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lily-cat.JPG  Hi I’m Lily!  I’ve never blogged before, but I decided to ask Pink Bear to let me give it a try using her blog, I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I’m happy to be in Sanriotown!  Blue Grrya, Vito Meower and me, Lily Cat, have been looking forward to this trip ever since Pink moved to this town.  I can’t believe shes in the very town where all the stars of our world live, I so want to meet her friend Mimmy White and her sister Kitty White, and Kuromi, and Dear Daniel, and even that lovable frog family with Keroleen and the… oh… sorry, Pink says i’m rambling and stuff.  I would love to go shopping here, its nothing like an ordinary town, more like a city or even higher, so I don’t really get ‘SanrioTOWN’ if you catch my drift.  We’re going over to Mimmy’s house today, I hope I get her autograph, and her sister’s own too! I’m so excited!  Well, have to go now, were off for the first day of a lot more adventure! Bye for Meow!


Pink Bear here with a very important announcement….  the gang is finally here!  If you remember I said something about my friend Lily coming along with her new boyfriend Vito and the bear boy that said he really likes me, Blue Grrya.  I have to be honest that I’m very panic filled right now, especially since Lily called me on her cell phone and said ‘Hi Pink, we’re in Sarinotown now, we’ll be at your house in 20 minutes, get ready for us!’ she didn’t even give me a chance to say anything before hanging up, she usually does that when shes very exited.  I’m a hundred percent sure I’ll pass out three times before they get here, I mean it can happen any min…*faint*…(5 minute wait).

…Wha…was I saying something?  OH! Lily and co. are soon going be here, I have to finish up this blog and get the extra guest room to be more ‘boyish’, since Lily is going share a room with me, and I can’t have ‘male fur’ smelling in my room, yike!

Whats this blinking on my computer? OH MY GOODNESS!!! Lily just sent me a picture message of her, Vito and Blue by the bus stop just outside the town!  I don’t know what to d… *faint* …(5 minutes wait).

…O…Okay, I have got to stop doing that.@_@.  Well I have to get off this computer, if I don’t get off, I won’t have time to fix up that guest room.  Its not like I wouldn’t like to stay a little longer and talk its just…*faint*…(5 minute wait).

…WAS I OUT AGAIN!!! At this rate I’ll never get to that room!  (doorbell rings).  What was that?  Are they here already?  They can’t be here already!  I haven’t had the chance to arrange for a shopping spree, or a movie for the weekend, of which I need advice on who else should come with me, I’m thinking about inviting Mimmy to the movies with me, if she doesn’t have a busy schedule.  *ding dong*.  Oh no the door again, I wonder how many times I’ve passed ou… *faint*…(2 minute wait).

…You…you know what, I’ll just say Pink Bear over and out and call it a day.@_@

My Family.

pink-bears-family.JPG Hey! Pink Bear here with a little report on my family. This is a picture of my mom, dad and little brother. I was the one behind the camera, they were all in such a rush to go into mommy bear’s new hair salon that I had gotten a motion movement picture (luckily the camera was set to that mode). Theres also a autobiography I place here for all of them, here it is:


Mrs. Casey Bear: The mother of Pink, her little brother Brownie and her elder brother Snow. She is married to Mr. Ras Bear, who like their daughter has very uniquely colored fur. She is the owner of a newly opened salon for hair, fur, feathers, wool and fleece. She also works part-time in a beauty school as a teacher.

Brownie Bear: The little bear with spunk and guts, his a little trouble maker who can get out of anything with his cute looks. He loves to follow his sister Pink up and down, but she always seems to find a way to escape from him.

Mr. Ras Bear: The loving father of Pink, Brownie and Snow. He has a huge love for children. He had always been a successful bussiness bear, which was his biggest influence to start his own business in Sarinotown. He works in his newly opened art shop, where he sales all kind of art supplies, materials, decorations and party jumpers. Theres always celebration in Sarinotown so business has never been better.

Incase your wondering who Snow Bear is, his my elder brother. His married and lives in ‘Daisyville’ with his wife Eveanna Bear. So yes I have a sister in-law, she has this habit of always wanting to take me shopping, I have no idea why, but according to her she so happy to finally have a sister to do ‘girl stuff’ with. I’m guessing she said that because she has five elder brothers who tried to turn her into a tom-boy. oh well, hope this little introduction to my family has gotten you to know about me a little more. Have a great day, over and out!

So Happy To Announce! You can use my link Banner now! Bear here, I am proud to announce that you can now add my banner to your page, no more clicking and writing long names that take up space!  Here it is!   Pink Bear, Blue Bear, Pink Cat, Purple Cat  Not so fancy but enough to identify who it is!  .  Thanks for reading this. Over and out!

YOU CAN FINALLY SEE ME… Of course so can you see my problem.  Pink Bear here!  I finally figured out how to get my picture onto here, for those of you who tried their best to advise me on how to do this, thanks, even though it couldn’t work for my computer @_@, I wish it did though, maybe it wouldn’t haven been so complicated.  I had to change the URL code into a JPEG, ( to be honest I have no idea what any of that means, but it worked for me).  Thank you all for your patience since I began this horrorable struggle to get one picture on here.  Now to go to a completely none related topic.

I got another e-mail from Blue Grrya, yes one part of the e-mail was a picture of him, so I decided to post it along with my picture, the other part read the following:

Hi Pink, I decided to come over for a week to see your new neighborhood, Lily and Vito decided to come along too.  I hope your happy to know this, so get all the tour guide lines ready, we want to see the works!  Bye, see you soon, xoxoxoxo’WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!  Mimmy said she would want to meet Blue, but I was kind of hoping I could think about it first!  Now I have to get ready for a surprise visit, for a whole week…excuse me for a moment while I scream in total fear…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…okay… I feel just a little better,  Mimmy I think you jinxed me or something, there going to meet you first, I’ll bring them right to your door step, solemn promise!  Pink Bear over and out!

My goodness, why wait this long to ask?

Pink Bear here, just stopped by to see if anyone is still out there, actually reading my blog ( I’m guessing yes, of course some of the sanriotown residents are moving out, how sad, I’m missing everyone, even if they don’t know me).  My friend  Lily sent an e-mail to me, she told me that Vito Meower finally asked her to be his girlfriend, i don’t know why he waited that long, everyone in ‘Daisyville’ knew he liked her, well shes telling me that she has no idea what to do.  of course I would of loved to give her some advice right away, but I don’t have any yet.  Of course than I now have an issue, not to long after I recieved her e-mail, I got an e-mail from Blue.  (Yes he is a bear from ‘Daisyville’ who happenes to have my opposite name, of course his last name is Grrya).  He told me that his had a crush on me ever since he saw me walking down to the store all the way in ‘Daisyville’, I’ve walked to the stores there a hundred times, and never saw him there or any where near the stores.  To be honest, I’ve always known him as the clumsy blue bear who could never say a word to me when I was around him.  Why wait this long to tell me how you feel? Especially when you know very well, I’m not coming back anytime soon.  Well I’m not going to get my fur in a knot over it, unless he decides all of a sudden to come over to Sanriotown.  Pink Bear over and out!

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