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monkichi1.jpgI can´t believe it! I just got a lovely set of Monkichi stamps and….I lost it!! I got it on Monday morning and today…. I can´t find one of the stamps which was included in the set. The last thing I did with it was decorating a little note for my boyfriend. And today while I was cleaning my messy pc room I realised the stamp was missing. I know it can look like such a childish thing, but I am feeling so devastated. What the hell did I do? All of the other stamps I used were on the table. I even looked inside the rubbish bag, just in case. My boyfriend has helped me to look for him, but little monkichi doesn´t appear. Oh please Sanrio friends, say a little prayer so he appears really soon!


Oh and I have to say, I had never lost a single stamp, never ever! Argh silly me!

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