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Half Cat half fish.

Pink Bear here, with the question of today on this survey I found, this result confuses me:

I’m Hello Kitty Water Fairy! made by: Jen

Now see here, I eat fish but a half cat, half fish I don’t find very appetizing. @x@. This is pretty and all but come on, cats eat fish, so do bears, why be part of what you eat? I understand the saying ‘you are what you eat’ but no one wants to go around eating themselves, and there are no records of turning into a 50% salad or cookie after you eat enough of it, you just get a tummy ache if there needs to be a side effect; and yeas I am aware that this the Year of the Rat and really shouldn’t concern myself with fish, cats or bears at the moment (by the way Happy Chinese New Year) but it would be very appreciated if someone please explain this picture to me, because I’m highly confused by it. Pink is over and out!
Oh and before I go…
Happy Chinese New Year!!! (sorry this is the closes picture to a cut rat i could find…).

Lots to talk about, and plent of sorries for the absence.

Pink Bear here, after a long absence of which I apologize for. to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be gone so long.  It was more of a forced on choice than a self decision really.  it started with the twin witch bears when they keep sending viruses to the computer and then finally the whole system gave up and shut down, so no computer for several days, I had to take it into a computer workshop and just around the time when so much excitement was around.  first off Mimmy is back from lovely Paris along with all our lovely friends who were in the search for Tabby,  ( I got a lovely Eiffel tower from Mimmy by the way), Lily has moved to sanriotownand even opened up her own blog!  Vito showed up around yesterday and so much more has happened in such a short period of time.  I also got two e-mails from both Lily and Mimmy, Mimmy told me she has travelled once again to China with guess who…, her sister kitty! I hope they get quiet along with each other.  I travelled to Tijuana Mexico!  Mexico is a country found in South America.  There main language is Spanish, it is very similar to French.  I had plenty of fun and wish we had stayed for more than two days, there was plenty of ,Piñatas, restaurants, shopping, and that was accompanied by the confusion of what they were saying and all the hawkers on the streets.  hawkers are people who run up and down the road desperately trying to sale something.  Brownie though it was funny to watch them run up and down in traffic shouting about their prices for their products, i guess his to dim to understand it was a means of survival for them,  mom cautioned him a couple of times when he keep making faces at the hawkers through the rental car window.  Here are few pictures:

a.JPGj.JPGk.JPGl1.JPG There would of been more pictures if we stayed longer, or if my camera battery didn’t die.

Also about Lily’s e-mail, here it is:

 Hi Pink, it’s Lily, I’ve sent you several e-mails, but you must of not gotten them, I don’t live to far from you now, so I promise to come visit as soon as we finish up with unpacking and stuff. here is a picture of our new home! What do you think of it? well I have to go, see you soon, oh and before I forget I have a blog of my own now, hope you visit soon, bye Meow!!!lily-displays-her-new-home.jpg 

I’m so happy for her, she has a lovely house, doesn’t she? Well I still have lots of catching up to do since my vanish from the blogging world, and yes I promise to get the blog site for Lily posted as soon as possible, Pink Bear glad to be back, over and out!

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