Pink Bear here, with a annocement to all sanriotown residents, all cats, frogs, mice, birds, bears, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, and everyone in town is invited to my mom’s Salon.  You can get curls, flufs, extentions, hair dying, waves, head moistrizing and what ever you want at a good price for a perfessional job.  Just come down to ‘Casey Hare Salon’, you walk out with magic! Jobs available to qualified seekers.Okay, sorry for the really long advertisement, my mommy asked me to do it for her so I did, the things I do for love *sigh*.  anyway I had to ask the readers something today, how do I actually get my picture out of windows paint and onto my blog, I really don’t have a clue how!  well if anyone reads this and has an idea please let me know, and do this little favor, no computer talk please, I’m already confussed enough.  Have a sweet day, over and out!

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  1. Haha! That’s funny! :D Anyway, I hope your mom gets a lot of customers! Haha:D

  2. Thanks, I hope so too so I don’t have do any more advertisements.

  3. Heya! Oh you have to save the image to your computer, then upload it through the upload section — below the space where you write your post. Hope I made sense :] Good luck with your mom’s salon!

  4. Eric

    Its really interesting.

  5. Thanks alot eric!;-))

  6. How To Start A Blog

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  7. Thats nice that you think it ’sounds’ intresting, you can tell me what you didn’t understand, then maybe I can explain it for you.^^

  8. […] is cool too.:).  Which reminds me. Today I’m going to get my fur done along with Lily at my mom’s salon.  I’ll show you pictures tomorrow or next, after that we’ll go buy some ingredients […]

  9. […] everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in a while, but I have been very busy lately. ‘Casey Hare Salon’ is still running so I have to go to work, Vito’s grandmother is getting an Easter party […]

  10. […] Pink Bear here! And yes I’m about to post about something really awesome that happened on June 3rd right in the lovely town of Sanrio. (I sound a bit like someone advertising right now, reminds me of something I did earlier).  […]

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