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about my sanrio passion and others…

I made three bottles of Lemon Syrup J Now I¨m just waiting for the label of them, as my boyfriend offered to make them for me… I´m waiting!! …I love labels, cool designs, and I also love glass bottles and I´m kinda collecting them. Of course they are supposed to have some use. We have plenty of lemons these days and I need recipes!! So I also made two different LemonCurds and the result was not very good, in fact they look great but the taste is awful.. arghhhh —- Can you believe it??


I don´t know if it´s because I added the whole egg, white part + yolk. I made lemoncurd once and though it wasn´t that great as I expected at least you could eat it! And the difference with this time is that I used only egg yolks. But I had all that lemoncurd made, so I was not going to throw it!!!

So I made the dough for ginger cookies+ added lemoncurd… the result is great!! delicious ginger cookies with lemon flavor!! Yep yep…!!! I don´t know what could fail with my poor lemoncurds, the thing is that now they´re resting in the freezer waiting to be used with more cookies. And the bad thing is that I don´t know what Lemoncurd is supposed to taste, but I´ve read everywhere it´s really delicious. I should try and make it again but ONLY with egg yolks, not the whole egg. This afternoon I´m preparing aniseeds cookies and I also want to experiment adding sum lemoncurd…..


I think I bought the barbecue sauce mostly because of the kewl design + kewl bottle. And I was wondering what it tasted like the barbecue sauce. I would also like to try to make this sauce by myself cause I don´t like much the flavour of all those spices.

I don´t like ketchup at all but sometimes we mix ketchup to make some sauces, and I think Heinz is the only ketchup I can stand, so we always buy this brand.


I liked to paint a lot when I was a kid, but bit by bit I left the ‘hobby’, well I usually used pens + watercolors+ felt-tip pens + markers etc to decorate FB´s (friendshipbooks that is ), me and my sis enjoyed a lot at it!. The watercolors case is a present I got when I was about 13, some some years ago now… I was surfing through some arty blogs and I just felt like trying, they were so good!! so here you are my first sketch!! I would like to practise a lot more and be creative but that´s something not very easy to me… SO for the first practise I used the Kitty bee + blue Rino.


P.D.: I forgot to say Rino has been helping with the cookies!! Here he is with the aniseeds!


If someone has some special or delicious tested crumpets recipe I would really appreciate the help, as I´ve been searching through the net and the info seems not to be very clear. Anyway, it seems they´re quite delicious and everyone wants to repeat after eating them so I´m pretty curious about their taste… And I love ancient recipes!!!
I have Elizabeth David Book, gotta collect the tuna cans since I don´t have cooking rings for the crumpets !
Same thing goes for Aberdeen Rowies, if someone has a tested yummy recipe would be pleased to get it. If not, I´ll have the choose from the recipes I´ve collected.

See YA!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my video. The truth is I would still have liked to modify and add some slides, but my PC is very slow and it REALLY got on my nerves.
I was trying to adapt the slides to the song, but for some reason it didn´t work out. Although I set some of the slides to last only 3 seconds, they lasted a lot more in the final result. I think it´s because of the flash program itself.
Anyways I enjoyed a lot creating it and I didn´t add any sanrio stuff/image because when I read it didn´t have to be sanrio related I thought it meant it strictly, and I was afraid I couldn´t participate or something. And I didn´t even watch the video example of Love is… so that we could get ideas !!! ( silly me!!! sometimes I´m so distracted! ). I just saw it some days ago, it made me smile to see it started with the words Love Is… displaying, just like mine…
But I have the 3rd position, so I won the HK USB :). I´m very glad for it and I can´t wait to finally have it.
Thanks to everyone for your votes and your nice comments, they made me cheer up a lot!!!


Hi ya all!!

Lately I´m not updating my blog much, well it´s because of some reasons…, during the mornings I´m catching up on my english, I have a book which tells about the life during the beginning of the 20th century ( very interesting i love to read it !!!) I find it relaxing and I´m even learning about different kinds of plants, flowers, trees… I can´t believe all the words I still have to learn!. But at the same time is great finding those ‘new words’…. So that way I don´t play with the computer in the mornings since when I´m on the computer time flies. And I´m improving my english a little bit.
And then, in the afternoon we´re taking computer classes. Unfortunately it only lasts 20 days, and it´s only 2 hours every day. It´s interesting to know what is like a computer inside…. but some explanations are so ‘abstract’ to me….
And well, not that much is going on in my life either!!!!!!!! I made croissants again, this time they looked kinda better than last time so I´ll show you the pics, they were good and I´m willing to bake them again….

And last, these days I´m nervous for the Love is contest… what will happen??? I told some of my friends about my blog and about the video I made, and it feels kinda embarassing to me , maybe it´s because I´ve always been a bit shy.



Yes!! Today I´m very glad cause they told me my video is in the Top 5 to take part of the Love is contest. I would really appreciate if you had a look and give me a vote if you like it. Thanx a lot!


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