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about my sanrio passion and others…

Today i´m very sad :(. 1st i am sad cause yesterday i didn´t realise it was Kuririn´s birthday…. and 2nd i´m very sad cause i missed a set of wonderful kero kero stamps. Definitely for me Kero Kero is a star!!! Keroppi is the star. He´s so sweet to me.
nullSome years ago my sister brought home a wonderful 5 months old dog. He was a brittish bulldog. He´s the best dog i´ve ever had. Stubborn, but not as stubborn as other bulldogs we had later. Well, one day we got his pedigree, where it says the name of his parents ( we named him Goku ) , etc., and the name his breeders gave him. It made me laugh to see his ‘real’ name: Kenobi. It was a nice surprise, inmediately it reminded me of ‘ Keroppi ‘. Our adored bulldog passed away two years ago causing a lot of pain, but i will never never never forget him. Sometimes I still cry when i think of him. He was so special. We love you Goku wherever you are!


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