady that disappeared shortly after Kuromi’s reappearance, you know, the one that keep talking about skinning My Melody).

Well there is a very creative young artist named kurohiko who decided to have a go at how Melody would look, something like this:

1ja1.jpg1c.JPG. Isn’t that awesome? It was like she read my mind on Melody’s possible look.  (I altered the pictures to have a ’shiny glow’ effect, I hope the artist of the two pictures don’t mind) Tell me what you think, and don’t be afraid to visit her blog using her name mentioned above as a link, it’s really interesting.  Pink Bear still busy with the plan on normalizing Sanriotown, over and out!

And Now I know How To Use The Seed!

1r.JPGPink Bear here, and I’m very excited to report the following…I FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE THE MAGIC SEED!!! Hurray!  While Mimmy was getting her senses back bit by bit, and realization of Melody’s violin lesson dangers became more obvious.  I noticed that the little blue bird that told me about the seed some time ago was perched on a branch not to far away.  I had to leave Mimmy, the froggies, Keroleen and Lily who were all babbling at the same time so they wouldn’t notice me tip toeing away to where it was.  The following conversation took place:

Bird: I was wondering when you will notice me.

Me: What are you doing here anyway? I thought you flew away.

Bird: I did but I realized I didn’t tell you how to use the seed,especially now that it’s glowing.

Me: How did you know the seed is glowing?

Bird: Never mind that. What is important right now is you use the seed to help your friends.

Me: (In my head while starring blankly at blue bird) Are you nuts! I’m no super hero!!!

Bird: Don’t look at me like I’m nuts. You have to do this because the seed choose you.

Me: Choose me?! Okay this is getting out of hand, in fact I’m throwing this glowing piece of confusion away the moment I get home!

Bird: DON’T DO THAT! The seed is a purifier, when there is evil in the air it can clean it out without any side effects.

Me: Oh really, and how do you suppose it do that? (Note: I’m being sarcastic).

Bird: Go to the source of the evil with any or all your friends , let the seed touch any source of water near by and it’s power will spread into the air.

Me: Won’t that cause it to grow or start to rot if it’s not put into the soil?

Bird: No, the seed can never grow unless planted In a mystical land unknown to you. Use the seed soon, before the evil spreads any further.

With that the bird flies away.  Now to me this bird is stocking me without me knowing, or just plan batty, but if is telling the truth I think we may have a way to fix this really big problem.  Wish me luck in presenting this plain to my very confused friends.  Pink Bear hoping for the best, over and out!

I know why Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel have been gone so long!

Pink Bear here with a report on something I hope everyone has noticed and not just me. Hello Kitty has not blogged in the longest time, and all the while I just thought she got tired of blogging. Well according to some resources unknown, she has been ‘catnapped’ by someone who is just as popular.  If you can do something to convince our dear bunny friend to release Kitty and her boyfriend, Dear Daniel, (who no one really takes much notice of for as long as he has been in Sanriotown).  Other than that please keep hope alive by letting others know, you can try helping them out with this link http://hkblackwonder.sanriotown.com/game/eng/game.php, save them (even if Kuromi has been found, but that human lady has been quiet passive, she hasn’t skinned any animals yet, in fact she has disappeared!) Pink Bear is over and out!

Second thoughts on newly sent goods…

1n.JPGPink Bear here, with a very worrying report.  For awhile now there has been a little craziness going on in Sanriotown.  I went to the Froggies swimming party with my friend Lily.  Of course strange things were noticed while at the party.  I noticed that the froggies were having an ‘out of body’ experience of some sort, a human lady is moving about Sanriotown and Kuromi is missing.  Then there’s the issue of Mimmy slowly forgetting her memory, Melody is um…a bit zoned out about what she says out loud, Keroleen has been screaming for hours over ‘evil food’ and I have no idea why this seed is glowing.  Now I’m looking for Mimmy who ran off with a huge crowd after her.  If you find her, tell me where she is so I can help her. Lily has gone off another direction  to search for Keroleen, I hope she finds her.  But for some strange reason all this started happening after Melody finished The devil’s thrill’ and we sent these outfits to our dear friend Mimmy:

1a.JPG1e.jpg (I hope she does like them).  Now I do hope she isn’t getting to heads in the cloud, because she is so lovable and I don’t want her to go loony and loose that, so please be on the look out for her, Keroleen, the three froggies, Melody and Kuromi. Please! Pink Bear worried, over and out!

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