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I can’t believe this bear chased me down the road!!!

Pink Bear here, panting and …. out of wind, I’m sure your wondering why I’m *pant* so tired and out of *gasp* breathe. running-from-admirers.JPG

Well, a couple of days earlier (before today) the witch twins showed up. They moved into a really big mansion on the neighboring street, so I’ve been really careful about how I come out of the house so I don’t bump into them ( the ‘its’, as in those two heartless ‘things’ called twins), but just this afternoon the house across from mine had moving vans in front of them, at first I was pretty chipper about having some new neighbors until I suddenly saw something blue and fuzzy with a big smile on his face rushing toward me at full speed, I was so taken by surprised that I didn’t look to see who it was and took off down the road in total and complete fear! I ran all the way down the road all the while hearing the rapid moving feet of my pursuant behind me, the loon didn’t even talk until I had made a sharp turn on a corner and dashed right into a little cafe, I didn’t know who it was until I looked outside the cafe window and heard “Pink my love wait!” That was when I realized it was Blue Grrya! He ran right pass the cafe, but to be honest I’m glad he didn’t follow me into the cafe, I probably would have jumped out the window.@_@. So now your informed about how far it’s going with the buds moving to Sanriotown. Hopefully there will be no more heart rate increasing surprises. Pink Bear is now relaxed, over and out!


I’m sorry but I just realized that my blog has not been logged out for three days or so! This is why I’m really shocked over the previous post my little brother Brownie wrote (especially since he can barely spell). I never thought that my attention was so important to him, especially since his so use to telling me that I should leave him alone, or plays tricks on anyone who came to visit me because he preferred me to go away when I’m with friends unless he wants something. Its actually kind of sweet, but at the same time its a bit worrying for me. If he only likes to spend time with me to toucher me then there is really something wrong with our brother sister relationship. When did he get so possessive!!! Then theres the minor (major!!!) problem of Sparkle and Speckle, the twin witches bent on giving me a headache everyday of my life, these two witches found out my e-mail address! I am not happy to receive a letter from ‘Daisyville’s’ least enjoyable brats! They sent this to me two days ago:

sparkle-and-speckle.jpgHey formal least beautiful of Daisyville, sorry we weren’t about to write you earlier, I guess we were to busy trying to remove all the brain washing you did to poor Blue for the last month or so. Don’t worry Pink loser, your friend Lily has temporarily taken your place as the least pretty in town. Daddy has decided that its time we moved to a town more exciting, I don’t know why he thought that the very town you moved to would be just perfect, anywhere you are just seems dull, although I will admitted it much more fun to make fun of you than it is to make fun of that dumb cat friend of yours, she barely flinches! Oh Speckle says she found out about your blog thing, well be monitoring your movements there, especially since we know our beloved Blue is moving over there as well, so you better not try anything funny to take him away from me-um-i mean-us. We’ll see you in a couple of days, bye. And don’t try to make yourself seem innocent of not snatching other bears’ boyfriends.


Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz

Couple of days is today! There coming today!!! What am I going to do if I have torment from both inside and outside my home? I really need to seat down and talk to my brother about some certain rules at hand, he might even direct his destructive nature to something more useful, like informing when ever the twin witches are just around the corner. Pink Bear is over and out!

I’m going two invaid and protekt my sistar

untitled1.jpgI Brownie Bear, d onerabell liddle broder ov Pink d Bear haf invaid my sistar’s bloggy thingy in ordar two worn all dose meanies and ’secrete addmyeres’ ov hers to leve my sistar alones. I am d onlee won who has d righiit two boder hers. If u can not reed dis, it is bcuz I am trree yeers old, so I triid my best. Do not mache fun ov mes. U haf bin keepin my stistar frum haffin times for mes, it is not fairs. I use two b able two bodars hers and she will chace mes all arohounds d howsey. Now she just rites about it and feels all bedders. I miss poking at her two give me somethings or followin her up and down and anoyings hers. So back off, it is my sistar, and I do not want two share! Harray, I haf rite a post office.^^*smiling sheepishly to himself*.

New Year Gifts!

happy-new-year-pink.JPG You are not going to believe this but I just got a message from my friend Lily, now the content of this message is really one of the most exacting things I’ve ever heard, but let me lay a format before telling you all what this message is:

lily-cat-2.jpgNow my best friend from Daisyville, Ms. Lily Cat, has her father working for a company owned by my arch enemies’ (Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz the two witches) dad back there. So it’s obvious why Lily hasn’t moved from Daisyville ( don’t get me wrong, Daisyville is a lovely place, with friendly neighborhoods and beautiful scenery and all, but there are not many job opportunities, and most of the jobs are occupied by the younger residents). Well anyway Her dad and Blue Grrya’s dad are very close friends ( thanks to my Papa^^), just like my mom and Lily’s mom are very close friends and they have been plaining to move out of town (or should I say ‘ville’ ?), start up a little shoe store and see how well they do. So now the big news starts from that faithful day on Thanksgiving last year when Lily’s family came over. The grown-ups keep going off into little groups and mumbling about stuff they didn’t want the younger ones to hear, then at some point they called Lily aside and told her something, she came back to us ‘kids’ beaming and I was kind of expecting her to say why she was so happy (besides having her family over) but she said nothing, so I didn’t force her to spit anything out. Which finally leads me to expose her message to me:

Dear Pink, it’s your friend Lily. I wanted to tell you on Thanksgiving but it wasn’t a sure deal yet until now. My family along with Blue’s family are moving to Sanriotown! I’m so happy but at the same time I’m surprised. My dad has been talking about getting away from his old job for so long, but never really seemed like he was serious, the best part about this is I get to see you when ever I like, and Vito has decided to live with his grandparents who live just a couple of blocks away from you, so I don’t have to break-up with him! ^^ I can’t help smiling as I write to you, it’s going to be wonderful. I will not lie that I will not miss Daisyville, with its lovely green meadows, its open blue streams, the friendly faces of our little neighborhood. But I’m not going to be to sad, because all my closest friends are going to be just around the corner. You’ll soon hear from Blue if you haven’t already. Soon to see you again, your friend Lily.

I am highly exacted over this! Its one of the best things to start the New Year with. :). Wait a minute I just got another message on my computer… It’s Blue, just a couple of seconds please so I can read it *25 seconds later*. He sent me a message pretty much saying the same thing but with a his own pushy self twist, here it is:

blue-2.jpgMy dearest, I am overwhelmed with joy to tell you that I am going to be moving close enough to you so you don’t have to miss me anymore, the way I miss you. My family and Lily’s family are teaming up to start a business in Sanriotown meaning that we have to move as soon as possible, hopefully we will be there in a week (WHAT!@0@) Unfortunately Sparkle and Speckle’s family are moving to Sanriotown too(DOUBLE WHAT!!!@x@), their father wants to set up a company there as well, I’m surprised their isn’t a ‘Mr. Fuzz Fashion for Males’ in Sanriotown, he has one set up everywhere else, but fear not my love, your prince will soon arrive to protect you from the tormenting twins!^^ Happy New Year sweetheart.

Okay I’m still recovering from the sudden shock of how soon this will happen (and that the twin evil witches are showing up in my life again), but I must say, I am happy to know I don’t have to miss them so much.

The good news doesn’t stop here though, word from Paris is that the long missing Tabby has been found! And that means Mimmy and all her friends (there friends to me too, happy to say) are soon coming home!^^ I can’t wait, its been a while since I last saw Mimmy, and I would like to meet all her buds too. Hopefully Lily will get here before they come back, she still hasn’t gotten Mimmy’s autograph. Pink Bear wishes you all Happy New Year!!!!

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