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about my sanrio passion and others…

I made the Hokkaido milk loaf. It´s really delicious. Sweet, but not too sweet. It didn´t grow much, maybe cause I kinda mixed the yeast with the salt. I used half of the recipe just in case it didn´t turn out fine. But it did!
I also made swiss rolls. I was going to do the baps we make every week but then there was the recipe in the flour package and I thought: let´s give it a try!…. Result: delicious too!!! So tempting and soft and the smell mmmm….
Hey I´m gonna stop making sweets and buns for a while, since they tempt me much more than my boyfriend and I end up eating what I shouldn´t, and since my family is away I can´t give them anything either L………….What a shame!!! I enjoy so much making them although it was only for giving it as presents.
Sometimes I think if we lived many many years ago I could bake all this stuff and sell it in the streets just as the muffin man did. J…. I truly love these old stories! Wouldn´t you like sometimes to step back in time? I would!!! Even though today we have many freedom and comodities, on the other hand all are rules, rules, rules, and you have to pay even just for breathing! So then, we´re not that free as it seems.

Yesterday we made a little trip to the shops. We were looking for some stuff for the new baby to come ( from my boyfriend´s sis) + some stuff for my sisters´little girl…We didn´t find what we were looking for, just some clothes for my nephew, but I also wanted to buy her some toy, but I didn´t like what there was in the shops. In the end I found a kewl thermo, with capacity for 550 ml. I fell in love with it, so funnyly decorated ¡! I showed it to my boyfriend and then left it on the shelf again. But then I remembered I wanted to buy one of those thermos for making my own yogurt… and that one was perfect!! Cause it was not too big but had the capacity for 4 yogurts… so that was perfect for our kitchen….. Then I also saw these lil´ bowls… I saw some in those shops that sell everything but they never fit with their lids, so I never bought them. Small bowls are not easy to find so I bought this little set of 4 bowls ( also from the baby´s shop ), perfect for storing yogurts, lemoncurd, custards etc…yippie!!

My boyfriend was looking for those things you put in the baby´ s cradle, arghhh I don´t know the english name for that!! Sozzz , well the thing is that all we saw was not very great, they were ugly in fact!! So in the end he bought some basket for the swimming pimage1-copia.jpgool we have in a field my family owns.

I just had to draw some of the stuff we bought, including that lil´dress for the new born baby which is pretty funny too. I need to buy more colors if I have to keep on painting + practising.

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