Mimmy wanted some ideas so I asked a favor from some models.

Pink Bear here with some suggestions on fashion in the reshaping of a more rockin you, well the reason for that is because my friend Mimmy (I love using the the word ‘friend’ in the same sentence with the name ‘Mimmy’ *smiles*) asked about an image change that might stand out more, shes trying to decide between Rocker Kitten, and Hip Hop Kitty. So I asked my mom to call up some models that were in here company back in ‘Daisyville’ for some help.  I drew up a couple of designs and they were ready in a few minutes! ( I have no idea how they could sew so fast and take pictures in such a short period of time!  Technology is getting a little crazy@_@).  Well here they are:
Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and<br />  Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

In the first one is the suggestion I made directly to Mimmy on her blog, the purple with the yellow, it has that rocker edge to it but with all the benifits of a apsolute girl who just wants to have fun.  The next one is more of a soft rock look, the bright colors losses the edge but gives it that out spoken bounce of one coming out of the shadow into the light of her own self value ( I know the descrisptions are so complicated, I just have a strong passion for clothing designs, even though I bearly were fancy things).  The final one is the Hip Hop look, the top is a ‘I don’t really care what the world thinks’ kind of look but at the same time draws attention, like you can’t help but look, its grazed with sunflower yellow poping up in slightly noticable places, to keep the classic yellow of Mimmy alive.  Now I just wanted to get some feed back on the following fashions before sending it to Mimmy.  Tell me what you think, and if you see this before I send it to you Mimmy, tell me if any of them are more ‘you’, other than that I’ll go back to the drawing board. Pink Bear is over and out!

Today is the day I send my Card to Lily!

Pink Bear here getting ready to send a card to my pal in ‘Daisyville’.  She gave a phone call today.  It was great to hear her voice again, she totally freaked when I told her about how close I’ve gotten to most of the celebrities here!  She wants the autograph of Hello Kitty, Mimmy (because she always liked the idea of getting the autograph of soon to be big superstars), Dear Daniel and Kuromi (shes a bit goth and thats the only non-cat character she likes).  I have no idea how I’m going to get all that but maybe one day I’ll be able too.  As for the card here it is:


So tell me what you think before I send it, and by the way, HAPPY MOON CAKEY FESTIVAL-WHATEVER’, well you know what I mean, I hope, over and out!

I made a new friend and got a card from an old one.

Pink Bear here with a report on my day so far.  Today I got a beautiful card from my friend Lily Pink all the way from ‘Daisyville’!  Here it is:


She has gotten me missing my old neighborhood already,’sniff”.  In case your wondering, Lily is a pink cat, yeah we come in weird colors in ‘Daisyville’ but hey, whats there to do about the way your born?  Believe me plastic surgery and dyes don’t do any good on easily washable fur like mines.  I’ll send her a letter later, I’ll show it to you guys before I send it just to be sure its alright to send.

I also made a new friend today, you all should know her ( at least I hope so), Mimmy White, the twin sister of Hello Kitty! Talk about meeting the celebs of Sanriotown! I’m not one to go crazy when a celebrity actually talks to me, but….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Mimmy actually wants to be my friend! Wait a minute, was that her house I saw three buildings away?  All well, I’m just glad to be making friends and hearing from the old ones, it makes me feel all warm and ‘fuzzier’ inside, this is the best Moon Cake Festival ever ( but I would still love to know what its for). Pink Bear happy and saying have a great holiday, over and out!

Moon Cakes everywhere!

Pink Bear here to talk a little about the tradition sweeping little London in dear sweet Sanriotown. The Chinese yearly tradition of ‘The Moon Cake Festival’ is sweeping this town like a flash flood in the Amazon!  I’ve been answering the door continuously, finding neighbors that practically were afraid of the ‘foreigners’ standing there with big smiles on there faces and a boxes of pastries in their hands saying ‘Happy moon cake festival’ and stuff.  We have so many moon cakes in the house that we could start a bake sale! I’ve never seen Brownie so happy, his been eating cakes since 9:00 in the morning, his lucky he runs around so much other than that I would wounder how his going to burn all of it off.  Now where we moved from in ‘Daisyville’, we don’t get much celebration over moon cakes, in fact I have no idea what the celebration is for, could someone please tell me what ‘Moon Cake Festival‘ is, because from the name of the festival I can only guess its a celebration of moon cakes @_@. Well until next time, Pink Bear would love to know whats going on, over and out!

What did I every do to this survey?

Pink Bear here with a report on a silly survey I took.  Now I’m really upset so excuse my ‘french’ if I sound to offensive.

I was going through the computer, randomly looking at different sites when I can across this little survey called ‘ What kind of cookie are you‘.  Now I knew I saw that survey somewhere but I forget.  So having nothing better to do I decided to take the survey and got this result:

You Are a Smiley Face Cookie

You’re happy go lucky. So happy, in fact, it’s a little past the point of normal sanity.
You usually make those around you smile … when you’re not creeping them out!

What Kind of Cookie Are You?


I mean whats the deal with calling me an ‘insane cookie’??? Not the exact words exactly, but it does imply that’s what I am.  Now I know the part about being ‘happy go lucky’ and making people smile is true but the rest of it is monkey poop! (Excuse my french).  Who ever came up with the silly idea of comparing living beings with cookies is absolutely a meany! (Excuse my french again).  This was the worst survey I ever came across, I wish someone would tell me what ever I did to deserve such an insult, hope Mr. ‘Whoever came up with the survey’ gets shoved into an oven and turned into some kind of raisin and cucumber cookie! (Excuse my french one more time).  I’m just going to shut of this computer and scream into my pillow for awhile.  You have a non-survey ruining day, cause Pink bear is over and out!

Brownie’s apology…how suspeciouly different…

Hey there, heres Pink Bear with another report on her little brother.  Now today was really awkward, no lies, my little brother came right up to me and actually said ‘I’m sorry for getting you in trouble.‘ Brownie never does that, that is apologize, its not in his vocabulary! Usually my day goes in this order:

wake up

clean up

walk out

smile out

go shop

go store

run from brother

yell at brother

new experience

common experience

go home

sleep at home

And to be honest I’ve gotten pretty use to living my life that way, everyday.  But today, my life was seriously put off its little organization rout.  For two days my kid brother has been nothing but nice to me, at first I thought he was felling guilty for getting me ground for a day, then I became a bit suspicious, Brownie is never nice to anybody unless he wants something, feels lonely or just has some kind of trick up his sleeve.  So really, I’m kind of uncertain about letting him catch me off guard with a practical joke or some kind of blackmail.  I need advice, other than that I plain to spend the rest of my day hiding, you should never under estimate the power of the four year old mind, especially when his name is ‘Brownie Cee Bear’.  So now that I’ve informed the public that Brownie is on the loose, beware!  You can find me hiding behind the counter of my Daddy’s furniture and decorations shop if you have to tell me something. Pink Bear hiding, over and out!!!


Pink Bear here with a report on how she feels, in other words ‘OCC-WARDDD’!!!!  Now don’t think I’m crazy or anything, but I’ve been getting a lot of strange stares lately, I’m not really sure why but I’m pretty sure it’s not becuase I have pink fur, well I think I’m sure.  It could be anything, maybe my skirt is lope sided, or something is in my teeth, or maybe I have an unoticed bile board on my back saying ‘kick me’.  I really can’t tell. All the same I feel the suddent urge to put a paper bag over my head with two holes to see through.  I think I ought to go have a quick check on Daddy bear’s new furniture and decorations shop, maybe the eyes will go away for awhile.  If not I’ll just run all the way home ( I think I finally know why the last little piggy cried wee, wee, wee all the way home).  A none creepy day to you all, over and out!

Sometimes I just hate my kid brother! AWW!!!

Pink Bear here with a report on one of the annoyances of her life brownie my punk little brother. Today mommy bear asked me to hang some of her newly washed hair combs and brushes outside to dry, our backyard is so pretty and relaxing that I decided just to sit down under our little orange tree after hanging all the hair combs and brushes.  Then just when I had gotten into a comfortable spot, thought no one was going to bother me, and sunk my my teeth into a freshly peeled orange a ear deafening “HI SIS WHA’CHA DOIN?” snuck up behind me and scared the hebe bugeebees out of me!me: Brownie! What in the world is wrong with you sneaking up on me like that?Brownie: I don’t know, it’s just fun to see you spooked I guess. So as a reward can I have that orange in your hand, promise to leave you alone if you do.He had this smuck smirk on his face, it was really irritating, but I tried to keep my cool.me: no brownie you can get one yourself, after all the tree isn’t really that tall.Brownie: But I want the one in your hand, it looks better than the other ones on the tree.me: you just want it because its already peeled, I’m not giving it to you for that reason.Brownie:*whimper* give it to me or I’ll scream!

me: I dare you to!

I really should of never dared him to do that, he takes everything to heart, especially if gets someone in trouble.

Brownie: Mommy!!!! Pink IS BEING MEAN TO ME!!! *wail*

With that Mommy Bear came out eyes ablaze and all!  She sent me straight to my room!!! Thats not fair, how do I get in trouble, no questions asked over encouraging the little cry baby?  I’LL NEVER GET THE END OF IT!!! *sigh*  Anyway, I’ve been sent to my room for the rest of the day, I so wish I could get my kid brother back for that, its not like he cleans and shops for the family, or help mom cook or anything, maybe I’ll go break off the head of one of his action figures later on at night, he’ll never be able to prove its me, his rough with his things anyway.

Well until next time, have a great day, Pink Bear’s over and out!

My mom’s new Salon.

Pink Bear here, with a annocement to all sanriotown residents, all cats, frogs, mice, birds, bears, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, and everyone in town is invited to my mom’s Salon.  You can get curls, flufs, extentions, hair dying, waves, head moistrizing and what ever you want at a good price for a perfessional job.  Just come down to ‘Casey Hare Salon’, you walk out with magic! Jobs available to qualified seekers.Okay, sorry for the really long advertisement, my mommy asked me to do it for her so I did, the things I do for love *sigh*.  anyway I had to ask the readers something today, how do I actually get my picture out of windows paint and onto my blog, I really don’t have a clue how!  well if anyone reads this and has an idea please let me know, and do this little favor, no computer talk please, I’m already confussed enough.  Have a sweet day, over and out!

Saw a Celeb’s house today!!!

Pink Bear here with another report on my new life in sanriotown.  Today I got to see the very pond where Keroppi lives, its pretty…um…froggy, if you must know.  Of course I wouldn’t mind living there, lily pads and tall trees, nice soft but fishy breezes, okay, maybe fishy breezes isn’t very relaxing but I would probably love living there if not my fear of tripping over stones and stuff, I would probably trip over something on a daily basis and straight into the pond for me!  Probably become the town’s alarm clock with every morning screams followed by a loud *splash*.  Okay, maybe I’m going a little over board with my imagination here, but its still a pretty nice place. 

Anyway back to a non-pond related tour.  I found some of the baking supply shops today, they have everything!  The fancy cookie cutters, baking pans for six to twenty decker cakes ( don’t know why anyone would want a twenty decker cake baked though), that frosting that comes out in rainbow colors, recipes for the most exotic baked desserts ever made, the whole bag!  I found it really hard to not go into one of those shops and start buying things, I guess if I had anything left in my pockets from grossery shopping I might of gone and bought some mice and leaf shaped cookie cutters, I never saw those before.  Oh well, Mommy bear and Daddy bear are going to get really upset with me if  I don’t get home soon.  You know how parents are sometimes.  You have a sweet day, over and out!

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