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A little blue bird told me…

Hi Pink Bear here.  With a little story that happened not to long ago (try yesterday afternoon).  I was on my way to the store to get some groceries when I found this seed on the ground.  I know, your probably like ‘oh big deal  you found a seed on the ground’, but heres the thing, this seed was pretty big and far away from any forest, food stores or plant shops, and it was flat as a pancake, but thats not really the interesting part about it.  On one side, the side that was facing up when I found it, it looked like just a really huge seed, on the other side it was like white glossy marble.  Now I’ve not seen a seed that had two sides that don’t look like each other so I’m pretty taken by this.  After a brief walk to the store, on my way back this little blue bird started following me, I had some crackers in my pocket ( of which you can’t see my pockets in the picture up above but believe me their there), and threw some of it on the ground.  The bird actually ignored the crackers, which was a surprise because I’ve never seen a bird who would pass up easy food… on the other hand I’ve never seen a two sided seed either… anyway it keep following me and eventually I turned around and asked it

“What do you want, why are you following me?”, for awhile it just chirped at me, hopped around a bit and cocked it’s head from left to right, which was annoying,  because that didn’t answer any part of my questions.  So  I’m about to keep going when I hear this tiny, pitchy voice say

“Hold on to that seed, it’s good luck.”  I turn around and theirs that bird starring at me,

” What?”  I asked, just to be sure it was the bird talking to me. 

” I said you should hold on to that seed, it’s good luck.”  The bird says and flies away. 

Now when something like that happens to you (especially you human beings), the most logical thing to think is ‘It’s finally happened, I’ve gone crazy’, the logical thing to do is run and the logic thing to concentrate on is the possibility of having super powers to hear the language of all living species, but heres the thing… I’m not human.  It’ simply got me curious.  So the whole point of telling this story is to ask you the readers, what do I do with this lucky seed?  Pink Bear is waiting for some suggestions, over and out!

So Mimmy knows she has the style too.

Hi! Pink Bear here, with a very important message to my friend Mimmy. I want to let her know that even though she feels left out of the fame of her sister, she is still a star in my book. As for not having the latest style I asked my friend Lily to sew a slightly different outfit from your sister’s for you, so at least you’ll have a latest in your waredrob.


I know it’s not much, and the outfit is already on it’s way to your house, but I hope you like the little computer art to show you how it is going to look on you when you get it. Smiles Mimmy, we love you  just as much as your sister.  And even more as a friend.:).  Pink Bear.

Nuts about everything!

Hi there, Pink here, and yes, the title has a purpose.  I was as usual going through a bunch of surveys when I happened upon this one, and hey, being a bear and all I said to myself “I wonder what kind of nut I am, since I like nuts so much.”… Well I took the survey and here was my result:

You Are a Pistachio

You are funky, freaky, and a total character.You’re very different than anyone you know.There’s no way you’re changing the way you are…Which is good, because no one wants you to change.

What Nut Are You?


I have to be honest, I’ve never eaten a Pistachio, so I have no clue if I’m a tasty nut or an alright nut, in-fact I think I’m ‘nuts’ for taking this survey because I should of used a little more common sense to remember that there are more nuts to be compared to than peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and pecans… if pecans are nuts.  But hey, I’m fine with it, still confused but fine. 

Now there is  a second reason for the title.  Do any of you still remember Blue?  Yes he is the bear who is head over heels for me and has become some what stoker-like since he moved to Sanriotown toward me.  For the pass ten days his been coming all the way to mother’s salon and starring at me through the window when I’m working, does he not understand that anyone would find that creepy?  I have to leave through the back of the salon just to get away from the block without being seen and it’s driving me nuts!  If he keeps on doing this I’ll have to start carry pepper spray, and no, pepper spray is not a seasoning, it’s a liquid weapon!  I hope you all have a none creepy day. Over and out!

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