in-the-garden.JPG Hey there, Pink here with a report on the last day my old pals from Daisyville spent with me. They just left a couple of hours ago and I really miss them already. The house seems empty and lonely, but right now I don’t want to think about that. I want to talk about all the fun we had for just a few more hours before separating again. Today we didn’t go anywhere, after all when it hits you that your about to go away from someone you really like being around, your day isn’t that cheery so you kind of mope around the house all day. So to take their minds off the fact that they’ll be leaving soon, we had a nice long talk outside in the backyard garden. We talked about all the time we spent touring around, all the celebrities we ran into and have come to known together, how much fun the holidays spent together were, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and how soon they’ll come back to visit. Blue wasn’t to happy, he called me aside a couple of times to keep telling me ‘ Even if the world ends, I’ll still wait for your answer to being my girlfriend one day’. and I had to keep telling him that ‘ I can’t look at you like anything more than a great friend’. He is naturally a pusher so I’m especting plenty of e-mails from him after he hits Daisyville. Its kind of strange for me to see them go, but they all have to be with their families. I understand that they can’t stay with me forever after all, but our friendship will last for all eternity. Pink Bear a little sad, but glad, over and out.:).

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