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about my sanrio passion and others…

badz1.jpgbadz2.jpgbadz3.jpgYes, I am eating  yogurt with a Badz-Maru spoon. Well, more precisely, it´s not yogurt, it is a fermented milk which is a mix between a yogurt and buttermilk. It´s great cause I culture it myself, and I use it also for recipes. The thing is I wrote this post just in honor to this wonderful bento lunch box I got about 10 years ago here in Spain, which is really amazing. Spain has started a fever for Hello Kitty the last 3 years, you could see some occasional stuff of Hello Kitty, it was very rare to see something on my adorable Keroppi (mmm, who, by the way, has his birthday next month now that i think about it!!), but Badz Maru!!! Totally a rarity!! But I didn´t buy it because it was a rarity, I bought it simply cause I adored it. Who couldn´t fall in love with such a precious thing? Who would dare to make a black lunch container. Kewl! This is such a pricest possession to me.

We met some new places, we met Julia, I invented sourdough pumpkin pancakes kittymug.jpgkittypants.jpgmmm really delicious, I saw chicken, I lost my shoe, I enjoyed the field and the farm, and the precious first spring days, I breathed nature, and of course, I saw many many kitties!!!

sugar5-copia.jpgsugar4.jpgsugar3.jpgsugar2.jpgsugar1.jpgHello friends!

Today we´ll share the experience of baking sugar cookies. Vanilla sugar cookies!. And I´ll introduce you Julia. She´s my lovely little niece. And as the rest of 99% of kids in the wolrld, she adores hello Kitty.

My sister became kitty addicted for her, I mean my sis was not that much into Kitty stuff before, but since Julia was born Hello Kitty has become a part of their life.

Back to sugar cookies, hey, you´re lucky! Here in Spain we´ve not had a tradition for sugar cookies, nor biscuits, nor pancakes. I can´t believe what we´ve been missing! These are great, you can appreciate the buttery taste, so if you´ve not into butter, I don´t know if you´ll enjoy them as much as I did.

The recipe :

1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup oil, 1 cup sugar, 1 large egg, 2teasp. vanilla extract, 2 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 teasp. baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Mix the butter with the oil ( you´ll need some blender for that ), when it is well combined add the sugar, after you have a soft dough add the egg and vanilla extract and then bit by bit the rest of the ingredients. Keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Drop spoonfulls of the dough in a non stick paper and bake for about18-20 minutes at 180º . Be very careful that they don´t brown, or they will taste as burnt butter, not nice at all!! Yep it happened to me, I ruined some of the cookies, but maybe it is normal for the first time you bake them, until you learn how your oven works best for them.

A recommendation: Go ahead and make them as soon as possible, and if you have a latte next to these sweetees, you´ll think you are in heaven!!

P.s. She is Julia!!!

littlejulia.jpg littlejulia.jpg

I must give a big thanks for all your prayers. Yesterday morning I found missing Monkichi. You want to know where he was?? Well, he was inside a bag where I keep recipe´s files. The thing is we need more furniture so at the moment we are keeping some stuff inside bags. After that, I made a big cleaning of the room!! I was so reliefed! So, a very happy weekend everybody!!!kuririn.JPG

monkichi1.jpgI can´t believe it! I just got a lovely set of Monkichi stamps and….I lost it!! I got it on Monday morning and today…. I can´t find one of the stamps which was included in the set. The last thing I did with it was decorating a little note for my boyfriend. And today while I was cleaning my messy pc room I realised the stamp was missing. I know it can look like such a childish thing, but I am feeling so devastated. What the hell did I do? All of the other stamps I used were on the table. I even looked inside the rubbish bag, just in case. My boyfriend has helped me to look for him, but little monkichi doesn´t appear. Oh please Sanrio friends, say a little prayer so he appears really soon!


Oh and I have to say, I had never lost a single stamp, never ever! Argh silly me!

Hello Sanrio world!

I´ve been out of this wonderful blogging stuff!! I´ve missed it, but I just couldn´t caught up with everything that was going on into this world. I don´t konw if I´ll be able to get on with the rythm, anyways I´ll try. I have more stamps to show you!

I made the Hokkaido milk loaf. It´s really delicious. Sweet, but not too sweet. It didn´t grow much, maybe cause I kinda mixed the yeast with the salt. I used half of the recipe just in case it didn´t turn out fine. But it did!
I also made swiss rolls. I was going to do the baps we make every week but then there was the recipe in the flour package and I thought: let´s give it a try!…. Result: delicious too!!! So tempting and soft and the smell mmmm….
Hey I´m gonna stop making sweets and buns for a while, since they tempt me much more than my boyfriend and I end up eating what I shouldn´t, and since my family is away I can´t give them anything either L………….What a shame!!! I enjoy so much making them although it was only for giving it as presents.
Sometimes I think if we lived many many years ago I could bake all this stuff and sell it in the streets just as the muffin man did. J…. I truly love these old stories! Wouldn´t you like sometimes to step back in time? I would!!! Even though today we have many freedom and comodities, on the other hand all are rules, rules, rules, and you have to pay even just for breathing! So then, we´re not that free as it seems.

Yesterday we made a little trip to the shops. We were looking for some stuff for the new baby to come ( from my boyfriend´s sis) + some stuff for my sisters´little girl…We didn´t find what we were looking for, just some clothes for my nephew, but I also wanted to buy her some toy, but I didn´t like what there was in the shops. In the end I found a kewl thermo, with capacity for 550 ml. I fell in love with it, so funnyly decorated ¡! I showed it to my boyfriend and then left it on the shelf again. But then I remembered I wanted to buy one of those thermos for making my own yogurt… and that one was perfect!! Cause it was not too big but had the capacity for 4 yogurts… so that was perfect for our kitchen….. Then I also saw these lil´ bowls… I saw some in those shops that sell everything but they never fit with their lids, so I never bought them. Small bowls are not easy to find so I bought this little set of 4 bowls ( also from the baby´s shop ), perfect for storing yogurts, lemoncurd, custards etc…yippie!!

My boyfriend was looking for those things you put in the baby´ s cradle, arghhh I don´t know the english name for that!! Sozzz , well the thing is that all we saw was not very great, they were ugly in fact!! So in the end he bought some basket for the swimming pimage1-copia.jpgool we have in a field my family owns.

I just had to draw some of the stuff we bought, including that lil´dress for the new born baby which is pretty funny too. I need to buy more colors if I have to keep on painting + practising.

I made three bottles of Lemon Syrup J Now I¨m just waiting for the label of them, as my boyfriend offered to make them for me… I´m waiting!! …I love labels, cool designs, and I also love glass bottles and I´m kinda collecting them. Of course they are supposed to have some use. We have plenty of lemons these days and I need recipes!! So I also made two different LemonCurds and the result was not very good, in fact they look great but the taste is awful.. arghhhh —- Can you believe it??


I don´t know if it´s because I added the whole egg, white part + yolk. I made lemoncurd once and though it wasn´t that great as I expected at least you could eat it! And the difference with this time is that I used only egg yolks. But I had all that lemoncurd made, so I was not going to throw it!!!

So I made the dough for ginger cookies+ added lemoncurd… the result is great!! delicious ginger cookies with lemon flavor!! Yep yep…!!! I don´t know what could fail with my poor lemoncurds, the thing is that now they´re resting in the freezer waiting to be used with more cookies. And the bad thing is that I don´t know what Lemoncurd is supposed to taste, but I´ve read everywhere it´s really delicious. I should try and make it again but ONLY with egg yolks, not the whole egg. This afternoon I´m preparing aniseeds cookies and I also want to experiment adding sum lemoncurd…..


I think I bought the barbecue sauce mostly because of the kewl design + kewl bottle. And I was wondering what it tasted like the barbecue sauce. I would also like to try to make this sauce by myself cause I don´t like much the flavour of all those spices.

I don´t like ketchup at all but sometimes we mix ketchup to make some sauces, and I think Heinz is the only ketchup I can stand, so we always buy this brand.


I liked to paint a lot when I was a kid, but bit by bit I left the ‘hobby’, well I usually used pens + watercolors+ felt-tip pens + markers etc to decorate FB´s (friendshipbooks that is ), me and my sis enjoyed a lot at it!. The watercolors case is a present I got when I was about 13, some some years ago now… I was surfing through some arty blogs and I just felt like trying, they were so good!! so here you are my first sketch!! I would like to practise a lot more and be creative but that´s something not very easy to me… SO for the first practise I used the Kitty bee + blue Rino.


P.D.: I forgot to say Rino has been helping with the cookies!! Here he is with the aniseeds!


If someone has some special or delicious tested crumpets recipe I would really appreciate the help, as I´ve been searching through the net and the info seems not to be very clear. Anyway, it seems they´re quite delicious and everyone wants to repeat after eating them so I´m pretty curious about their taste… And I love ancient recipes!!!
I have Elizabeth David Book, gotta collect the tuna cans since I don´t have cooking rings for the crumpets !
Same thing goes for Aberdeen Rowies, if someone has a tested yummy recipe would be pleased to get it. If not, I´ll have the choose from the recipes I´ve collected.

See YA!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my video. The truth is I would still have liked to modify and add some slides, but my PC is very slow and it REALLY got on my nerves.
I was trying to adapt the slides to the song, but for some reason it didn´t work out. Although I set some of the slides to last only 3 seconds, they lasted a lot more in the final result. I think it´s because of the flash program itself.
Anyways I enjoyed a lot creating it and I didn´t add any sanrio stuff/image because when I read it didn´t have to be sanrio related I thought it meant it strictly, and I was afraid I couldn´t participate or something. And I didn´t even watch the video example of Love is… so that we could get ideas !!! ( silly me!!! sometimes I´m so distracted! ). I just saw it some days ago, it made me smile to see it started with the words Love Is… displaying, just like mine…
But I have the 3rd position, so I won the HK USB :). I´m very glad for it and I can´t wait to finally have it.
Thanks to everyone for your votes and your nice comments, they made me cheer up a lot!!!

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