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about my sanrio passion and others…

Fresh from the mail I´ve got new stamps!!! Let´s celebrate the HAPPY NEW YEAR!


stamp1.jpgOhhhhhhhhh these days i´m so glad with my new stamps! Stamping them all over my notes and papers. I think any Sanrio fan would love them so  I scanned them for all fans to see.             Stamps are one of my passions. I´m not a kid, not anymore  ;(  ( I loved being a kid),  but everytime I see a kewl set of stamps it brings a big smile to my face… i used to penpal a lot, now i only keep two penpals, one from my country and another one from Holland. So i don´t deco my letters as i used to do when i was a teenage, with loatsa glitter + stamps+ colours, i keep on decorating them a lil bit cause i love it,  i love stamping and give  mail some colour! And my friend says she enjoys a lot my decorated letters!

             Among my sets of stamps one of my fave is this kero kero set…. sooooooo funny!!! Kero kero rules!



And then I have this Purin set which also includes my adored lil´Muffin:



A set of Badtz Maru to play again, especially with mail stuff……



 All my sets of stamps are from abroad. Here in Spain it´s very hard to find Sanrio stuff, which is really a shame. For what I know there are  only two Sanrio shops in Madrid ( impossible for me to get there, it´s too faraway from my place ), and in Barcelona there are two ‘Hello Kitty’ shops, but they have so few on other characters. One can occasionally find some stamp, like those 2 i enclose the pic in another post, but i´ve never seen anything on Kuririn, Purin, Monkichi etc. Oh please we want more Sanrio shops!!! 

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