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about my sanrio passion and others…

Thanks to everyone who voted for my video. The truth is I would still have liked to modify and add some slides, but my PC is very slow and it REALLY got on my nerves.
I was trying to adapt the slides to the song, but for some reason it didn´t work out. Although I set some of the slides to last only 3 seconds, they lasted a lot more in the final result. I think it´s because of the flash program itself.
Anyways I enjoyed a lot creating it and I didn´t add any sanrio stuff/image because when I read it didn´t have to be sanrio related I thought it meant it strictly, and I was afraid I couldn´t participate or something. And I didn´t even watch the video example of Love is… so that we could get ideas !!! ( silly me!!! sometimes I´m so distracted! ). I just saw it some days ago, it made me smile to see it started with the words Love Is… displaying, just like mine…
But I have the 3rd position, so I won the HK USB :). I´m very glad for it and I can´t wait to finally have it.
Thanks to everyone for your votes and your nice comments, they made me cheer up a lot!!!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! :)

  2. Congratulations!:D

  3. Yay! Congratulations on a great job!

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