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badz1.jpgbadz2.jpgbadz3.jpgYes, I am eating  yogurt with a Badz-Maru spoon. Well, more precisely, it´s not yogurt, it is a fermented milk which is a mix between a yogurt and buttermilk. It´s great cause I culture it myself, and I use it also for recipes. The thing is I wrote this post just in honor to this wonderful bento lunch box I got about 10 years ago here in Spain, which is really amazing. Spain has started a fever for Hello Kitty the last 3 years, you could see some occasional stuff of Hello Kitty, it was very rare to see something on my adorable Keroppi (mmm, who, by the way, has his birthday next month now that i think about it!!), but Badz Maru!!! Totally a rarity!! But I didn´t buy it because it was a rarity, I bought it simply cause I adored it. Who couldn´t fall in love with such a precious thing? Who would dare to make a black lunch container. Kewl! This is such a pricest possession to me.

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